Interesting contests for the company for the New Year of the Snake

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08 April 2016

to the New Year holidays in the company was not boring, it is necessary to think in advance merry program includes interesting contests.Usually, such moments enliven any event, allow participants to feel at ease, to become better acquainted.It is desirable that more people participated entertainment - then laughter and fun will contribute to a good mood on New Year's night, banishing boredom and drowsiness.

1. Snowball

contest can be done sitting at the table.This is - a game-dating, which allows us to remember unfamiliar names of all the participants of the party, as well as good fun even in the beginning of the holiday.The first participant calls his name.The second participant calls the name of the previous party as well as its name.So the game goes on, with each participant a list of names that you want to say, is getting longer.Then, the game can be complicated by asking the participants to add their name and any nickname on the theme of fairy-tale characters, such as "Peter - Batman," "An

na - Fiona" and so on.In the competition to determine the winning is difficult, but the process of pronouncing the names have become a real joy.

2. Catch the "snake»

Two participants sit on chairs facing each other backs.Under the chairs is rope - "snake", the ends of which extend between the foot of each participant.At the command of the main drive participants must sharply bend forward, trying to grab the rope faster than the opponent and pull it out from under the chair.The winner is the most clever - he then competes with the next participant, and so on, to determine the standout.

3. At Winter win!

All are in pairs.Each pair is given a piece of ice (the ice at the same tins need to prepare for the competition in advance).At the signal, the pair is trying to rapidly melt your ice in any way - you can blow it, lick, put on the body, between your palms, rub.Participants can not use heaters and hot dishes to kindle a piece of ice.To win that pair, in which the first piece of ice melts.

4. Christmas songs

For this competition you can not even get up from the table.The whole company is divided into two teams.Draws determine which team goes first.The essence of the competition is to remember all the songs about the New Year, Christmas tree, Christmas, winter, snow, blowing snow, and sing a verse for each.The winner is the group that remembered more songs.You can slightly modify the contest follows.Pre-prepared small pieces of paper they are written words on the subject of New Year and winter - "Snow Maiden", "blizzard", "Santa Claus", "snow", "winter", "December."Representatives of the teams take out one piece of paper from a colorful box, and try to quickly recall a song where there is the word, sing it.This competition can be arranged as a small concert improvisation.

5. Competition wish fulfillment

This contest should prepare in advance as follows.The beads embedded note with some task on New Year's themes, such as: "Show me the battle Kremlin chimes", "Show me the dance of snowflakes", "depict a snowman", "VIEW icicle", "Show me the Christmas tree", "Show me a drunk Santa Claus""Sing a Christmas song baby voice," and so on.These tasks should be varied and fun, they should prepare a sufficiently large number.The balls must be as small pour confetti, inflate them and hang somewhere higher.For all participants of the competition are divided into two groups.Member of the first team to burst the ball with your hand or a stick - his obsyplet confetti rolled piece of paper with the job.He will then perform as best as possible inherited his job under the applause and laughter of the audience.If a participant does not wish to carry out this task, the team gets minus 1 point.However, with each participant may perform the task and all those present, competing in a reproducible scene.The winner is the active team.

6. Christmas Alphabet

This competition can be carried out directly at the holiday table.Leading holiday announces that he wants to check - whether all remember the alphabet.Each person in turn says Happy New Year to all the participants, from a phrase in a letter of the alphabet, from "A".For example, "A" - "Let's Happy New Year to all the ladies present!";"B" - "Be all healthy and happy New Year!".The culmination of this contest will attempt to come up with the phrase on the letter "L", "M", "Y", "J".Nimble and resourceful participants must somehow find a way out, or laugh it off.

7. Game snowballs

For this competition advance made enough "snowballs" made of cotton.All participants are divided into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the room.Team-leading two teams start throwing each other with snowballs prepared, there is noise, commotion, laughter.Then the team leading the "war" is terminated.Each team must collect all the "snowball" that fell on her side of the room.The winner is the one of the groups to score the most.Then, the competition can continue comic tasks - Participants of both teams competing in the transference "snow" on the head "on his chest, on the back - so that did not keep him elbows, hands, and that" snow "fell to the floor.

