How to remove a double collections - the most effective means

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20 April 2016

a problem such as a double chin worries many of the fair sex.It should be noted that this applies not only to women suffering from overweight, but also young slim girls.Why is there some double chin?To choose the most effective way to deal with this "disease" is necessary to determine the cause of his appearance, of which there are many.

content of the article:

  • Effective methods of struggle with the second jaw
  • Reviews and recommendations on the fight with a second chin

most effective methods of dealing with the second chin

issues such as a double chin,easier to prevent than to get rid of it. Prevention of double chin need to begin to engage at an early age , approximately 16-20 years.To do this, you need to lead an active life, visiting a gym doing gymnastics for a person to control your weight and daily care for their skin.

But if the chin is already formed, it is best seek professional help , but about the domestic proceedings should not be forgotten.Today, we'll tell you

about the most popular and effective ways to deal with a double chin:

Mesotherapy - in the presence of an excess amount of body fat is injected under the skin of a special solution that helps burn fat cells.In those cases where the skin has lost its elasticity and start to sag, are special tonics that nourish and strengthen the skin.

Gymnastics chin - an excellent method for the prevention and control of a double chin.These exercises should be performed every day at least 15 minutes:

  • Sit up straight and opposing fists, try his chin .Then, slowly pull the hand.This exercise trains the muscles of the neck and eliminate double chin.
  • During the pronunciation of sounds «from» and «and» maximum straining muscles.
  • two fingers press down on the whiskey.Slowly, with a little effort to open or close your eyes.It exercise not only helps to eliminate the double chin, but also keeps the eye contour.
  • Lie on your back, so, whatever head was suspended .Then lift it up so that you could see your feet.This exercise should be repeated 15-20 times.Thus, you will improve the line of his jaw and neck.
  • Exercise «patience and time» .Sit in front of a mirror, lean your elbows on the table and his fingers touch the chin.Somknite teeth and chin out ahead and a little lift.Flick of the pat on the chin with closed toes.Such claps to do no less than 30. This exercise should be repeated a couple of times a day.
  • Take a pencil or a pen in his teeth , tilt your head and draw the air words or numbers.
  • Stand erect, shoulders squared.Put your hands on his shoulders.In this position try , holding the shoulders of his hands, neck pull up .Be careful to not lift the shoulders.This situation must be performed 7-8 times a day.
  • walking with a book on his head - one of the oldest exercise, which helps not only to straighten your posture, but also to get rid of a double chin.

Massage - a popular method of eliminating double chin.And manual and create a great vacuum massage lymph drainage massage.After 10 sessions of hand massage using special drugs your chin drops significantly or even disappear.Vacuum massage garazdo Efficient hand, it not only removes toxins from the body, but also perfectly tightens the skin without letting it sag.

Traditional medicine widely used in most cosmetics.From the double chin is also possible to get rid of using folk remedies.Let's look at some of them:

  • The most popular way is a daily massage of the neck, chin and face an ice cube;
  • Take a pan, put it in her mint leaves and fill with water, keeping the proportion of 1/3.Boil on the fire for about three minutes.Then let the broth cool slightly.The resulting mixture was put on gauze and then apply to face and neck.This mask should be kept for about 20 minutes, then rinse with water all good;
  • Nakipyativ half liter of water, add there a couple of tablespoons lime flowers.Within 15-20 minutes, keep your face over the steam, covered with a blanket or towel.After the procedure, wash with cold water and apply on face and neck nourishing cream;
  • gauze soak sauerkraut juice, then attach it to the face and neck.This mask on the face should be no more than 20 minutes after necessary to carefully wash with cold water.

advises women on how to deal with a second chin


I got rid of double chin with the help of special exercises that make every day.Twice a week, I visited the beautician.


I saw on TV a program about health and beauty.In order to get rid of the double chin, there was advised to buy a roll and put it under your neck instead of a pillow.It is desirable to sleep on their backs.I am now the only way I sleep, is already used.


In the fight with a double chin, I used hand massage.A very pleasant and effective procedure.One should not forget about proper nutrition.And any massage or gymnastics, or traditional medicine does not help.


Double chin, my old enemy.In the fight with him and I used the gym, and massages, and a variety of folk remedies.Nothing helped.In my opinion, the only effective means is plastic surgery.

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