Holidays: together or apart?

By Admin | Relations
20 April 2016

If you ever doubted go on vacation alone or with your partner, it is best to weigh all the pros of both variants yet to decide what to leave you in the most important and that you want him to get it.


  • Why is better to spend a vacation together?
  • advantages of separate recreation
  • What people respond?About prejudices
  • Who should pay for the holiday together?
  • Comments and opinions of real people

Pros joint holiday

  • One of the most tangible and significant advantages such leave is that there are a person with whom you can always share their emotions and experiences.Those emotions that you get here and now.And after returning from a holiday, you will be pleased to remember how you did things together.How, for example, you first time scuba dive and that was next to a loved one that you are supported, and you were not afraid.
  • Spending vacation with you will not be longing for his beloved, especially if you used to be together, then you will want to communicate with their partner, an
    d this may not always be the Internet at hand.And write SMS is not always possible, even more so the question is whether you get the pleasure of the correspondence, which can get from direct communication.
  • vacationing together you get the possibility to learn more about your soul mate, and a change of scenery that only contribute.
  • joint holiday is also an occasion to refresh relationships and add to their novelty, because in all the usual life often goes like thumb, without any changes.And all the rest can be quite different.
  • And the more you will not be suspected of betraying his beloved, since you almost always will be close, but if you go on holiday separately, want it or not, will slip a thought.

Pros separate holiday

But also separate release has its advantages.

  • Under this option, rest, you leave all the usual home, the husband, the vanity, the work and workers' issues and enjoy all the pleasures of such changes.
  • And yet you have a great opportunity to understand their own feelings and realize how much you value your spouse and that you want to bring new to your relationship, then perhaps it is not enough.
  • In many cases, the individual has a positive effect on the rest relations.Especially because you have the opportunity to flirt, socialize with other men, whatever maybe your husband would not approve.
  • You are free to relax the way you want and go to the places that suits your taste.During the rest alone want it or not, and have to take into account their own interests and that may not be the same.
  • Separate vacation is very useful when there is a crisis in the relationship when you are tired of each other, from life, and there is no longer the old romance.

prejudices of people.What answer?

The biggest problem with the separation of the town there are not just between the pair, but with all sorts of well-wishers.Who will want to make, very likely "interests" have their own point of view that how is it that the husband goes on holiday once or many times you happen to hear top-end phrase "everything you do not like people."

In such a situation, first of all, do not forget that it's your attitude.And what and how they should be solved, too you.What you do not like all the others only speak in favor of the exclusivity of your relationship, so all they should run their course.Ups and downs are just the same for all, but how to deal with them all decide differently.

In addition, those who are trying to bring order in your relationship, do not be amiss to point out that they look primarily to their own, and there may be all is not so smooth.

understand your desire to relax individually can understand not everyone, but to accept and to respect your decision to have around and it will not quite superfluous to remind them.

urgent question is: Who should pay for the holiday?

Here there are different opinions.

Naturally if you are already married, the holiday often paid from the family budget and the issue is not so acute.But if you just recently met, then it is quite a sensitive issue.

For many men pay for a woman as in the campaign in a cafe or restaurant is self-evident phenomenon.And for many it is also a pleasure.

Firstly, men in this situation feel important and significant.

Secondly they catch the buzz on how such a happy woman taking care of her.

However, to earn enough to pay off and let you and your companion is not that at all.But if you go on vacation all want early, you can always agree on what the cost of the woman takes over.Moreover, if a man solicitous, he afford to pay for you during your trips to restaurants and entertainment, leaving you only the cost of your ticket and accommodation.

However, things may be quite situational.Moreover, there is a certain category of women, which is considered offensive if it pays.At the same time, there are men who believe that everyone should pay for itself.Therefore it is important to decide for themselves what category you belong.

What people are saying about joint and separate vacation?


I think that if the doubt into my head about loyalty in the separate halves of the town, just right there to think about, that whether a person close to you.

general, because it is sometimes difficult to synchronize the holiday, and the views of the rest, may be radically different.So, if a couple has lived together, we can somehow survive a couple of weeks apart.


I went on vacation with her husband only, and not nearly as Jalou.A week trip without missed so that was ready to call every day.We are interested in together for nine years.Yes, it happens that a little bit emotionally and physically tired.But, even with joint rest is not a problem, I can always go to sleep during the day, while her husband explores the vicinity of the resort town.Although, if it were possible to make several trips a year, I would go with my mother or sister with no problems.


men dress.Once a fan has been invited to go to the seas and oceans, and took my money for tickets, I do not hesitate to ... When I said that I thought, if he invites me - offended.
have even thought of this man will not arise that she has to pay.He told her that simply will not allow.


I had so that we paid half, when the guy was not in the money, at one time, when our relationship became very close, I paid my parents paid for our trips, turputevku.And then, when he began to make many, the issue was dropped by itself - he pays everywhere and for everything.

What about this do you think?