Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials

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15 April 2016

Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials Not every girl can boast of beautiful manicure and dream about it all the weaker sex, without exception.The beauty treatment capacity, as we know, is quite expensive, but it does not mean what about long beautiful nails, you can forget - now you can do it yourself at home.You just have to buy a set of necessary tools and patience.So, what you need to know about the procedure?

content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of nail gel
  • kit home nail gel
  • Preparations for nail gel house
  • Home nail gel on tips

Pros and Consnail gel at home

course, nail salon - a guarantee of quality (with appropriate training of specialists), the atmosphere, prestige, another opportunity for socializing.But independently of the procedure has its advantages :

  • You do not need to go anywhere ( time savings ).At home you can do your nails at any time - even in the middle of the night.And it does not need to be recorded anywhere, to spend time on the trip and so forth.
  • you save money (excluding one-time in
    vestment in a set of tools for the procedure).
  • Houses - much cozier and quieter .
  • Drawing / design polish you can do, based on his imagination .

From cons of the procedure home are the following:

  • Separate nail will initially take you at least two hours .
  • Removing gel nails requires skill - no master will be difficult.

What should include a set of home gel nail?

At the beginning of training to opt for expensive resources for the gel nail modeling is not necessary.Suffice average cost of drugs.

Videotutorial: What is necessary for gel nails at home

So, what goes into kit home nail ?

  • Set for nail gel at home Plain (without blowing and super design) UV lamp .Desirably, at 36 watts, and with a timer.
  • flat brush for nail (not necessarily full).
  • Jig. best option: 180/240 grit - for processing natural and artificial nails, as well as 100/100 grit.It is better to take them on a few pieces.The best form - a boomerang.
  • buff. It is used in the last stage zapilivanija artificial nail.Experts recommend buff - 120/120/120 grit.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Pusher.Such orange stick (or blades cuticle) - irreplaceable thing at nail enhancements.
  • Cutter (with the help of the tips are cut).
  • Brush , remove dust from the nail.
  • Forms for nails. Better - wide area bonding.
  • Glue.
  • Set for nail gel at home themselves tips. recommended tipsy with a broad contact zone.The quality can be checked by bending TIPS: TIPS tough break when bent, or it is shown the fold line - this should not be.Tips must be easily bendable, pliable, and without any trace after the fold.
  • Tweezers clamping nails.
  • Roller hand, lint-free wipes , to remove the sticky layer.
  • disinfector for hand washing.
  • Nail Prep - for better adhesion of natural and artificial nail.
  • Primer (¬ęprimer").It is best to avoid burning, use acid-free.Without it we can not do.
  • Base Gel - two-phase building gel.
  • Set for nail gel at home gel modeling.
  • preparation for removal of a sticky layer.
  • Finish gel.
  • Special oil for cuticles.

Set for nail gel at home If you decide to wipe the French and other designs, you can buy at the same time following gels :

  • Liquid ultrabely (traced jacket).
  • Color (a couple of jars).
  • White (Salon jacket).
  • Camouflage (solid).

And you will need:

  • Set for nail gel at home Brushes for drawing pictures.
  • Acrylic paints (better Polikolor).
  • sequins, honeycomb, mica and other elements of decoration.

Preparing for home nail gel: the basic rules

Training - a few steps, strict implementation of which will guarantee high-quality treatments.

  • Preparing for home nail gel my hands with soap (antibacterial).
  • Disinfect hands special means or alcohol (70%).
  • crop and to file the nail free edge.
  • Do not cut cuticles right before the procedure (it is better to do it the week before).Otherwise you risk to carry infection, and spoil the whole procedure of building.Gently move the cuticle pusher.
  • Handle nails sawing 180/240 grit, easy and removing the glossy surface layer of polish.Do not forget about the cuticle area and lateral areas of the nail.As a result, the nails should be a little rough, matte, glossy, without gaps.

Then proceed to the nail using TIPS.

Home nail gel on tips - Step by step instructions and video

  • Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials Degrease nails with NailPrep , dry them for at least 3 minutes.
  • Do not touch the surface of the nail after treatment!
  • Apply primer (primer).
  • Choosing tips , then carefully glue them.

Note: if this procedure is to you first, it makes sense to do build on each nail at a time.It takes more time, but will provide a really high-quality manicure.

  • Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials Next - cut the tips special cutters, selecting the desired length.
  • carefully, without touching the natural nail, produce filing boundaries between your fingernail and tipsy.
  • Brush Apply a thin layer gel on Naroscheny nails.Remember that the gel should be applied at an angle of 45 degrees, in order to avoid sagging at the cuticle area.
  • dry the gel under the UV lamp for at least 2 minutes.
  • Draw 2nd , a thicker layer of gel .
  • Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials we dry it again under a UV lamp for 4 minutes.
  • case of contact gel to the skin carefully remove it with the pusher.
  • remaining gel adhesive layer remove a previously prepared a special liquid.
  • Gives nails a perfect shape (opilivaem).
  • Home nail gel - detailed instructions and video tutorials If the French manicure - put a layer of pink after a layer of transparent gel, and then form a line of "smile" white gel.
  • Next cover nails finish-gel to make them shine.
  • Do not forget to rub the oil into the cuticle .

gel manicure is ready!

Videotutorial: Technology gel nail