Favorite color and your character.

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07 April 2016

Everyone sooner or later tends to prefer certain colors in clothing and interior.Some of the colors we are prepared to contemplate a long time and note that they pacify us, soothe, give a sense of security and energy.Other colors, on the contrary, may irritate us, disturb, wake unpleasant emotions, feelings.Psychologists have long noticed close relationship between the nature of man and the choice of a favorite color .When viewed from another angle, every color that is selected person can tell about his character, if not all, very much.

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  • What favorite color tells a woman?
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Orange Brown Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Blue color
  • Turquoise

tsvetopsikhologii woman

Women are much more sensitive than men to perceive the subtle matter of the world.They able well distinguish more shades , and receive true fun from certain color combinations in clothing , make-up, the surrounding space .Interestingly, the favorite color choice has a great influence on the character of the woman, the style of her behavior with men, the success or lack of success in his career, parenting style.

Character girl who loves white

most controversial of all colors, because it is achromatic , «devoid of color," but, in fact, incorporated the entirerange of colors and shades of the rainbow.This color obliges , it is solemn , pristine pure , cold .In various cultures around the world the white color is a symbol of purity, innocence, or even Sympathy (Japan, India), so the person who chooses the color white is undoubtedly extraordinary and very versatile .

long been known that people are pessimistic temperament avoid white colors in clothes and the space around them.Consequently, those woman , who prefer white, overly optimistic , persistence .These women neat , sometimes up to pedantry , they - faithful wife and mother very attentive .Sometimes, a woman who in life prefers white, dry different character calculation, achieves great heights in his career and is in no hurry to have children.

What girls like black?

It also achromatic color, which may symbolize the severity of a business suit, and the infinity of the night sky.Black many color associated with mourning, in many cultures mourning clothes - black.Black color - not flat monochrome, it can also be a variety of shades, which can like or dislike.

Women who prefer black everything else, confident in their abilities , very secretive , collected and kept .These women know how to keep your emotions in the hands in any situation, and black clothing they really need to be protected from the negative external world, because black does not let the negative energy, is the "screen" for negative , reflecting on his person.Women devotees black, do not like to let his personal life strangers.They are very selective in choosing a pair , and will present the chosen high demands.Same excessive demands these women placing themselves, they can always achieve what they want, and can reach any heights in your career.

Gray - what girls like gray?

This is another color from the range achromia , which is between black and white.Gray - the color of the autumn sky, rain, dust, he is able to mute and soothe, soften and hide .Gray called to shelter people from outside influences and attitudes , not to attract the attention of others.It is often referred to as followers of gray «gray mouse», and these people really, shy , shy and very secretive .

Women who prefer gray color to any other color, can argue long , and occasionally devote an enormous amount of time Vitanov in their illusions .They do not like take excessive obligations , Owe .As a rule, these women seek to pass on to other people's duties and responsibilities , be free from any obligations.But under the gray shell of such women often hides a very hot temper and a storm of passion .They may worry unnecessarily, but apparently rarely allow emotions.They have a very developed self-esteem, they often cherish quite extravagant ideas.As a rule, they are mistrustful of men, but if you fall in love - can make passionate emotional outbursts.

red color and the character of the girl.Who likes red?

This color speaks for itself.It is the color victory , celebrations , vitality, activity and optimism .This color is happy to share the energy will stimulate to action, light.But his excess red can suppress weak people, annoy them, disturb .

Psychologists say that the classic red color is more "masculine" color, speaking about power, power, power. Women , who prefer the red color in their clothing or interior, have some as a "strong" sex - courage, temper, enormous will to win, optimism and courage.These women are very difficult to beat , they will be first in everything, for whatever undertook.Women who like red, are very fond of communication, they give birth to a lot of acquaintances.They are proud and willful, but altruists, always when necessary selflessly help our neighbor.

Orange and character of the girl.What girls like the orange color?

sunny and bright color, which many people associate with the sun, or orange.Orange challenges surrounding , he cheeky , revolutionary , calling .Many people love the color orange, but in excessive amounts it can bore, drain man so consistently able to withstand this color only a very strong personality.

Women , who like orange things in the interior or the wardrobe, have well developed intuition .They differ strong will and determination, love supreme .In life, these women are not conservative, they are easy to experience any changes and seek to travel, to communicate.These women endowed with extraordinary energy , they often are in constant motion , they are not satisfied stability.In relationships, these women are more than any other to flirting, jealousy, violent scenes.Such women are inherent ambition, prudence in their frivolity.

Brown and the nature of women.Who loves brown?

color of the earth, tea, cinnamon, chocolate bark.Brown gives stability, reliability s , it can be described as warm, solid .This color has a lot of shades, from very light to almost black.Traditionally brown choose to decorate the home floor, trim detail.As is known, room has wooden furniture and parts, becoming more comfortable .

