Artificial nails - all the materials and methods;

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15 April 2016

Artificial nails - all the materials and methods; Every girl wants to be irresistible.To make sure your image has been finished and stylish, can play an important role, even little things like nails.Beautiful and well-groomed nails makes a woman sexy and attractive.But, unfortunately, not all nature has bestowed so much beauty.But do not worry, modern cosmetology will help you solve the problem of ugly and short nails, and you will soon be the new fashion manicure - the envy of her friends.

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  • Pros and cons of nail
  • Materials for nail
  • Methods nail
  • Nails after building
  • How much is a nail

Nail extension Nail - is an ordinary procedurewhich will help to make your pens accurately, and the image - complete.Before deciding on the procedure interesting read reviews and see useful video tutorials of nail enhancements.

Nail - the pros and cons nail

There are pros and cons nail , learning about that, you decide - whether you need to increase your nails or not.

Video: What is the nail, how the procedure

Pros nail

  • Nail - what is it? Beautiful and elegant manicure;
  • No need to paint your nails every day, because the paint peels off permanently;
  • graft protect natural nails from damage and harmful substances;
  • Hiding defects of these nails;
  • absence of discomfort and addictive to the nails.

Cons nail

  • rather high cost of the procedure for the nail;
  • In preparing the nail on it will affect mechanical devices, damaging it;
  • If you came across an unscrupulous master may occur deformation of the nail;
  • into components that make up the materials to build, can develop allergies;
  • If accrued nail breaks, it breaks down in the middle of the nail plate, which is very painful and does not lead to anything good.
  • Artificial nails require correction, so you have to look for time and money to visit the salon;
  • natural nails after removing the extensions, become thinner.You will have to spend a lot of effort to bring natural nails in order.
  • Gel nails can not be removed, they have to saw off.Perform this procedure can only master.

Materials for nails: acrylic and gel - their advantages and disadvantages

Acrylic for nails At the moment there are 2 basic material for nail - it is acrylic and gel.

  • Acrylic - a special powder that is mixed with a special liquid.The result is a thick and sticky substance which is applied to the nail.Properly build a professional acrylic nails can as acrylic air mixture quickly hardens.However, with certain skills, acrylic nails can be performed at home.After applying the mixture to the nail, it is trimmed, polished and coated.Acrylic nails are very strong, but if you still have managed to break them, the master of the cabin is easy to restore the damage.
    acrylic nails are easily removed : using special tools, acrylic dissolved and removed.The only disadvantage of acrylic nails - a peculiar smell of material that will accompany you for a while.But then the smell will erode.
  • Gel nails Gel - is also a good material for the nail.Due gel nails obtained not only strong but also elastic.The gel allows the nails to breathe and transmit moisture that is good affects the nails.Gel nails harden under the action of ultraviolet rays, which will not allow further developed on the nail plate fungus.To make the nail stronger procedure was repeated several times.When the last layer of gel hardens, the nail will be to shape and lacquered.Gel nails can be extended in the cabin of an experienced master, but gel nails and easy to make at home, if you buy everything you need to examine the procedures and instructions.
    The advantages of gel nails can be attributed durability (service life can reach up to 5 months).Among the disadvantages can be identified as follows: if the nail breaks, restore it will not work , will have to make a new one.Get rid of gel nails too hard.Frozen gel can remove only master using sawing .

be honest, gel and acrylic are one group "acrylates» , so to say exactly - which is better, it is impossible.Everyone chooses the best option to build and follow him.At the moment, there is a special technology that allows you to combine acrylic and gel : first, the nail is applied acrylic that makes the nail stronger, then the gel - to give shine.

Video: Nail gel

Video: Nail acrylic

All methods nail - on tips on paper forms, on top form, liquid tips

There are several types of nails.Each kind of different from each other, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Building on tips
Nail on tips Tips - a plastic plate, which are attached at one end to the nail before stacking gel or acrylic.After applying the material accrued nails varnished and a drawing.The color and size of tips can be very diverse.There liquid tipsy (reusable form, by which is an artificial nail. In this procedure do not apply disposable tips or a form).
important advantage of liquid TIPS - it failure to glue .Clay - this is the most toxic substance that is used to build up any nails.With liquid TIPS can:

  • create reusable form that saves the budget;
  • Create the perfect arched french;
  • create unique and complex designs;
  • possibility of creating a pedicure.

well-chosen tips can use only a small part of the nail , that protects your nails.After attaching artificial nails, nails can be given any shape or length.It all depends on the imagination and skill to master.

Nail in the form
Nail on tips forms - disposable paper, the outer side of which is covered with a special compound, and the inner - glue component.Paper forms discarded after use.There reusable form , made of metal .Such forms are attached to the nail with a metal clamp.For future use should be disinfected metal form.

nails after a build-up - how to care for them?

Care graft nails Many believe that after extension Nail care is not required.But it is not so!Any material not last forever and require special care, especially because the natural nails tend to grow.There can not do without Correction of extension plates .

your nails look beautiful and did not break, it is important to follow some rules:

  • No gel or acrylic nails can not tolerate acetone.So choose nail polish remover without acetone , do not use aggressive household chemicals;
  • Do not use forceps and scissors. long nails will help you to adjust the polisher and nail file for artificial nails;
  • not strike the nails on a hard surface , do not drop heavy objects on them and observe the neatness;
  • Take care of the cuticle. so that no burrs and cuticle was wet, moisten it with vegetable oils.If you increase the cuticle too fast, use a special tool to slow its growth;
  • Before manicure do not do baths , use only softening oil.This will not damage your nails;
  • If after a hot bath you dive into a cold pool, can damage nails ;
  • When painting naroshchennyh nail varnish use only high quality paints .Pay attention to the texture and shelf life of the varnish;On
  • correction encouraged to walk at least every 3 weeks ;
  • not to resort to hardware manicure. It weakens and brittle nails;
  • Do not attempt to glue the broken nail;
  • Shoot Naroscheny nails is recommended only in the salons;
  • not cover Naroscheny nails thick layer of varnish.

These are the basic rules for the care of artificial nails, observing that, you keep their beauty and durability.

How much is a nail in the salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg

Cost nail In Moscow and St. Petersburg are many salons that provide services on the nail.
Prices may vary depending on the classification of specialization masters and interior .On average nail in Moscow you will have to pay 2,500 rubles , the correction will cost you 1300 .In St. Petersburg, for the nails, you will have to pay 2200 rubles , a correction will cost 1000 rubles .Choose
salons with a good reputation and professional artists , not to regret my choice!

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