8. Santa Claus sneezed

This contest is not held to determine the winners, and to create a universal fun and laughter.All participants are divided into three groups.Initially, the participants of each group said that they on a specific command - for example, a wave of "magic wand", have to shout to everyone - the magic word.These words for three teams - "Achi", "eyes", "cartilage".Shouted those words of command should be in sync, all together and win from them one that shout their word louder than the other.On special teams signals shout their words together.As a result of all this noise will be similar to the giant sneeze.Lead may further provoke and amuse the participants in this contest, responding to each "sneeze" - "Be healthy, Santa Claus!".

9. Kata snowballs

This competition is held between pairs of "man + woman."It sounds soft music, participants danced a slow dance.Then the music stops, the leading couples gives small balls that are placed between the stomach ladies and gentlemen.By special signal leading the competition is starting to sound more energetic music, and the partners are trying to movements of their bodies to roll the ball to the chin so as not to drop it, and do not touch the hands.

10. Holiday conveyor

Among those present selected five participants in two teams, they are given names: "Open-ka", "pour-ka", "drinking-ka", "zakusay Single"," close-ka. "In the tables for the two teams at the end of the hall put a bottle of sparkling water (adult companies - of champagne or wine) glass sandwich.At the starting signal, the first participants of our lead from the starting level of running to the table, opened the bottle.The second participant must reach the tables and pour into a glass to the brim drink.The third pair of participants running to drink poured by the glass.Fourth contestants, "snack" sandwich, the fifth - run and cover the bottle with a drink.The winner is the team that accurately, quickly pass the baton.As an option - the participants in teams of five may not be, but, for example, three or seven.Sandwiches can be prepared by three, and the baton to conduct until the completed three laps from the opening of the bottle prior to its closing.

11. The boxing ring

on "stage" called two participants, who will compete with each other.Leading announces that now will be a bloody battle between two real men.Participants are given boxing gloves.Donning gloves, preparation presenter accompanies "heated" crowd phrases: "Real men fight to the last!", "The Ring will show who is stronger!".Participants can undress from the waist up, to warm up, jump, poboksirovat in the air.When the participants are warmed up and ready to carry on with each other "fight", they are given ... for candy in a wrapper (put on the tables).At the start signal "ring" our "fighters" should try to quickly deploy this candy gloved hands without dropping it off the table and eat it.Assignment of candy can be replaced with another task: hands with boxing gloves unbutton a lady, which pre wear home gown.

12. Queen of New Year's Eve

What a fabulous evening be without the queen?Here and in the New Year's Eve parties to choose their main prom queen.To do this, of course, you need to dress up in Queens befitting clothes, which each team is given 1-2 rolls of toilet paper.Task teams - to create a "royal robes" as its main "queen" for a certain period of time, for example - while all the other members sing some Christmas song.The winner is the team whose outfit "Queen" will be better than the other "queens."

13. Dancing with balls

When the New Year holiday is the time dancing, participants can offer a very funny competition.All dancing to the ankle of the left leg tie on the balloons.The essence of the competition is to dancing, keep your ball from the feet of the other participants, and at the same time - to try to "explode" the balls at them.These "dances" are transformed into a fun romp, which gives a good mood and general merriment.

14. Merry questions - funny answers

This competition requires a little preparation.Of thick paper or cardboard must be cut into the same size card, an even number, the number - about two to three times greater than the next party participants.Half the cards you need to write a variety of issues, putting them in a separate deck.In the second half of the card you need to write the answers - it will be the second deck.Questions might be: "Do you know how to control himself?", "If I kiss you - what do you say to that?», «Do you like striptease?", "How often do you get drunk?" And others.The answers can be the following plan: "Only after pay", "My youth was left behind", "It - my favorite activity," "Only at night" and others.The first participant calls the name of the person who is asking the question, takes a card from the deck of questions reads it.Responder takes a card from the deck answers reads.Then the second person calls the name of the next charge, he takes issue with the card reads - and the festival fun questions and answers continued on.

15. Snow lady dream

This competition can be carried out with real snow - if the street he almost wet, or if you enter the contest for a large portion of the snow in the room on a tray.Option without snow - mold "lady dream" of cotton, padding polyester.Divide the participants into teams.Each team is given "material" for molding, announces the launch.The team should be "blind" a beautiful sculpture of this beauty as much as possible, faster than rivals.In the process of "molding" can use their own things, food on the table.The winner is the most beautiful and original "sculpture".

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