The character of the girl in her car.

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06 April 2016

Based on the nature, the girls choose their everything: life partner, and clothing, and the film, and even a car.What kind of influence the character of a woman to choose the car we are, and will cover in this article.All the following, especially for those lucky women who can choose from what they like, rather than from what is available.

content of the article:

  1. girl character and dimensions of cars
  2. girl character and color of the car
  3. girl character and shape of the car body
  4. girl character and tuning cars
  5. nature of the girl and the brand of car

Dimensions of the car and the female complexes

  • Big iron horse .So, experts in the field of psychology say that if the girl desperately wants to drive a car of impressive dimensions, such as the Toyota Prado, she wants to grow, to personal development.So she wants to emphasize its status to designate its importance to all, prevozvysit themselves and seem much larger and higher than it actually is.In some cases, therefore, women compensat
    e for any unmet plans or aspirations that never come true.
  • Little female car. If the person who is absolutely nothing does not deny, it wants to buy a small car, it is likely, we can speak about low self-esteem of the individual.

color of the car and a female character

Color of the car also can tell a lot about the owner.It should be noted that there are not taken into account those who prefer to "practical" color of the car.Experts interpret the choice of color of the car follows?What color is chosen, such paints in life and lack, and so the girls try to make up for the shortage by all possible means.

  • example, red car choose beautiful lady with the instinctive nature, who want to move forward, to declare to the whole world.
  • Bright orange in color tone iron horse emphasize female sexuality, energy and commitment to the goal.
  • Yellow - a characteristic color of the sun, and therefore the owner of the little yellow car - woman sunny, bright, so his soul of the team and the best one of all, because not for nothing that the sun is the center of the universe.
  • Green car is usually chosen by people cordial, good-natured, it is the color of peace.But different shades of green treated differently.For example, light shades of green color corresponds to summer, positive, joy, but the dark tones of green or marsh color indicates the possibility of unexpressed feelings, emotions zagashennye.
  • Blue machine - it's a dream or reality of girls who love to talk, they can not live alone.
  • Blue car indicates that the wheel is not exactly sitting blonde - the color of the mind.The car that color is selected girls who perceived the world rationally, through thoughts and reflections.
  • Purple car coloring prefer not to like everything, there is an extraordinary person, a creative mind, open to everyone in the world to perceive all around and make decisions based on intuition.
  • White is unifying and girls who choose it, a little characteristic of all quality.It is very important and certainly, the one who chooses white car - an adherent of purity, because the white is clearly visible any dirt.
  • Black and his tone in the cars chosen girl, who prefer to remain in the shadows.They do not like being the center of attention and prefer to remain undetected and therefore do not protrude once again.However, women tend to manage the situation, ie it is such a "shadowy figure" like "gray eminence" in politics.

shape of the car body and the nature of women Form

car can also tell you about the nature and preferences of women.

  1. Sedan .If a woman like angularity in the car design elements, such as intrinsic an old Ford, it is to some extent suggests that it is in life still follows the principles that were formed precisely during the spread of the angularity.Simply put, motorists such a plan is difficult to perceive any innovations, including the world's cars.That is, these women are the real conservatives.
  2. Minivan (wagon) .Not rarely met a woman on the highway driving a minivan, family car.This suggests the presence of her big loving family, a real housewife homemakers.The woman behind the wheel are not uncommon.By choosing the car every girl fits very seriously, so that cars can be bought a lot about her owner.Station wagon - is the choice of people thoroughly household.Rather, they carry something for nothing, and will not take a body exclusively on the safe side.
  3. Convertible .Where no luxury.If she can not afford an expensive car, it all will tell you that it can!The owner of the convertibles have nothing to hide, they are open to all, they are exhibited.It is without a doubt "thoroughbred" girls who know his worth.
  4. sports car. Not every girl buys sports car, but there are still exceptions.Some women feel fine only sports car, and is regarded by psychologists as a characteristic, unique character.Such women, according to experts, are very strong - they have the character of steel, iron nerves and indomitable spirit.This female character inherent male traits in the first place it comes to self-provision their lives.Self-confident, independent and domineering woman - this is not uncommon in our world.
  5. Jeep .In a big city woman on a big SUV or SUV - a usual thing, but still it looks far from natural.In most cases the car go brittle, sophisticated ladies, and the impression that the "iron horse" does not even belong to her.Yet the choice of a large percentage of women is unshakable and he describes them as confident, graceful and independent from anyone.This avtolyubitelnitsam inherent rigidity of character, a kind of courage, strength, focus on the goal, determination, high sense of responsibility.
  6. Hatchback. The small, neat car ride just a cute girl, which is characterized by soft, docile nature.If the wheel of the vehicle to meet a guy, then it is no exaggeration ridicule.This is a real woman's car, which is always clean, pleasant smell, pads and increased comfort.Female car without a doubt points to romantic souls in the vulnerability of nature, the excessive sensitivity.

Tuning car and a female character

Many girls choose a modern design, that is, they go with the times, it feels perfectly perceive all new items prone to easy parting with the traditions and rules to change.Most often, these are the qualities of the young women.

tyunning female car says that the girl in this case is priverzhenka innovation, innovator in spirit, such freaks indicate attentive attitude to life, to all the nuances.Trying somehow to emphasize their individuality, the girls are doing all around the original, such as not at all.

As a car owner describes.Female character of the car.

  • On Mazda go true connoisseurs of beauty, for their prestige - that's all.These machines will suit any girl, because in such a machine, each will feel at altitude.
  • Toyota .If you have a Toyota, then you have definitely achieved something in this life.The drivers of the car brand - a goal-oriented person, a real boss and managing your life like it should be.Be the first all - it is an important principle of Japanese cars motorists.
  • Concern BMW produces aggressive cars.Their owners can be characterized as a leader, thereby controlling the knight, you want to break forward, overtaking on the road, to be first everywhere.Sitting in a car driven by a man has some driving force - in time somewhere to overtake someone, and where and why the driver and he will not likely say.
  • owner of Volvo grumpy and pereborchivy.They're all over very carefully, petty, they are very important principle.The car, in their opinion, should be safe and secure, as the Volvo.Do motorists Volvo everything in life is laid out on shelves, each must be filled according to the rules, this is the real intellectuals.
  • On Audi ride the most important.If you have a lot of friends in high places, if you are a serious man with a rich life experience, then you should definitely buy a car of this brand.On this car on the road go by the principle: "Make way all - lord of the rings goes!ยป
  • Car owners prestigious brand Mercedes go on a "have the right to all"!These people are shameless, they are all on the knee, not only the sea.Well, it concerns young people, which is behind the wheel of such a car is not so much.But the Conservatives at the age prefer a Mercedes with a driver.Then driving style neat and polite enough.
  • Drivers Volkswagen - this family are practical people, very important for them their own nest and comfort in everything, including comfort in driving.These vehicles are often bought for beginners, especially the girls, so it's worth to fear if you meet "folts" on the road.More about the owners of Volkswagen said that the specialists in a particular area.
  • On Opel move.Yes, it is moving, do not go, do not chase, because for their owners - it is simply a means of transportation.For these people look is not important, it is important to the content.These are the students themselves, and regardless of the age of the driver.Car Opel y expensive to maintain, and this is important for the driver conservative.Image - nothing, practicality - all!
  • On Subaru stubborn drivers go, they are not intellectuals.Take the weight of these machines, strength and power, so perfectly suited the active girl aspiring to catch everywhere.

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