Waxing at home - how to perform it ?Waxing - video and recommendations

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16 April 2016

Waxing at home One of the most convenient ways to remove hair - is waxing.But not everyone can afford hair removal wax in the cabin, and at the time of a modern woman on a hike in the salons is very little.So many now perform the procedure right at home.How to correctly carry out waxing at home, and what you need to know about it?

content of the article:

  • Pros and Cons of waxing at home
  • How to prepare wax
  • prepare the skin for waxing
  • Rules for making waxing, video
  • Cleansing the skin after waxing

Waxing at home - the pros and cons waxing

The undoubted advantages waxing in terms of their home include:

  • Waxing at home The validity of the procedure. smoothness is preserved up to 3-4 weeks.
  • affordability. procedure is cheaper than in the salon.
  • Easy procedure. is enough to package the wax and follow basic rules.
  • thinning hair and slow down their growth after the procedure.

With regard shortcomings , they have waxing, of course, is, like any other hair removal procedures:

  • painful.
  • The need to grow hair to 0.5 cm (otherwise the result will not be satisfactory).
  • ingrown hairs in the wrong care.Read: How to properly treat and remove ingrown hairs.
  • Redness that persists on the skin the first 3-4 days.

Videos about home waxing

hot, warm, cold wax for hair removal at home - how to prepare the wax for hair removal at home?

  • Waxing at home - how to prepare the wax Hair removal cold wax different time-consuming and high morbidity.The method is not recommended if you have a very sensitive skin.The effectiveness of the method is very high - up to the short hairs.Generally, the procedure used for the strip of paper / tissue patches, which are already coated wax.
  • Hair removal with hot wax also has limitations - it leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which is not recommended for varicose veins.The method is more complex - for the application of hot wax evenly and thinly need skill.Wax pre-warmed in the microwave (in a water bath) and, after application, a special tissue is removed.How to cook it yourself at home?Very simple: Melt beeswax (0.1 kg), paraffin (50 g) and rosin (0.2 kg) in a water bath, let cool and apply on the skin.
  • Hair removal with warm wax. most popular, hygienic, fastest and least painful way.Less - cost of wax.Preferred - wax, which is located in special cartridges with the nozzle-rollers.

prepare the skin for waxing at home - how to wash away the wax after epilation?

Efficiency waxing will depend to a large extent on the preparation for the procedure.

How to prepare your skin?

  • Waxing at home - skin preparation Make sure that the length of the hair for abuse waxing.
  • steam the skin under the shower.
  • Using scrub / hard sponge, to remove the layer of dead cells.
  • desired site process lotion (alcohol can be), defat the skin for better grip it with wax.
  • Heat the wax in a water bath (microwave) or rub in the palms of the strip (if it is cold wax).

How to wash away the wax?

This question is also of concern to many women.To remove wax residues have several options:

  • Waxing at home - how to wash wax special napkins.
    They can be purchased separately or bundled with a set of hair removal.
  • fat cream.
    Tool 3 in 1 - Remove wax residue, protection from irritation and skin hydration.
  • olive oil.
    enough to put it on a cotton ball and wipe the skin.
  • special gels and lotions.
  • soap and water.
    method is not the best, because it contributes to dry skin.

basic rules perform waxing at home;video instructions for waxing

Waxing at home - video instructions To avoid trouble and to maximize the effect you need to remember the following nuances of waxing:

  • Hot wax leads to burns, cold - is ineffective, so watch the temperature of the wax and - he has a lifewarm.After heating, check the temperature on the wrist.
  • Shovel for hair removal must be wooden , with the concave side to handle the feet flat - for the bikini zone, the corner - for the upper lip, rounded - for armpits.
  • wax is applied only on the growth of hair - thin and even layer.
  • wipes for removing wax should be long strips of wax .
  • the entire region once the wax do not apply.
  • Once you put a napkin on wax, flatten her hair growth .
  • Remove napkin sharp jerk against the hair growth .
  • Do not waxed before you leave home.
  • not wax epilation one area of ​​skin more than twice in a single procedure.
  • does not light up after the procedure .

also contraindicated after the procedure room, solarium, deodorants and perfumes.

Remember contraindications for waxing!

Waxing banned if you thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, skin lesions (plus moles / scars / warts), diabetes .

Videotutorial: Waxing at home

After a home waxing: cleansing and care

Waxing at home - skin care after waxing After treatment, the skin and remove wax residues should be applied to areas proepilirovannye special serum ,which slowed down the growth of hair and reduce irritation.Due to the serum, you ensure yourself a wider interval between treatments.The best effect is achieved by applying serum daily after water treatment .