How to make moon manicure?

By Admin | Beauty
20 April 2016

How to make moon manicure? ascended to the peak of fashion back in 2011, the lunar manicure and two years is not losing ground.This type of manicure is one of the most popular, representing the style and fashion.An amalgam of styles of contemporary and classic looks very unusual and original.What is the moon manicure and realistic to make yourself at home?

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  • What moon manicure?
  • Application Instructions moon manicure
  • Alternative methods of applying the moon manicure
  • Videos for application moon manicure

What moon manicure?

How to make moon manicure? believed that the moon manicure, take a strong position in the field of beauty - it variety of French manicure or tunic .Due to the fact that this year's fashion short nails, moon manicure has become particularly popular, although its origins it takes more of the 30-ies of the last century.This fact once again confirms that worthwhile things do not go away forever, but only briefly forgotten.Those who hear the name of this nail polish for the first time think that is

something ethereal and mysterious.To some extent this is true.
origin of the name of the lunar manicure has 2 theory .On the one hand it is believed that he has something in common with a crescent , which, as you know, is the moon.On the other hand, this manicure focuses on the part of the nail, which is called the lunula or the hole in the nation.And the name is this manicure is only in our country, as it is called abroad more often Hollywood service jacket.
Although this is a kind of manicure and French manicure, but apart from the inverted form is another important difference - the commitment to the use of contrasting lacquers .There is the possibility of combining in one and the same hand and the moon and the classic French manicure when crescents there at the top and bottom of the nail plate.

Instructions independent application moon manicure

to create lunar manicure you will need to purchase:

  • adhesive stickers
  • thin brush
  • main base for manicure
  • fixative lacquer
  • lacquers of various colors

With all this, you can proceed directly to manicure:
How to make moon manicure at home

  1. Because without manicuring and nails can not do any type of manicure, you need to bring inorder themselves nails.This will help special baths .Nails should be given a rounded shape and the same length.
  2. Each nail must be grease .This can take the nail polish remover, which contains acetone.
  3. Further nails need to put a special base , in order to increase the life of nail polish and wait until it is completely dry.
  4. How to make moon manicure at home lacquer, chosen for the wells, the nail is painted primarily , then again it takes some time for it to dry.
  5. The next step requires seal the region sticker wells , then you can paint over the exposed portion of the nail lacquer of a different color.
  6. removing stickers nail a few minutes, it is advisable to fix the resulting manicure with a special means of accelerating the drying of lacquers and fixing them on the nail.

Alternative methods of applying the moon manicure

How to make moon manicure?

  • In the first of them can first be applied to the nail base color surface, and then have to stick a sticker on the top border lunula and paint it.This method is useful to those who do not have to buy stickers designed specifically for this type of manicure, because you can use the ones that are suitable for the classic tunic.
  • second way to save those girls who did not turned out to be handy no stickers.But this will require extreme accuracy and precision, as in the area of ​​nail lunula have applied a thin brush, which gives the right to make mistakes, otherwise the entire nail will have to redo again.

Anyone who wants to learn how to make moon manicure their hands, it is important to remember that this kind of manicure does not tolerate haste, so badly needed such qualities as patience and accuracy.In addition, do not neglect this requirement manicure on the use of bright colors for the crescent nail, though allowed in any combination of colors.
With initial idea of ​​the way to create a lunar manicure, you will only achieve precision application in practice, it is possible after a few training attempts.

Videos for application moon manicure