All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each.

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17 April 2016

All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each. for every self-respecting woman manicure - a mandatory procedure.Hands on which much can be said about a person should always look perfect.Well-groomed hands today, among other things - it is also a sign of prosperity.
content of the article:

  • most popular kinds of manicure and benefits
  • Classic manicure for perfect nai
    l correction
  • European manicure nail for easy
  • Spa-manicure for the extension of the hands of youth
  • Hot manicure as treatment of problemNail
  • hardware manicure - the most modern type of manicure
  • Japanese manicure nails to restore
  • Gel manicure for strength nails
  • Shellac - permanent manicure long
  • French - in the fashion of natural nails
  • Reviews women about the kinds of manicure

most popular kinds of manicure and benefits

Some of us carries a manicure at home, someone - only in the cabin, preferring a professional approach to this issue.And those and others are concerned about - what kinds of manicure today are the most popular?

Classic manicure for perfect nail correction

All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each. most common in Russia.This type of manicure is considered «wet" and edging .If neglected hands - this is the perfect way to bring the nails in order.You can call this version of "ER" polish.

advantages of classic manicure

  • speed and ease of the procedure.
  • The only way to fix the "worst situation".


  • risk of injury to the cuticles.
  • appearance of burrs in the case of non-professionalism of the master.

European manicure for easy and painless manicure

Edged type of manicure, invented in Europe.Basis - without removing cuticle scissors .Gentle and safe way to nail care.

advantages of European manicure

  • gentle on your nails.
  • Security (in comparison with the classic view).That is, lack of cutting tools and accordingly reducing to zero the risk of infection.
  • painless.


This procedure is not suitable for everyone.If the skin is greatly coarsened, then remove it in this manner is virtually impossible.

Spa-manicure for the extension of the hands of youth

All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each. procedure for women who dream to hide the age of their hands.For this method, used drugs with ceramides, allows hands elasticity.

Benefits spa manicure

  • peeling effect.
  • pleasant procedure , thanks fragrant additives.
  • relaxing massage hands (at the end of the procedure) to relieve tension.
  • Comprehensive care - moisturizing and softening the skin, its power ceramides and vitamins.
  • Elite procedure that provides aristocratic well-groomed hands.

Hot manicure as treatment of problem nails

All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each. excellent solution in situations such as:

  • dry brittle nails
  • Dry skin of hands
  • Traumatized cuticle

This type of manicure is often combined with European or classical, and recommended for children with a fine delicate cuticle and men with close blood vessels.
procedure is carried out using a special apparatus, which has:

  • mode heating up to forty degrees
  • mode maintain the temperature desired level
  • Therapeutic Lotion Nourishing

Advantages of hot manicure

  • Moisturize skin nutrition and effective hands.
  • softening cuticles.

hardware manicure - the most modern type of manicure

All types of manicure - comparing the pros and cons of each. One species of European manicure.Base - the removal of the cuticle special machine having a diamond tip-ball.The professionalism of the master - a prerequisite of a successful manicure.Hardware manicure suit with such problems as:

  • Wet nail plates.
  • ribbing nails.
  • Various damage nails.
  • Stratification nails.

procedure is traditionally carried out exclusively on dry skin, nail and all operations are performed with the device with rapidly rotating nozzles.

Benefits hardware manicure

  • Correction nail shape.
  • alignment of the nail plate.
  • Ideal nails when performing this type of manicure every two weeks.

Japanese manicure nails to restore

All types of manicure - Japanese manicure procedure that allows a perfect view of your nails.This method - it comprehensive care strengthening, growth and nutrition of nails.Especially recommended Japanese manicure when you need to restore the nail plate after removal of extension nails.On a manicure takes about an hour.

Advantages of Japanese manicure

  • Promotion natural growth of nails .
  • Elasticity, shiny and healthy shade of nail plates.
  • use of beeswax, pearl powder, cucumber extract, zinc and ceramides for the procedure.

Technology Japanese manicure

  • Selecting serum to restore nails according to their condition.
  • cuticle using a gel-creams and oils, algae and ceramic rods.
  • Application paste with mineral micronutrients polishing units to fill the microcracks on the nail plate.
  • special polishing powder with beeswax.
  • Application exfoliating peeling on hands, and after - a mask with rose petals.
  • Hand Massage and application of cream tonic.

Gel manicure for strength nails

All types of manicure - gel manicure This procedure is artificial turf on the nails.Purpose - to protect the nail plate, aesthetic restoration and strengthening.

Benefits gel manicure

  • Nail polish Biogel instead.
  • absence of aggressive components in bio-gel.
  • not required to prepare nail (grinding and processing acids).
  • durable coating on top of their nails.
  • Minimal risk of brittle nails.
  • slowdown cuticle .
  • exception of such troubles, as the splitting of nails.
  • effect duration .Every two months, you can adjust the part of the nail that industry.

Shellac - permanent manicure long

All kinds of nail - shellac manicures ideal solution for those women who are tired of repainting nails after each washing dishes.Shellac - special coating , is a mixture of gel and varnish.It is used for nails.

Benefits Shellac manicure

  • lasting effect - lasts a long time, hard, without losing quality.Smooth surface even after a week and a half.
  • Strengthening the nail plate.
  • Protection nails from various harmful external factors.
  • Unlimited application and nail design.
  • Easy application.
  • does not weigh down the nails, does not require zapilivanija.
  • No smell in the solvent (remover Shellac), hypoallergenic.

French (French manicure) - in the fashion of natural nails

All kinds of nail polish - French manicure All known technology - the creation of a maximum of ease and naturalness manicure .It consists of two shades of nail polish lacquer (paint) natural color.As a rule, white - to the fingertips, beige (Pink) - for the main part of the nail.

Benefits tunic

  • impeccable accuracy and natural nails .
  • use gel and acrylic materials.
  • Doing both long and short nails.
  • ability to perform manicure at home , independently.

Manicure And what do you prefer?Reviews Women

- The best manicure - hardware.The skin is soft, it looks neat.I'm very pleased.

- I prefer gel.Procedure pleasant, unlike the classic trim.Glued tips, gel smeared, dried under a lamp - the class.)) But acrylic - brrr, "boron-machine" as a dentist.Although they are equally resistant.The difference between "breaking" the gel nail - is breaking only TIPS.In the case of acrylic - nail itself otyvaetsya.

- Gel - the best!It looks cool, pleasant sensation.I only have a problem with the growth of nails.))) Too quickly grow - you have to constantly make corrections.But money is not always the case.

- Acrylic, definitely!Nails are beautiful!And you can fix even very horrible nails.And if you ever wear the nail itself (a) begins to grow more correct.The most solid technology, in my opinion (and taste).But the gel does not correct the deficiencies.

- Acrylic - is nonsense.I use only gel method.After the acrylic nails exfoliate, become thin, brittle.That's horrible!Six months later I restored nails.I do not advise.

- I really like acrylic.Three years have been on it.Gel has not approached me.Yes, and design in acrylic - more advantages.)) Try acrylic jacket you like.

- I've tried everything!Better gel nothing.Acrylic - is also good, but very difficult to find a wizard.Yes, and ... lying advertising.Nothing acrylic does not recover and does not correct.The whole world is sitting on a gel - practical, beautiful, comfortable.

- I Tried Shellac.Terrible (sigh).Nails have become a nightmare.Even worse than after the building.And bio-gel is also nonsense.Nothing therapeutic.I prefer the kind of money painting quality.Flowers sorts.

- I'm hooked on Naroscheny nails since the wedding.A friend persuaded.And since then I have my nails I can not see.Only Naroscheny - long, short, different curls, etc.Very neat look.