How to take it easy?

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08 April 2016

Why a chronically unlucky, others shamelessly enjoy life in the mustache does not blow?The answer is simple: first, as if they did not hide - the pessimists, and the second - nihilists.Pessimists watching a football match on TV, in a senseless fight fight for their rights and constantly create problems out of nothing, and not only myself.Nihilists in this same play football, everyone knows their rights and be heard by history.The line between healthy and frank selfishness pofigizmom very thin, and happy is he who was able to feel this middle ground.

content of the article:

  • What is a pessimist?
  • Who was nihilists?
  • Learn about life easier
  • attracts money by the method of nihilists
  • We draw Health pofigizmom
  • health law pofigizma

How to distinguish a pessimist in the crowd?The characteristics of a pessimist

  • Permanent struggle for ghostly ideals , salary, reputation, and against social and medical systems against boors against his administration and to infinity;
  • Constant complaints about life ;
  • Morning heavy lifting with sour person;
  • Weighty kit with Corvalol, motherwort and valerian;
  • Each failure - it's the end of the world.

How to distinguish nihilists in the crowd?Characteristic features of nihilists

  • sleeps a lot, eats, drinks, dreams, travels, love, rest, etc .;
  • lives in their fun ;
  • wake up with a smile on his lips ;
  • should motto : «You can not change the situation - change attitude to it";
  • Never complains , because he is always so good;
  • Magnet attracts money, health and friends, due his optimism ;
  • The time that a pessimist is wasted on senseless struggle with himself or suffering, nihilists, in love with life , spends on self-improvement.

not difficult to conclude that a healthy apathy is appropriate and even beneficial.

How to learn easier about life?

possible to change his pessimistic installation?First of all, it should be clearly distinguished from the banal primitive pofigizm healthy.Banal apathy - a free drift downstream, ineradicable selfishness and laziness.Healthy apathy - is the talent to change the flow direction at the right time, the breadth of the soul and ease on the rise.

first steps to a healthy pofigizmu:

  • Leisure (leisure) - this is the time, which no one returns.From filling life depends on life itself: positive to yield a positive, negative - negative in the progression.Filling life with positive emotions and leisure - favorite pastime, we give your mind to build up the correct installation.
  • nagging and complaints about life - taboo .Even in the family.
  • «Pathetic little people", "vile saleswoman", "reptile-policeman» ... change settings .Each person can see the good.You just need to want it.
  • «I never work in the apartment (machine, microwave, ficus ...)." Nothing ventured, nothing gained .To get something, you need to make an effort. And with a smile on his lips, and with the installation of "I can do anything."First - the goal, and then step by step plan, then - sure to follow the target.Even if you have to go to her for several years.I want to become a great photographer?So, stop drooling at the work of professionals, and a camera in hand - and on the course.Dreamed of laurels writer?Find your genre and learn the verb burn the hearts of people.
  • «From me still does not depend on", "I still can not» ... eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing! Anticipating failure, it attracts people."Order" for yourself only positive.Installation - "I can", "I can", "I can handle."And remember the truth - "if a long look into the abyss, the abyss starts to stare at you."
  • money. They never enough.Just one is not enough for bread, and another - on the diamond caviar or fifth yacht.There will have to be defined.If a debt-free life is quite happy, it's time to stop the complaints about the lack of money and begin to enjoy the fishing, picnics and emotional meeting with friends for a glass of tea.If the ambitions of tearing inside, then everything vyshenapisannogo should forget and change their way of life, focusing on the road to wealth.

How to attract money.Methods nihilists

First of all, you should decide - and how many actually do you need?Determined?Record the amount of notes and read on.The presence of you at least one of these items is - an obstacle on your way to wealth:

  • Self-pity;
  • habit of borrowing;
  • habit of spending in excess of the amount of wages;
  • Greed skuperdyaystve;
  • measure any life values ​​only money;
  • Ignoring the benefits of a long and meticulous work they prefer instant benefits;
  • pooping myself hated work;
  • constant comparison of their own and others' achievements;
  • Complaints life in every grateful ears;
  • exaltation of his person over people "second class" and other interests.

Neither point is not approached?Then boldly defines with his occupation future years, compares the amount written in the notebook with the selected occupation and forth.Does not work?Re-read the item again.

We draw Health -filosofiya nihilists

  • Truth - laughter prolongs life, known even to children.Positive thoughts can work wonders.The scheme is simple.
  • installation - "everything is bad, depression, stress, inactivity, negative thinking» is replaced by - "positive, constructive, determination, focus on results» .
  • installation - "noodle packets, to hell with him, tooth decay, and eight hours of sleep - a luxury» to change - "a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, timely treatment."

can not buy health - not for nothing that says so.And all the great earnings - dust over health and its role in life.First, we are working to spend money for pleasure.Earning understand that these pleasures we already contraindicated for health reasons.Just really working on yourself, you can achieve results.

Healthy apathy.Postulates

Pofigizm is not care attitude to all and sundry.Healthy apathy - is the line between indifference to the negative and absolute indifference to all the symptoms of selfishness.

  • Healthy apathy - is ignoring the negative aspects in life and at the same time, their ability to see the good.
  • Healthy apathy - is the lack of life in the black bars.Only white.
  • Healthy apathy - is the absence of stress, depression and vain experiences.Nihilists not see evil, I do not worry about nothing, and is able to see the good, even in places where it has never been.

Ten healthy recipes pofigizma:

  1. Throw negative thoughts .Immediately!As soon as that thought is trying to sneak into her head.Catch it on the doorstep and chase away.Ways for that car and truck.The subconscious mind of man - a soldier, certainly obeying peremptory orders.For example, shout her mind - Look!This acts.
  2. Do not waste your nerve cells .They can not be restored.All that has to happen will happen anyway.Whether you like it or not.And if already happened - it makes no sense at all to be nervous, you must either act or give up.
  3. Every day is mandatory and strictly give yourself and your hobby at least an hour (and preferably two) free time. spit on unwashed dishes, piles of toys in the children's room, reminiscent of a minefield, and outrage of family members, friends, and all the rest.
  4. Learn to love yourself. Take time to wallow in a fragrant bath and bring myself up to the level of "almost on the cover." Brew a cup of coffee and drink it with a bit of sugar favorite cake reading an interesting book or gossip on the Internet.
  5. Learn disengage completely from everything.At least five minutes per hour forget about the problems of "global" and just enjoy life.
  6. Learn to meet your morning with a smile , because we know how to meet that morning - so will pass the whole day.A need is not so much - your favorite music, delicious breakfast, smiling at her reflection and mental attitude.
  7. Learn to control the subconscious. That you should give him the installation, but not vice versa.Do not attach too much importance to anything.Especially as, in the words of Solomon, all passes.
  8. Forget illusions ideal life .It will always be problems.Bad weather, lies and betrayal, spoiled food from the store, and so on. Learn to ignore these problems.
  9. not perceive the world as a place of survival .Life is too short to spend it on depression and struggle.Get pleasure from it and is perceived as a game.
  10. Take as the fact that you are not busy with their work, or go the wrong way, when something is given to you at the cost of enormous sacrifices and efforts. Find yourself .Do not be afraid to experiment.

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