10 best foreign dramas

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06 April 2016

How pleasant to sit in the cold season to a TV and watch your favorite movies continuously.But at that time it is relevant not only films about Christmas and the New Year, of course, that can warm the soul, no matter how good old melodrama.After watching the films each person gets warmer, it lightens the mind and the soul is filled with the universal good and positive.For you, we have compiled the top 10 foreign-made melodramas that you should definitely see!

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  • Love Me If You Dare (France-Belgium)
  • Beauty (USA)
  • While You Were Sleeping (USA)
  • Bridget Jones (UK)
  • Three meters above the sky(Spain)
  • Sweet November (USA)
  • A Walk to Remember (USA)
  • Indecent Proposal (USA)
  • Notting Hill (UK)
  • 50 First Dates (USA)

Fall in love with me ifDare - this film worth seeing

(Jeux d'enfants)

2003 France-Belgium

Starring: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard

Probably not in vaintheir fate brought - of them were quite harmonious, though strange couple.From their g

reat inventions moaned the whole school, and could be off to them future inveterate bullies if they were just children.

they invented the game "dare - dare not" grow with them.From year to year they took "on the weak" to each other, and, as adults, have ceased to distinguish real life from the game.Give way to anyone?Do understand that these jokes are very painful for each other, lost years?Are they aware that it was time to become a man and a woman?




Great story.It makes sense to think about this game, about the adrenaline, which dampens our feelings ... A simple child's play for which there is a huge sense of their lives.Risk and test hide their passion for each other.It is a profound film, all advise.


impressed.Childish fun, which has become a way of life both.Sophie and Julien selected country road.End surprised forced to think.Impressed by the film.Definitely I recommend it to everybody to see.

Beauty - cult melodrama women

(Pretty Woman)

1990 US

Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

Edward Lewis - financial bigwig.Driving through the city at night, he picks up a prostitute Vivian.Vivienne - principle, thin, pretty girl who dreams of his own tale.Fascinated by her Edward extends "contract".Vivienne is in his hotel room, he plunges into a life full of money, lying and rich.Everything changes when she realizes that love with his client.




great actor, charming Julia Roberts, a handsome space with charm Richard Gere.I love them.Best Hollywood couple.The songs in the film simply magical, cool script, the acting - generally without comment.Great movie.She looked ten times.


madly attractive film.You can watch endlessly.And all the time, after seeing a desire to believe in a miracle.The deep meaning of the film is obvious to compare it with life, of course, is meaningless - you just feel it's a movie.Everything is beautiful - the actors, the finale, music ... Super.

While You Were Sleeping - favorite romance girls

(While You Were Sleeping)

1995 US

Starring: Bill Pullman, Sandra Bullock

Lucy doesone.Every morning, she sees from the workplace the man of her dreams, but because of shyness does not dare to meet him.One event brings them together.Lucy makes a handsome stranger and life automatically becomes a part of his extended family.Saved it, Peter is in intensive care, unconscious, and his family decided that Lucy - the bride of Peter.While the newly-born bride asleep, unaware of what was happening, Lucy manages all your heart to love his brother ...




Funky touching film about love,one of the happiest Christmas stories.Not too emotional, very calm, kind, family, festive film.I advise everyone to see mood improves at times.


Every Christmas you can watch this movie, instead of "Twist of Fate ...".Good mood is guaranteed.For heroes sincerely worried, the sea nice and touching moments, and the finale - is an occasion to reflect on loved ones, which we usually do not notice in life, if they do not ... Personally, I have this film in the collection of favorites.

Bridget Jones's Diary -1 of the best foreign dramas

(Bridget Jones's Diary)

2001 UK-France-Ireland

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Hugh GrantColin Firth

Bridget finally decides to break with the past, to gather themselves into a fist and start a new life yet.Actually, and for good reason.She who turned thirty years abroad, it is time to get rid of excess centimeters at the waist and get rid of bad habits.Bridget loves his handsome head of Daniel, and parents tipped her suitors neighbor's son Mark.Brigitte buys diary, which tells about all victories and defeats.To find the happiness she a difficult path ...




film like this is terrible.Mostly stupid, sometimes hilarious, but very gentle, funny, and I always smile when I see it.Five times already revised download his film library, so as not to suffer.To set the mood - the most it.


This movie is especially useful to watch the girl, who suffer silly complexes.Like, I'm fat, I have no love, and other nonsense.An excellent choice for relaxation pattern in the day, buried in the blanket and making sweets table.10 best foreign dramas

Three meters above the sky -melodrama, flip consciousness

(Tres metros sobre el cielo)

2010, Spain

Starring: Mario Casas, Maria Valverde

The film tells the story of two young people, belonging to entirely different worlds people.Impulsive, brave, rebellious lover of risk and danger Aceh.And rich, innocent, virtuous Babi.Their journey to the terminus of the "love" - ​​is inevitable, though it seems unlikely.




seems banal traditional melodrama.At first sight.But in reality - deep within the meaning of the film, the director presenting unusual story of great love good girls and inveterate bully.Realistic film adds unhappy ending, and the complete absence of too positive and too negative characters.Great movie.


Usually I roar into the pillow after such melodramas, but then ... Most delved into thinking about what she saw.Serious picture, everyone should see.I very much want to see the next, the second part, we hope that it will not be worse than the first.10 best foreign dramas

Sweet November - melodrama, change lives

(Sweet November)

2001 US

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

Nelson Moss -a man who knows no other life rhythm than "breakneck speed", "skipped" and "Life - a movement."It is an advertising agent who loves his job.It is packed in a suit, and carried forward without brakes.Sarah Deaver - lively, eccentric, unusual woman.She and a philosopher, and a fatal temptress time, and she knows how this crazy rhythm of life change ...

