How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video

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14 April 2016

recommendations beauticians - used for skin care face and head, the hair's natural oils - today appreciated by almost all women.Of course, you can easily purchase any oil for body and hair of any company of your choice - and it can not only be packaged in a beautiful box with a famous logo, but is sure to be provided with a list of properties that have oil.

However - we must admit that, despite the packaging and pleasant scent, action finished oil several times weaker than analog, home-cooked , independently.That is why the recipes of a particular oil home are becoming increasingly popular.
How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video

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  • cooking coconut oil at home - videos
  • How can I use coconut oil?
  • How can you apply the coconut and water?

recipe of coconut oil at home

prepare their own coconut oil at home is very simple.

What is needed for cooking coconut oil with their own hands?

  • One or two of coconut (the first time you can take one nut).Pay attention to the coconuts were smooth and strong
    to have been sufficiently filled with milk (coconut enough shake and hear gurgles whether in liquid).
  • Water (best to use a spring, not from the tap).
  • Just for making coconut oil we need utensils - fit any other than plastic.

How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video

Thus, stocks everything you need and proceed.

  • Coconuts to pierce and remove the milk.It we do not need, so you can safely use it in cooking or just a drink - it's not only very useful, but amazingly delicious.
    How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video
  • Coconut need to split. This work is not easy, so it is possible to attract this stage of preparation of coconut oil at home the men's part of the family.Split Coconut better with a hammer, ax or something similar, pre-wound coconut towel.
  • Clear the flesh from the shell. This step can be and miss, especially if the nut crumble much during splitting.First, fine crumb cleaned from the shell is not so easy, and secondly, that the most important - in a coconut shell, as well as in the pulp, contains a lot of healthy substances.
    Recipe for coconut oil
  • coconut grind. If you are cooking coconut oil with your hands from the purified pulp, you can use the blender.You can add water (just a little bit to the coconut did not stick to the walls of the container).If the coconut is used with shell - it is better to use a combine harvester (but not coffee grinder), because the shell is very hard.In an extreme case, for lack of technology, it is possible to grate the coconut.
  • shift resulting chips into the pot, pour hot water , which is to close the coconut weight of about the thickness of two fingers.Reserve pot for several hours (but not less than two) at room temperature to cool.
  • After cooling, you need to put the pan in the refrigerator ten to twelve hours.You can start cooking in the evening and leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight.

And then in the morning we get the coconut oil, which, surfacing hardens .
How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video

As coconut oil to bring the necessary condition?

  • now need to collect the oil in a small container (any - earthenware, metal, but in any case not plastic) and placed in a water bath.
  • Hold on a water bath need as much time as the collected oil will not turn into liquid.Important: you can not bring to a boil!
  • resulting oil drain , to remove the remaining chips.

All our oil is ready!Pour the coconut oil in a glass bowl .
How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video
Keep it can only be for two weeks, and severely cold : on the balcony (in winter) or in the refrigerator.

Video: How to make your own butter at home

How can I use coconut oil, cooked at home with their own hands?

The beneficial qualities of coconut oil today is not only speaks lazy.

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It is used as a cosmetic (for skin care face and body, as a mask for the hair), massage, anti-cellulite body wraps, as prevention to strengthen the skin of the abdomen and chest during pregnancy, as well as inskin care in the stretch marks.

Coconut oil is perfectly combined with jojoba oil, orange, rosemary , wrapping can mix coconut oil with white clay.

Hair helpful to use coconut oil, both in pure form and mixed with yogurt or low-fat milk, depending on your hair type.

Video: The coconut oil is beneficial?

How can you apply the coconut and water remaining after cooking coconut oil at home?

But it is useful not only the oil but also coconut and water left by soaking the chips - they, too, can be applied efficiently and profitably.

coconut water can be used:

  • as body lotion after a shower or bath.
  • as a morning lotion for washing.
  • frozen and used for skin care.
  • as hair mask: sprinkle the hair for 20 minutes before shampooing.

Important: coconut water can be stored no more than a week!
How to make coconut oil with their own hands the house: recipe, video

Applying coconut

  • In cooking: cook coconut biscuits.
  • As cosmetic: as tela.Prigotovit scrub scrub of coconut is very simple.It is necessary to mix sea salt and coconut.Proportions better adjusted individually depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

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