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16 April 2016

Peeling glycolic acid in the home - user home main component of quality care for their skin - a facial peels.Thanks to him, there is a cleansing of the skin, removing the stratum corneum cells aesthetic transfiguration.It carries out the procedure is usually in the cabin or right at home, with no money or time opportunities.Photos before and after glycolic peel.

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  • Glycolic peels.Features procedures
  • instruction execution glycolic peel at home
  • tips and recommendations on the implementation of glycolic peel
  • Contraindications glycolic peel
  • Indications for glycolic peel

Glycolic acid peels at home - User peeling face at home - a very common practice.For the procedure, you can use ready-made tools, or cook it yourself.While set for peeling purchase our time quite easily.Such products are offered not only in drugstores and cosmetic stores, but also in normal supermarkets.The main thing - when you select a set of peeling based on the composition of funds, expiry date and the reputation of the manufacturer.

Glycolic peels.Features procedures

Until recently glycolic chemical peel is carried out exclusively in beauty salons.Today, women have access to this procedure, and in the home.Suffice it to buy special tools with glycolic acid and follow the instructions .

Procedure glycolic peel

Features procedures glycolic peel:

  • recovery period after the procedure is no different duration for the reason that he affect only the top layers of the skin .
  • This type of peel is used mainly in the spring for weak and devoid of vitamins skin .
  • Glycolic acid has mild effect on the skin , restoring its natural color and freshness.
  • basis peels - glycolic acid having in fruit acids .
  • Appointment peeling - normalization produce hyaluronic acid skin to reduce the risk of deformation, moisture and restore metabolic processes in the skin.

instruction execution glycolic acid peel at home

Peeling glycolic acid

  • This procedure today released a lot of the best known compositions world brands.
  • Before peeling, you should carefully read the instructions on the composition .
  • Consult with your beautician. Find out your skin type and the optimum concentration of acid for maximum efficiency and maximum safety.
  • Make test for the presence / absence of an allergic reaction.
  • few drops mask apply with a brush on the skin (pre-cleaned and dry).Delicate and sensitive area around the eyes should be avoided.
  • After applying wait five minutes .The intensity of burning and tingling of the skin depends on its individual characteristics.
  • Wipe your face with warm water or wipe with a cotton pad, using a special neutralizing agent.
  • Moisten cleansed skin peeling special cream.

tips and recommendations on the implementation of glycolic peel at home

Glycolic peels - advice glycolic essence "procedure - the removal of the top layer of cells for its renewal.The result - the restoration of the sebaceous glands of the skin and to the absence of dead skin cells, small defects, and so forth. For the best effect follow the recommendations :

  • mask is applied exclusively dry , clean skin.
  • mask is not recommended to keep the skin more than five minutes .
  • Avoid when applying the mask around the eyes and lips, in order to avoid burns.
  • To prevent skin irritation after the procedure, should be excluded from direct rays of the sun on the skin for some time after peeling.
  • use other cosmetic products within two hours of peeling is not recommended.
  • For oily skin glycolic peels done once a week.When dry skin - no more than once every two weeks.
  • long time feel discomfort in the form of redness and burning of the skin?You can make soothing cool compress skin, consisting of green tea and a succession.
  • To keep the effects of treatments for a longer time, it is recommended to apply the cream phytoprotective - throughout the course of peeling, directly between procedures and a half weeks before the procedure.
  • Going out into the street, do not forget about sun protection.The best option - cream with a high level of protection (preferably not less than 25 units).
  • Use tools to glycolic peel only proven, from companies with good reputation.
  • refers to a procedure with caution, do not abuse the amount of frequency resources and procedures.

Contraindications glycolic peel

Peeling glycolic acid in the home - user home

  • rash.
  • Warts.
  • skin inflammations.
  • wounds, scratches on the face.
  • sensitive skin.
  • Availability spider veins.
  • Herpes.
  • Tanned skin.
  • fever.
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system .
  • mental illness.
  • summer season.

Indications for glycolic peel

  • Enlarged pores and their traces.
  • Oily skin.
  • Pimples, blackheads.
  • fine facial wrinkles.

worth remembering that glycolic peels - not a panacea for deep wrinkles .This procedure helps to remove only small flaws.For serious problems is better to choose a more serious and effective type of peeling.

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