The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin

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18 April 2016

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin In appearance of a woman, as you know, the most important is a well-groomed appearance.And, first of all it concerns the skin.Properly selected day cream is able to prolong the youthfulness of the skin and protect it from the negative influence of external factors.

content of the article:

  • Why Day Cream?
  • How to choose the right day cream
  • best day creams

Why Day Cream?

main purpose day cream:

  • Skin protection during the day against UV rays
  • obstacle to penetrate into the pores of various harmful substances that reduce skin young
  • Hydration
  • makeup base

Choose day cream for normal and combination skin

  1. The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin «Summer" cream. Consistency should be light (emulsion, light creams, gels).Given the strong influence of sunlight in the summer, you should buy a cream containing sunscreen UV filters.For the first weeks of the summer it is especially important - for weaned from the sun during the winter the skin becomes strong ultraviolet stress.We should not forget the need to hyaluro
    nic acid in the cream - it protects the skin from moisture loss and the presence of moisturizing ingredients and vitamins (they provide extra energy and protect against exposure to heavy metals).
  2. «winter" cream. skin under the influence of frost changes its properties: the fat becomes a combination, combined, in turn, normal, etc.Therefore, the best cream for winter - with a fat basis.
  3. Cream for young skin. This cream, first of all, should differ absence of components designed to fight wrinkles.That is, the lifting effect of young skin is required.Up to thirty years, the skin is able to produce their own material, ensuring its elasticity.Cream with lifting effect leads to the "laziness" of the skin, which is starting to get the required components from the outside, stopping to synthesize their own.Main components required in creams for young skin - fruit acids.

best, according to the women, day cream for normal and combination skin

Protecting Day Cream Pure Line

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin Moisturizer to preserve the elasticity and protect from the influence of harmful factors (Aloe).

  • matting effect
  • Saving smooth all day long
  • Narrowing
  • Seventy percent of natural substances in

Reviews day cream Clean Line:

- I do not like to write reviews, butI decided itself to overcome, because the tool is really very good.In general, I do not use our cosmetics fundamentally, usually buy imported and very expensive.Especially that skin problem, scared to experiment with cheap cosmetics.But ... read about women raptures about clean lines, I decided to take a chance.Cream appeared simply wonderful.Easy, is not sticky, smell nice, unobtrusive.Hydrates perfectly.It feels like I'm cool water washed.No feeling of tightness, flaking too.Now I use constantly.

- cream at a very low price and with a very high efficiency.Earlier I took niveyu, Garnier, black pearls and ... well, what did not tried.One dries after another allergy pimples on the third and so on. I bought a clean line just to make it.)) I was shocked!The skin just super.Moisturized, smooth, acne gone, all I advise!Do not look at the price, excellent cream.

Korres Anti-ageing - anti-aging day cream

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin Moisturizer - anti-aging, stimulation of cell renewal (with an extract of oak).

  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Regulation of sebum secretion and absorption of surplus
  • Moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles
  • protection from external factors of aging
  • Eliminating greasy
  • matting effect

Reviews on the dayCream Korres Anti-ageing

- My personal feeling.Firstly, a pretty jar and convenient)).Removing the light cream.He himself is well distributed in the skin, it is absorbed immediately, no stickiness.The aroma is wonderful.On cream ideally placed and tonalnik and dust.The pores are not clogged, no peeling, and skin color became uniform.One hundred percent satisfied!I love this cream, I advise everyone to try it.)) The price, of course, a little high, but worth it.

- Korres love.I use different products of this brand.With regard to this cream - it moisturizes perfectly.Consistency dense, smell delicious and natural, does not clog pores.Successfully fights with fat luster and other defects.As part - natural ingredients.Excellent winter feeds (in addition to buy do not need anything).

leveling Day Cream Vichy Idealia

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin Smoothing Cream.It gives the skin radiance, fights wrinkles and evens the complexion .Universally relative age.

  • Increasing smoothness
  • Reducing the number, visibility and depth of wrinkles
  • skin softening
  • masking circles under the eyes and other skin blemishes
  • Reducing pigmentation
  • natural radiance

Reviews on the dayCream Vichy Idealia

- Just one thousand points this cream!Funky novelty of Vichy.The skin became marvelous, a good look at myself I can not.While it is usually a problem I have - the pores enlarged, allergic ... Now, after the cream disappeared all the pimples, the skin became soft, light and healthy.Ingredients not interesting to me - the main thing that I loved it.)) Cream works!

- cream light, not greasy, very pleasant smell.Hydration and absorption - level.It brightens the skin, smoothes out irregularities.Surprised - is an understatement.Result - above expectations, I just can not believe your eyes!Now I can go out without any Tonalka in the morning and look at myself in the mirror with a real pleasure.)) Super!

Moisturizing Day Cream Clinique Dramatically Different

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin Moisturizer with dispenser in a convenient pump-action bottle, contains no fragrances .

  • Ability to use for people who are sensitive to odors
  • Air texture, comfortable use
  • Application is easy, fast absorption
  • Instant saturation of moisture and maintain its optimal level
  • prevent dryness
  • protection from externaleffects
  • feeling of freshness, grooming
  • Skin Care

Reviews for day cream Clinique Dramatically Different

- Clinics - this is the best neutral makeup.Unique products.Money it is not a pity.The cream is fantastic, it is absorbed immediately, the smell is not sharp.Very pleased.Everyone, of course, advise.

- I have a combination skin: in the oily T-zone, cheeks dry, scaly winter, rash.Without this, the cream is now generally can not - they are perfectly protected from the cold, from the sun, from the wind.Leather myagonkaya, gentle - no peeling at all, redness, too, no allergies.Make-up cream on fine lies, nothing floats, does not shine.Class!

Caring Day Cream Nivea Pure & amp;Natural

The most popular day cream for normal and combination skin Moisturizer with Aloe Vera and argan oil - twenty-four hours of moisture, smoothness and freshness.

  • 95 percent of the natural ingredients in the composition
  • nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing the skin, argan oil
  • vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals Aloe Vera.The soothing and healing effect.

Reviews for day cream Nivea Pure & amp;Natural

- Girls, I can not get enough on the cream!The skin was overdried previous creams, flakes fell!Suffered, black point, Tonalka not apply - no wish ... Nivea became salvation!Maybe useful to someone my feedback - take it, do not regret it.

- My cream all over, I decided to try Niveyu.Creams do love, always use.Different buy, looking for the best.There were cheap and expensive.And then just went to the store and asked for cosmetics day cream.Niveyu offered.What can I say ... very good cream, the smell unobtrusive.For the summer - zhirnovat for me would be, but for the winter - a miracle.For the price - not really hit on the wallet.Hydrates perfectly.Enough for a long time.I'll bet you five points.