Sales in January.

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07 April 2016

shopping Every fan knows that winter - best shopping .And especially beneficial January sales.And if in the New Year holidays people stormed the store to buy gifts for loved ones, the first week of the New Year - a hunt for the "right" shopping.In the first winter month prices for the products reach their highest point at that range is very wide.What is most advantageous to buy in January?

content of the article:

  • What sales are expected in January?
  • Sales of clothing and footwear
  • sale at the online store: the pros and cons
  • What is the best buy in the January sales?
  • sales in Russia and abroad

The January sales - that is profitable to buy?

Except for the new products, which certainly can not be bought at a lower price in the first place, substantial discounts are shops such goods , like:

  • Appliances;
  • Clothing;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Perfumes.

In expensive branded clothing stores discounts and sales linked rather than the holidays, and with the change old collection .A sports stores offer discounts in January on a different outfit for winter sports and warm clothes and shoes.

Sales of clothing and footwear at the beginning of the year -The big discounts

Between January sales of shoes and clothing discounts on products are usually on the rise:

  • At the beginning of the month -about 12%;
  • By mid-January - about 30-40%;
  • And by the end of the month, smoothly flowing in February - already up to 50-70%.

But at the same speed with which prices are rising, melts itself assortment in stores.It is clear that the most popular sizes and most attractive models will be snapped up at the very beginning of the January sales.Therefore, wait for the biggest discounts hardly worth it. If a thing has attracted, it is necessary to take.

usually most severe sell- boast stores (boutiques), which represent any one brand, in different branches.Given that their collections are updated frequently, selling old products for their highly beneficial.For those who are not too chasing fashion - it's a great option to fill up your wardrobe with new things haute couture at ridiculous prices.

Sales in shops in January

sales and discounts - a phenomenon affecting the long and the virtual world.On the Russian expanses of the Internet today, there are many sites that publish information about the January sales.Discounts in shops - this is the most that neither is a reality, which use hurry, many users of the global network .Select items at a discount catalog, Internet "shopper" indicates their data on the form of the order and waiting for delivery.Payment in this case is carried out directly by courier, delivering the order, or by transfer through the electronic monetary system.

What are the advantages of the January purchases through the online store?

  1. Lower prices (host an online store does not have to lay out a monthly sum for nuclear equipment rental and sales area);
  2. Save time and no need to queue, to be worn around town and hanging on the railings in crowded stores: buying goods made directly from the home sofa;
  3. Hour Shop;
  4. Extensive choice and convenience;
  5. details, including specific, for each product, including customer reviews, product assessment, its popularity, and others;
  6. delivery.Drag myself to the purchase is not necessary, all the courier brings directly to your home;
  7. real opportunity for buyers from remote areas to buy things that they would never buy in his native town (village).

Disadvantages of Internet shopping:

  1. touch, sniff and second-hand goods in the hands of the impossible.That is, in principle, the purchase of goods (especially on new sites) - is to buy a pig in a poke.Better advance puzzled gathering information about the online store, then to not be disappointed.The more that goods labeled "discount sale" exchanges and non-refundable.
  2. buy shoes and clothes for sale online and at all dangerous.To get to the size that will be possible only if clearly known for its size, and the image of the site allows you to unconditionally trust the quality of products.
  3. Waiting delivery - one of the most significant shortcomings."I came, saw and bought" in the online store will fail.And here also on the most mail can be a problem ...

What big discounts at the beginning of the year (January)?


during the January sales, as a rule, get basic things for everyday wear.Trendy new items from the latest collections, of course, can not be bought at the sale.Usually these basic things - something neutral and traditional:

  • Cardigans;
  • Blouses and shirts;
  • jeans and pants of the standard fabrics;
  • Turtlenecks, badlony;
  • Jackets (classical);
  • Underwear;
  • Shoes;
  • coats.It was in January, along with fluffy snow falling and the price of fur products.This month postnovogodny can easily purchase quality and stylish coat, jacket, coat, raincoat, jacket, or sheepskin, which for so long dreamed of.Discounts for outerwear can reach seventy percent in January;
  • Sportswear.Seasonal January sales of sportswear, accessories and equipment are usually carried out by all (with few exceptions) sports brands.

Tour vouchers:

Best prices on tours and flights, as a rule, in January.Such leave can significantly save by buying one of unsold travel agencies tours.If you need a visa is missing, a European tour will cost half the price.


In January days of special discounts and offers, you can also wait and from dealers.This is due to the desire of dealers not only to realize the maximum number of cars, but also to sell to warehouses, "last year's" models of automobiles.Subject to availability of the amount a family can buy a new car is much cheaper.

Sales of children's products:

sale of goods for children - most probably the vast assortment and interesting in January.All gifts have long been bought and donated, purses parents shake cleaned, so kids' store has no choice but to cut prices substantially.Smart parents usually lay in advance of these "soul celebrations" a money to dress their children-shod "discount."As a rule, children's goods in the January sales this:

  • Overalls and jackets;
  • Baby socks, tights, shirts and underwear;
  • Shoes "last year's" models;
  • Products for crumbs;
  • Stationery;
  • Toys;
  • Sportswear and sports equipment.

Home and digital products:

  • Phones (last year's model + news for shares in January);
  • cameras and other photographic equipment;
  • TV;
  • Microwave ovens;
  • Gas stoves;
  • Washers;
  • refrigerators.

After the New Year celebrations in the stores is formed "stagnation" in the implementation of large and small household appliances, the sellers start completely "dead" season, as a result, to the delight of shoppers, and there are active real sale of goods and the much-loved by all signs «sale».


  • Laptops, who in December to buy gifts in January lonely lie on the shelves, as the least popular products.Therefore, for them the major appliance stores offer the highest discounts, sometimes reaching twenty percent.
  • most attractive discounts in January of this product - in online stores.There, they sometimes reach seventy percent.


Many furniture centers in the January days hold special events, offering a discount, some (certainly not all) of the model.Usually this:

  • Furniture, which was previously used as exhibition samples (discounts can reach sixty percent)
  • Furniture, which is subject to discounts due to insignificant defects
  • furniture, models that are not sold for a long time (too original design, flashy colorsand so forth.)

what defects are possible on rasprodazhnoy furniture:

  • scuffed upholstery;
  • open seams;
  • splitting of plywood;
  • ragged corners;
  • cracked glass;
  • Broken Regiment;
  • Cracked rear wall of the cabinet;
  • And much more.

If your hands in place, the problem is easily solved, then yes - both are equally beneficial.But in the absence of relevant talents such savings will not bring joy.

Cases in which the bargain purchase furniture with the January sales:

  • When the interior is not planned to invest large sums of money (to the country in a rented apartment)
  • When the sale occurs something exclusive that no one looked carefully,but your old dream turned

Building materials, plastic windows:

In winter, construction, repair and replacement of windows almost no one does.Therefore, prices for these products in the January days - very impressive.Similar events are held a variety of construction and other companies that are allowed to sell old products to make room for new products.

Property sales in Russia and abroad

Sales in Europe and America - is, first of all, the image of the store and a tool to attract new customers.In Russia, the "safe" sell-considered, are usually the ones that carried out in major shopping malls and brand stores.Others, with a few exceptions - is successful attempts sales stale goods.Or worse - sales of second-rate, useless the next hundred years or defective items.

How not to fall for the tricks of swindlers?Correct shopping:

  • Attend sales only those stores that value their reputation;
  • check the quality of the goods on the spot;
  • not rake up everything "cheaper and more";
  • not traverse all consecutive sellout.

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