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18 April 2016

Well-groomed woman is always a great success among men.Therefore, every woman knows that you need to look for a time.Such procedures require a sufficient amount of time, but not every woman has it.Family, work, housework, we take all the time, but among everyday worries just need to find time for yourself.

content of the article:

  • What are the types of women's necks?
  • neck What is considered beautiful and what is not?
  • problems that arise with age
  • recommendations care decollete
  • Care Tips from the neck area women forums

types necks women

  • in proportion to the body length of the folded neckshould be 1/3 of the head length and width - 1/4 of its volume.
  • You will not believe, but the girth of the neck is equal to the circumference of our eggs.
  • Visually female neck can be divided into several types:
  • long neck is most common in people with portly small head and long limbs;
  • short neck characteristic of people with a raised shoulder line and stoop;
  • thick neck is most common in people o
    f small stature, suffering from being overweight;
  • owner of thin neck are often tall, slender woman.

What Neck considered beautiful, some ugly

For many centuries in many national standards of femininity is a beautiful well-groomed neck.The most beautiful is considered to be a long, thin neck, which writers, comparing with a neck beautiful bird, known as "swan."Every woman wants to become its owner.

No woman do not like when the skin on the neck starts to grow old.If you do not give it enough attention and do not care for this part of the body, then it will begin to manifest these age-related changes that can not be disguised, and quite difficult to get rid of them.For example, so-called "ring of Venus" - deep wrinkles, resembling a ring, dressed in the neck or double chin (accumulation of fat under the chin, which forms ugly sagging fold).

main problems with age - what?

for physiological reasons, women's neck begins to age much earlier than the face.With age osteochondrosis forms "scruff", wrinkles become deeper, there is a second chin and "ring of Venus» , all this makes us forget about young facial features.In the rapid aging of neck skin affected by the following factors: a sharp weight loss, poor diet, heredity, impaired posture and weather conditions.

Age-related changes in women affect skin elasticity , resulting in due course to the touch, it becomes instead a velvety and soft, hard and dry.You may ask why this is happening?The main reason is very small amount of fat cells in this part of the body, so the skin there is very thin and poorly cope with the influence of the environment.Nature is restorative and protective mechanisms function effectively only in his youth.As women age the amount of produced collagen (the protein responsible for skin elasticity) decreases, and the neck area and neck require additional power.

Care Tips décolleté

begin to care for decollete and neck must be about 25 years.And after thirty - toning, strengthening and lifting of the skin in this area should be your mandatory procedures.Moreover, these procedures should be carried out regularly, at least once a week.Of course, not all women can afford to visit beauty salons, but quite good results can be achieved at home.

Today we give you some tips on care of the neck and decollete:

1. Douches - one of the most effective ways to care for decollete and neck.During this procedure, you must alternate warm and cool water .It begins and ends with cold water is necessary.However, this procedure is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding and suffer from diseases of the thyroid gland;

2. Mandatory morning procedures:

  1. Wash with cool water and wipe dry zone neck and neck;
  2. Apply or anti-aging cream nourishing , while your movements have to be away from the collarbone to the chin;
  3. Once the cream is absorbed, it is possible to make a light massage in this area.To do this, you need to moisten the towel in salted water and gently pat him on the skin.

3. Evening procedure:

  1. rejuvenating wrap - apply to the chest area and neck cream, and then wrap her moist warm towel.Such a compress is necessary to maintain about 20-30 minutes;
  2. healing herbal compresses - for them you may need infusions of chamomile, sage, linden or mint.You need to just moisten the towel in one of the infusions (hot) and wrap the neck for 5-7 minutes.After completion of this procedure, it is desirable to wipe the neck piece of ice.

If you carry out these procedures on a daily basis, your neck will always look perfect, and the skin on it will be soft and silky.

Tips and Tricks women forums on how to keep the youth of the neck


I have for several years once a week to make a wrap yourself.Now I'm 35, and the neck skin is not I have the same soft and gentle as a young man.For this procedure, I am preparing a mixture of 2 tablespoons of warm yogurt, and the same amount of olive oil.The resulting mass should be applied to the neck, and then wrap it with gauze soaked in hot water.Held for about 20 minutes and wipe the remnants of the mixture with a cotton swab.At the end of the neck rinse with cool water and causes a nourishing cream.


I do for my neck mask of egg white.The result is excellent, the skin silky and soft, there are no wrinkles.


try to do daily exercises for the neck and massage.While there is no hint of a double chin or "ring of Venus".

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