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21 April 2016

With small summer troubles faced by almost every girl and choosing the right antiperspirant, deodorant or any other absorbent is converted into the actual problem.Nobody likes sweaty deliquescent unsightly stains on clothing, fetid smell of sweat, even interrupting the aroma of good perfume.Understanding the magnitude of the problem, we give some useful tips for people who understand firsthand how difficult it is to make the right choice and stop at the facility, which is able to deliver the lovely ladies from many troubles.

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  • Physiology sweating
  • How to get rid of the odor?
  • What is the difference between antiperspirant and dezodarantom ?
  • What is the effect of dezodaranta?
  • What is antiperspirant?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of absorbents
  • Recommendation women with forums, what means better use

Why do we sweat?As sweat woman?

Pot stands out because of the functioning of the sweat glands, but it is absolutely not bad, because they work correctly indicates the

body's metabolism.More than 3 million. Glands protect the human body from overheating, and also of the harmful substances and toxins , whose accumulation in the body does not stop, as go along with then .Sweating in the human body occurs when it is heated by the heat when a person is ill or very nervous, and when the body breaks down the metabolism.A major role in the disgusting smell of sweat affects what people rarely take a bath or shower. elementary hygiene is a must!

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat?Women's advice.

If sweating is accompanied by an unpleasant odor and prevents to live to you and others, then need to look deeper into the problem and get rid of it in the bud.That every man could feel comfortable that in any situation and under any weather conditions to be confident, to create an array of funds.The leading place among which are numerous cosmetic deodorants and antiperspirants.

If you find it difficult to choose between them, then maybe you can help a summary table, which includes the main features of sweating and recommendations for the use of a means.So what means to choose?

Signs and recommendations Deodorant Antiperspirant
Sweating +
Sweating odorless +
Sweating with the smell +
Normal skin + +
Sensitive skin +
Minor exercise +
Available flavors +
Daily use +

Is there a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

vast majority of people believe deodorants and antiperspirants interchangeably means, and their names are synonymous, but this is not so.Packages vials antiperspirant manufacturers and inscriptions written deodorant and antiperspirant, deodorant and even the right antiperspirant.It turns out, these funds are not only names, but also ways to influence these funds skin rights as well as the functionality of the sweat glands.

How do deodorants?

Deodorant aimed at the destruction of the smell of sweat , he blocks it, but he will not be able to prevent it.As part of deodorants to be specific antibacterial components which are able to destroy harmful microorganisms and can interfere with the manifestation contrary flavor.Deodorants not able to influence the process of sweating , but their main advantage is ability to efficiently and quickly get rid of unpleasant consequences , that is the smell.

principle of action of deodorants

Antiperspirants also directly affect the processes of sweat , which is the root prevents unpleasant odors.Salt zinc and aluminum particles, which are a part of these funds, block the activity of glands , responsible for perspiration, namely apocrine substances that just the same and produce the sharp stench.These constituent elements of a cosmetic antiperspirant make the skin much denser , sweat gland ducts already that reduces perspiration half.Some antiperspirants including triclosan, which has a positive effect on the subcutaneous microflora.

  • D e zodorant antiperspirant - it antiperspirant combines all the properties of deodorants and antiperspirants, so it is extremely effective.
  • In no case can not be applied antiperspirants and deodorants to breast zone , back, soles of the feet and forehead, it is designed only for the armpit.

Types absorbents, their advantages and disadvantages

About deodorants and antiperspirants we are told, and now tell you even some varieties of absorbents.

1. Perfumed deodorants sold all the time, but how do you choose the best quality, how to choose the means which will not cause harm to health and 100% eliminate the smell of sweat.Besides perfumed deodorant it is not simply a means of personal hygiene, but also an alternative to perfume, which you can use for day use.

downside perfumed deodorants is high alcohol content , they do not include any bactericidal additives, and therefore should not have any illusions that they eliminate the odor for a long time.Therefore, this type of deodorant recommended for use only those who do not strongly sweats and has a strong personality smell.

Plus perfumed deodorants is the ability to use the application without toilet water, and if you still wish to use perfume, it is best to use a deodorant and perfume fragrance line.This capability is available today, many manufacturers, for example, Yves Rocher .

2. If your skin is hypersensitive, but you still want to get rid of the annoying odor, then our advice would be absorbent . These tools are applied to the body well over the deodorant and after the action of members of the first microbicides, absorbent begin its work and fully neutralizes odors.But do not forget that the absorbent material completely block all odors - it can sometimes be a disadvantage , because it applies even to your spirits.

3. Another excellent means for sensitive skin will emulsion cream .Some of these creams contain substances that eliminate the addition of a strong odor of sweat still possible pockets of fungal infections.The main advantage of this tool is guaranteed no spots on your dark clothes.

4. Knowing that you will spend the day in the light developing clothes, use talcum powder or cosmetic . This method is very old, it is still used by our grandmothers.These funds should be applied only to dry skin - they are perfectly eliminate shine and good ground dull skin.Talc can be applied to the neckline, incidentally, is the only means suitable for this delicate area. main disadvantage of talc powder - they lead to dry skin.And deodorizing effect in such bulk means much weaker , than the other, but about the stains on clothing and say no, you can only wear bright blouses!

5. Deo Stick - a kind of deodorant, do not leave traces, and therefore provides traceless applying to the skin .These tools differ convenient system , which allows it to dose and presence of retraction mechanism that also saves deodorant.Dimensions of packages deo-sticks are both large and small, which makes it possible take with them even in the most miniature handbag .

6. deodorizing spray used by most people.It is not strange, because they are perfectly refreshing, easy to apply, and they can simultaneously use at least 10 people , due to lack of tangential contact with the skin.

7. Deo Gel even softer and lighter in texture than mild deo-cream.Its long-term effect and no spots guaranteed.

8. are rare, but there are still deodorant wipes .It most convenient means marching deodorant effect.

Not that long ago in Japan started selling candies and chewing gums , having the effect of deodorant.They contain aromatic ingredients mixed into the secret of the sweat glands.This leads to the fact that the body emanate a pleasant aroma.Duration of the unique "deodorant" small - only 2:00 at the cud, and up to 4 hours in the candy.

Best deodorant sweat and traces - Reviews Women


I have very sensitive skin - because I prefer a cream emulsion.Me, he had never let nor odor, stains on clothing.Satisfied with this tool, the skin does not dry, and gives confidence.


I have oily skin, because I'm overweight, so I and sweating profusely.Damn, moreover, that full, so still and the smell of me bad.Cope at least one problem helps me talc.Put on your skin after a shower and discharge is very small, but still a little bit there.


I never yet, thank God, do not let deodorant spray.I'm going to work Sutra, and coming in the evening has not even felt the smell.Excellent tool, the main thing to pick a good composition that does not cause irritation, but I say at once - tried a lot until I found her!


hated any dezik until we know that they are odorless!This for me was a real discovery, as are vain days when she wonders just how many ran and struck an unpleasant odor.In such situations, you will not manage without absorbent!Then I found out about the deodorant odorless - I use this and were satisfied.And I advise you.


My advice when choosing means is that - not worth saving!It is better to buy more expensive, it still lacks a long time, I'm so for six months, no less!Only in the more or less expensive means of a suitable composition of your skin, trust me!And what kind of absorbent to choose a deodorant spray, powder, or even any - only the choice is yours.


Dame important advice to all women - in any case it is not necessary to use such funds on a daily basis, because they are actively interfere with the body, interfere with the natural process, called the sweating!And do not be afraid of the word!

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