Women , who choose brown in parts of the interior or the wardrobe, thorough in their judgments, calm, moderately demanding .This is a real keepers of family traditions , hearth, very attentive and caring mother.In relationships they value peace of mind, confidence, they will not hold hysterics or jealousy over trifles.

Yellow and female character

Such light and warm , characteristics very similar to the orange, but has a much more nuanced tinting.It is a joy and delight, the color of the bright sun, dandelions and buttercups in the meadow.From yellow breathes joy, warmth, optimism and sensuality .But it is very difficult to combine with other colors, because it is self-sufficient .

Women , who prefer yellow all remaining colors, very sociable, curious, brave .They are not interested in the opinion of society, they purposeful and original .These women are very easily adapt to any conditions of residence , and will accept any character of his men.This woman will never become boring and dull, it always strives to develop and learn, a lifetime to aspire to the new.

What girls like pink?

today is often called «glamorous», doll, color "Barbie» .In fact, the pink color is much deeper than it seems, it exists in a variety of shades, from pale pink to bright flashy fuchsia.Modern pink color stereotypes attributed many negative qualities, but you must remember that this is - the color of the flesh, born of the human body, it can soothe and give warmth.

pink clothing or interior prefer women who do not want to grow up .This is good and caring mother , they are both moody, spoiled girls , wishing to have strong backers.These women love and know how to flirt, they are romantic, proud and ambitious.As a rule, women prefer pink clothes, enjoy increased attention of men.

Women with any character like blue?

It is the color of water, sky, air and ice.He has to reflections, quiet, tranquility, harmony .It is a symbol stability and achievements, victories and relax after a reign .Psychologists call blue - color fidelity, devotion, depth of feeling .

Women , who choose blue color in things for themselves and the things surrounding space, do not like the hustle and disorder .They prefer tradition, organization .It soft and very good nature , which are capable of empathy, prone to philosophizing, idealizing others.Such a woman would be equally good, successful in the field of career and family life in the labyrinth.She - caring mother and skillful hostess , which will protect the bastion of his family.This woman bit melancholic .She has extensive knowledge in many areas of life, she knows and loves to try their hand in almost all cases that it carried away.

Green and nature of women.What girls like green?

color of grass, leaves.It is the color of optimism , dedication, healthy ecological space, knowledge, growth .The green color in any interior soothes, calms, allows to be closer to natural sources .Do not forget, however, that there are many shades of green - from the gentle light green, and aqua to which have additional characteristics of the complementary color, which is also included in its range.

Women , who like green things in the interior or clothing, very proud principal .They are always ready to zealously defend their own opinions, and not tolerate injustice .These women know how to manage not only their emotions, forces, but also by people who are close by.They have desire to assert itself, to achieve the heights in training, career .In relationships, these women - maximalists who are very strict and demanding to themselves and to elect.Above this woman is impossible to control, it will always be independent , as those forces of nature, which is reflected in her favorite color.

What girls like the color purple?The nature of women of color.

color of mysticism, magic, winter fantasy.This color awakens emotions and imagination , it refers to "miksovogo" colors, which can be very like it or wholly rejected by different people.Purple is often found in our usual natural habitats - is iris, pansies, phlox, peonies, asters.

Women , passionately loving purple clothing or interior decoration, large individualist .They prefer harmony and tranquility , and just designed to delight, enchant men .In its emotionality these women excel, they easily suggestible, easily panic or euphoria fun .These women - highly spiritual nature, which like to install, and follow the rules and live by the laws, conservative .Women who love purple, are in need of protection and support, their inner world is very tender and vulnerable, though outwardly they may look monumental calm in all situations.They will not be bored ever, they are very love to dream, always see in ordinary reality that passes unnoticed by other people .

blue color and a female character.Who loves the color blue?

very soft, he is able to calm .Differing from the deep blue, light blue - the color of the morning sky, clear water, the planet Earth.He casts light sadness and nostalgia, but is able to inspire, delight and envelop .Things blue make even the gray days of bright and clear.

Women , who tend to choose pastel blue color in the wardrobe or interior things, rather conservative and strict , although they capable of reflection and changes .It respectable mothers and housewives , they put the interests of the family above all else, inclined even to sacrifice for loved ones. Women , who love blue are readily cry even mild resentment or sensor series.They are very careful , and are unable to rash acts.The strength of their nature harmoniously combined with the softness and tenderness.

turquoise color and a female character.What girls like turquoise?

fairly complex and contradictory that color.He is gentle and light, but combines different shades of blue and green colors, being both and warm, and cold.For us it is very important to know your opinion!