Waxing in the cabin.

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17 April 2016

Waxing in the cabin. most popular alternative to the usual method of hair removal has now become a hair removal wax (waxing).The coat is glued together by a cosmetic wax and then quickly removed.This procedure allows you to forget about the discomfort of unwanted hair for a few weeks.Depilation of unwanted hair waxing can be done at home or in the cabin, it is simple and does not require sophisticated tools for the procedure.How is the procedure in the cabin, and what about it you need to know?

content of the article:

  • Waxing interior
  • Benefits waxing
  • Cons waxing
  • Contraindications
  • Preparing for the
  • procedure waxing
  • average price per procedure

Waxing in the cabin - particularly

Waxing in the cabin. Those representatives of the weaker sex, which have resorted to this procedure regularly, speak of waxing only positive , noting among its main advantages of affordability, simplicity and thinning hair with time.Waxing is considered safe, even with the regularity of its application, unless, of course, there is no contraind

ication to it.Usually, women in beauty salons offer two options waxing - in accordance with the structure and characteristics of the wax procedure:

  • epilation hot (hard) wax.
    In this case, the wax is present in the composition of the resin, oil, sometimes vegetable / lemon oil.With regard to the consistency of wax - it does not spread over the surface of the skin, but only sticks to it, and after the procedure, its remains are quickly washed away with water.This procedure is less painful due to a good opening then subjected to high temperature.Suitable for this type of hair removal wax hair removal in the bikini area, on the intimate parts of the body, and for those who have skin is too delicate and sensitive.
  • Hair removal warm (soft) wax.
    preheated wax in the composition is present special emollients and, of course, the resin is applied to the skin and to overlie a special strip.Then these strips torn abruptly.The procedure is painful, and try to use it on the less sensitive areas of the skin - hands and feet.

Waxing - the benefits procedure

  • Benefits of waxing Efficiency , compared with shaving, hair removal and chemical application electrodepilator.The result is waxing - it is perfectly smooth skin, hair removal, along with onions and lasting effect.
  • Fainting thinning and re-grow hair , and in some cases, and stopping hair growth.
  • Security .The procedure does not cause allergic reactions, as well as the risk of burns is excluded when the professional hair removal in the salon.
  • Availability .The cost of the wizard is available for almost every woman.
  • Speed ​​.The procedure takes a maximum of 1.5-2 hours to the preparation of a complete removal of hair (all sections).
  • Removing dead skin cells .The top layer of the epidermis is removed along with the hair - that is, the simultaneous peeling.

Waxing - cons procedures

  • painful. Especially the first time.To name a pleasant procedure hardly anyone can.Although, in its regularity, the sensitivity gradually decreases, especially after you vote result.
  • Need to grow hairs to length to their wax removal passed effectively.
  • redness at the site of hair removal for several days after the procedure.
  • ingrown hairs .How to properly treat and remove ingrown hairs?

Contraindications to perform waxing

Although safety procedures still waxing has its contraindications, under which it should not do:

  • intolerance of components in the composition of the wax.
  • presence of moles , warts, skin lesions on the relevant areas of the skin.
  • Herpes.
  • Diseases infectious nature.
  • diabetes.
  • varicose veins.

Preparing for the waxing in a beauty salon

Prepare for Waxing Before waxing, first of all, remove dead skin cells (exfoliating scrub, etc.) And put lotions and creams for a week - the use of funds for fatbased complicates hair removal using wax.In preparation for epilation in axillary regions replace a traditional antiperspirant deodorant spray .An hour before the procedure can take painkillers if painful hair removal you very worried.Well, when you use a razor for hair removal, wait until the hairs grow back ( least 5 days ).

Waxing bikini - what you need to know?

Waxing bikini in the cabin Waxing intimate areas - the removal of hair visible from under the linen, and deep hair removal for all sites groin and between the buttocks.To reduce pain treatments and avoid possible trouble after it, you need to remember the following:

  • not shave 4-5 days before the procedure.
  • Before epilation (half an hour), you must apply analgesic ointment epiliruemy on site (in professional salons that moment accounted for masters).
  • least painful periods for this procedure - 4-5 day after the critical days , 3-4 in the morning or afternoon.
  • most painful procedure will during ovulation and menstruation, 3 days before menstruation and 3 days thereafter.
  • Choose room using hair removal devices for single use only .
  • After hair removal, apply means slows hair growth .
  • Wear a skirt to the procedure, so as not to rub against irritated skin after the procedure on jeans / shorts.

Phased implementation waxing - How is the procedure?

Waxing in the cabin - stages Before hair removal treatments, the master must ensure that the length of the hair can effectively carry out epilation (length - not less than 0.5 cm).Further, the procedure takes place as follows:

  • desired area of ​​skin exposed processing fruit acids or a special tonic.This is to exfoliate the top layer of skin, remove impurities and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • wax is heated and applied wooden spatula to epiliruemuyu area exclusively in the direction of hair growth.Under the influence of temperature, the pores open, and the wax penetrates to the hair follicles.
  • After cooling, the wax weight Wizard removes its according to the method of procedure - sharp movements strictly against the hair growth.
  • wax residues are removed softens and nourishes the skin with lotion.
  • proepilirovanny On land applied remedy for hair growth , to fix the result.

For 30-40 minutes you get a perfectly smooth, velvety skin.

average price per procedure of waxing salons in Moscow and St. Petersburg

  • Waxing in the cabin - the price deep bikini : in St. Petersburg - about 1,000 rubles in Moscow - about 1300 p.
  • Bioepilation under her panties : in St. Petersburg - about 500 rubles in Moscow - 700 p.
  • legs completely: in St. Petersburg - about 800 district, in Moscow - about 1000 rubles.
  • Legs knee : in St. Petersburg - about 500 rubles, Moscow - 800 p.
  • armpits : in St. Petersburg - 250-300 p in Moscow - the same.
  • deep bikini design : in St. Petersburg - about 1300-1500 district in Moscow - 1500-2000 p.