Sarah helps all who need help in correcting their own destiny.Perhaps Nelson will be its next victory in this case.Unbound pressure and love.Only work ...




Favorite movie.10 best foreign dramas There are records on the computer, but when the TV show, be sure to look once again with equal pleasure.These pictures help to dream, to think, to believe in true love.For some, this movie is just a banal tale, maybe I'm too sensitive and sentimental, but ... a film class.As much I liked only the "A Walk to Remember."


very beautiful and at the same time, very bitter, complex film about love.And it is not about the love that we see today in the postal mail and SMS-kah, and of that which is still very young dreaming.Remember?When one of his flower dried in books and kept notes without suffocating ... word to describe the film, is not found.Makes you think, makes the experience, to remain silent, to reflect on his life.Movie tears apart easily.Even more sadly become, when you realize that a story is only possible in tragic circumstances, the ending will be, respectively.The main idea after the movie - and who stop me change my own life?I recommend.

A Walk to Remember - a film that is worth seeing all

(A Walk to Remember)

2002 US

Starring: Shane West, Mandy Moore

Beautiful independent Landon Carter is an idol in his school.He loved the fans, cruel outcasts and gray mouse Jamie, whose thoughts are occupied only learning, of course, does not notice.Until such time as Carter as a punishment for a stupid trick is not in the school play and remedial classes.Here he no longer do without the humble quiet excellent pupil Jamie.It is agreeing to help, asks only one thing - to Landon it is not in love.The guy arrogant and easily swears to keep that becomes almost impossible ...




first time looked, thought - somehow very muchTeenager cute and nothing more.Then he reconsidered.Then again.In the end, this movie is about pure love has become one of my favorite movies.10 best foreign dramas looks very easy, sensual, not tightened.Carter, as an actor, very bright and convincing heroine Moore - a little bit palely on his background.In general, a positive opinion.10 best foreign dramas


You know what good this film?He awakens the kindest and warm feeling inside.Even those which you do not know and were not even aware.10 best foreign dramas-tale picture, painting, feelings and emotions.The ideal film about love.I advise you very much.For once, it is worth a look.I appeal to all romantics.

Indecent Proposal - cult melodrama women

(Indecent Proposal)

1993 US

Starring: Robert Redford, Demi Moore

And if suddenly youoffered a million dollars for one night only with your spouse?How do you react to such a proposal?Just one night, without cheating, without any hard feelings, no questions asked.And all the financial problems solved overnight.Every dream becomes a reality.And for that, you need only allow his wife to spend the night with a strange man.

This task faced by David Murphy as fascinated by his billionaire wife did the same offer that is practically impossible to refuse.Are David and his beloved woman on this fateful step?




harmonious and colorful picture about life, love, material difficulties and moral principles.The picture did not go very emotional, touching, sometimes tears the heart, sorry for the characters.They empathize ... For any relationship ordeal - it is natural, even assuming that these relations are based on the fairy tale of love air.Another question - whether these relationships stand the test.Really I love this movie.I advise everyone.


film is based on morals and ethics - a proposal made by John.Is did heroes - not judge the audience, the viewer then it is important that there is nothing for nothing and never destroy their relationship, can not separate.Those who love each other sincerely remember all the details.And stay together not because they suddenly forget, but because they know how to forgive, to love.The story of a love that conquers beautifully set out by the fact that over one true love has no power.It is worth every look.

Notting Hill - worth a look for any woman

(Notting Hill)

1999 UK-US

Starring: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

Romantic,romantic comedy about the quiet humble host the usual bookstore in one of the areas of London, in Notting Hill.His life, having made a sharp turn, changes dramatically when buying guide him once comes into the store a movie star ...




Calm,kind, light film.The cast - no words, all the familiar and beloved person.Sexy emphasis Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts with divine heavenly smile.Talented actors, better than them nobody would have played this picture.Masterpiece film, slightly naive, with great music, a great script.All at the best level.I recommend.


Despite the still shortcomings, the picture is good, nice, better than most in this genre.Is this film a halo of soul, love, sincerity ... I have won all finals.Only one character smile, crazy power - it's something ... 10 best foreign dramas wonderful movie.

50 First Dates - cool romance for the girls

(50 First Dates)

2004 US

Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

Henryby the will of fate, he falls in love with a charming beauty Lucy.Obstacles, of course, available but Romeo persistent, and by the evening he manages to woo the girl.Young happy.Their belief that love will last forever, nothing can break.

car accident turns life upside down.She wakes up, but her daughter refuses to play the events that occurred the day before.Henry does not surrender.He will fight for his love.




funny film.Kind, romantic, touching.It looks like "Groundhog Day," only more tragic background.Lightness and airiness of the film denies illness Lucy memory loss.However, it should be said, the actors leading roles - as the syrup is a combination that even the dried peel can get an amazing pie with cream.Great movie.I liked very much.


In life, this would not have happened, that's for sure.Picture-tale, but a little frustrating, though far-fetched, look nice.You can sympathize with Lucy, a smile on her brother, marvel at the diligence of the father ... but above all the good Henry.This is true love, dedication, which can be envied, and which wants to aspire to.Romance, not without humor, for all those who believe in miracles.10 best foreign dramas

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