How to meet the new 2014 Horses: for home decoration and organization of the festival

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09 April 2016

December - one of the nicest months of the year, the month in anticipation of the New Year: Time of gifts and pleasant pre-holiday bustle.Online magazine tell you how to mark the meeting in 2014, how to decorate the Christmas tree and the house 2014.
How to meet the new 2014 Horses: for home decoration and organization of the festival

It's time to start preparing to meet the new 2014, which will be the symbol of Blue Wooden Horse !

For reference: Blue Horses 2014 is associated with well-being.It symbolizes constancy , thoughtfulness, loyalty, reliability and honor .Year of the Horse - a year of prosperity and good luck.

According to the Chinese calendar, the New Year will happen February 10, 2014 .

China Blue Horse special honor because it represents wisdom.In the area of ​​financial year of the horse bears increase financial stability and enhancing the career ladder .For those who have their own business - expansion this year will be particularly successful .Year of the Horse will largely instability and changes in the life .

  • House Decoration
    main colors of the interior should be blue and close to it on the perception of tone - blue and green shades .Also suitable natural colors - camel, red, gray and herbal .Horse appreciate the simplicity and nobility of no-frills interior decoration so it is not necessary to select "flashy" and "vypendrezhnye."It is worth paying attention to the more quiet shades of bright colors if you want to emphasize your taste or highlight some elements of decor.
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
    sure as decorations in this new year to use wood products .Main mascots of the year will horseshoe, horse bells and .
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
    Tip: now fashionable home decoration interior design words wood .They may be in the form of inscriptions Home, Family, or individual letters, letter initials names.Also on offer are a variety of wooden trays or coasters hot.Use the preparation for the holiday, to try something new!
  • where to meet Year of the Horse
    Loshad- faithful animal that loves his master, sometimes playful and always freedom-loving.Based on these data, it is necessary to remember that celebrate the New Year 2014 the best in the family circle with the closest people , and continue its celebration in the noisy company for salutes and fireworks.It is also possible at this time to travel and celebrate the 2014 at another point of the Earth .
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
  • Christmas events
    • Manezh Square show gathered 31 December, New Year's Eve audiovisual show "Tale of Tales".Adventures good boy for jazz music and symphonic music will adorn the facade of an arena and make your day a festive and unforgettable.
      How to meet the new 2014 Horses
    • Show installation "I love Moscow» will take about 2 o'clock in the Okhotny Ryad, then the event will continue the band's performance «KOZAK systems", "Ivan Kupala», «Zdob si zdub».
    • In the city center will be installed three huge screens that will show from 22.00 to 1.30 colorful show:
      • on Vasilyevsky Spusk held video musical gift "Cinema-gift" with excerpts from favorite movies and comments Max Lyubimov;
      • Lubyanka please show "Multi-gift";
      • Revolution Square will be "performance", "Music-gift."
  • What's to celebrate the New Year
    Natural, neutral and calm tones are perfect for this day.At length, a cut no no strict rules - the main thing that you are in the day were great.As hairstyles for women best suited «horse" tail, or a well-coiffed hair .
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
  • Elka 2014
    To decorate the Christmas tree this year, it is best to use a variety of garlands, which will give the tree form, as well as toys in the form bells, beads and figurines of horses .Perfectly suited shades of green, blue, or example, yellow and silver .See also: 2014 Alternative Christmas tree with his hands.
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
    The new season is very fashionable to experiment with styles in jewelry - you can make Christmas tree with red and white style, silver-white style and retro, nouveau .You can also decorate the Christmas tree wood, felt toys handcrafted .The main thing - keep the taste and nameshivayte several styles at once.
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
  • Gifts
    horse - an animal smarter, so gifts should be meaningful and practical or symbolic.Best suited souvenir horseshoe, wooden frames or paintings of horses, figurines, boxes, vases, handmade .
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
  • Christmas table
    simple and healthy food will be more than appropriate in this day. various casseroles, salads, meat dishes «no frills" and will delight guests and you.As for kitchen furniture - napkins should prefer linen, paper or cotton.
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses
    on the table must be at least one piece of wood - it can be a salad bowl, Stands for hot utensils - apply here for your imagination.From food to be many vegetables fruit and vegetables , cooked fresh bread, fish and other marine products .From drinks is put on the table vegetable or fruit juices, and mineral water .Because alcohol - champagne , stronger drinks horse "approve."As a symbolic element can be put on the table a bowl of water and pour to oats or to put cereal or oatmeal cookies in wooden dishes to please the mistress of the coming year.
    How to meet the new 2014 Horses

Do not forget that subway and public transportation in the New Year's Eve after finalizing .

begin to prepare for this wonderful holiday in advance, because, as you know, New Year miracles happen !