The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating

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21 April 2016

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating Everyone knows that your body requires for a rest of at least eight hours of sleep.And for the health and recovery of the skin - and even the right night cream.

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  • most popular night cream for normal and combination skin
  • Night Cream Pure line with natural ingredients
  • Nivea beauty and freshness - a cream for normal skin
  • Regenerating Night Cream Black Pearl
  • Night Cream Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing
  • Night Cream renewing Liftactiv Dermoresurs Vichy

most popular and effective night cream for normal and combination skin

Night Cream should enhance the regeneration of the skin, refreshing it and reorganize.And given our ecological environment, without a good night cream after thirty years is simply not enough.

Night Cream Pure line with natural ingredients

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating Nourishing Cream with extract of rose hips and sea buckthorn.


  • optimal hydration, thanks to rose petals, for the day
  • smoothing fine lines and wrinkles that appear due to lack of moisture
  • Improved complexion
  • Improvement of the skin with vitamins A, F, G
  • Update cells that contribute to pro-vitamin B5 and allantoin
  • lack of feeling of tightness and dryness of skin softening

Reviews Night Cream Pure line:

- I facial skin with the arrival of cold weather begins to peel off scary.By necessity bought this cream, good affordable price - you can experiment.Two weeks already use it, it is approached.Eat well, there is no light.Sometimes I use it during the day.The smell of it is staged with consistency.Not to say that this is the best super-cream, but he earned a solid four.

- for his "mature" years had time to try a bunch of creams.Oily skin, dark spots, acne - Shocking.)) CHL - inexpensive cream, I have the first time they took the mother in law.I decided to buy one for yourself and find out - what cream to her so much.A month has passed, I can safely say - a great cream.The tone is flat, dull skin, the pores are narrowed.The skin does not overload.The best cream is not found.Anyway, in the quality-price ratio.))

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Nivea beauty and freshness - a cream for normal skin

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating Regenerating Cream necessary for intensive moisturizing and protecting the skin during the night.


  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Restoring the natural moisture level
  • Reducing components in - pro-vitamin B5 and extract of lotus
  • intensive moisturizing
  • energy saturation of the skin during the night

Reviews Night Cream NiveaBeauty and freshness:

- I have a general mania - cosmetics Nivea)).Many years ago I started with this brand.Today, once again she returned to her same.Well, really like this cream.The skin in the morning fresh, smart, young.It nourishes and moisturizes a hundred points.But what is most surprising, this cream heals scratches on hand.My cat, predator, often jumping on me, all riddled hands.So Nivea heals wounds for a day or two.Funky effect!I advise you, of course.))

- Pleasant impression of cream.Honestly, it is not for my type, but somehow went perfect.Consistency thick, smells nice, does not clog pores, it does not roll.It soothes the skin, if there is irritation.Dry immediately removed from the face.Inflammation also eliminate, though nothing particularly fantastic I did not notice it.For oily skin, I think, just do not fit.To put it a lot can not be enough droplets.But uniformly distributed.Cream, rather for the winter.The price is satisfactory.

Black Pearl Basic Care - night cream that restores the skin

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating Nourishing cream that stimulates the skin regeneration process during the night.


  • allowing natural cell renewal
  • Cell regeneration Moisturizing and soothing the skin with Aloe Vera
  • intensive recovery, thanks to the extract of licorice
  • Power skin with vitamin B5
  • Increased metabolism
  • RegulationWater and fat balance

Reviews Night Cream Black Pearl Basic Care:

- I love black pearls, no matter what anyone said.Delicate cream, pleasant smell.Economical - spent long.I am sure that this cream will be useful smoking girl (on themselves checked).)) The color of the skin is leveled and improved face smooth and fresh.I love.

- try this cream in the winter.The dryness disappeared within ten days.The skin is well moisturized, ideal protection from frost.The aroma is pleasant, not heavy consistency.Stickiness, no tightness.Perhaps I can recommend.

Night Cream Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing - professional facial

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating cream that combines all the advantages of professional care.Classical texture of the cream, the smell is light, minimal.


  • deep moisturizing and nourishing
  • Pulling force and saturation
  • regeneration of cells, through the action of Tri-Enzyme technology
  • Smoothing the deepest wrinkles, cell renewal
  • Reliable protection against environmental influences
  • Returning youth
  • exfoliating enzymes
  • matting effect

Reviews Night Cream Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing:

- Expensive.But the pleasure!The cost is justified.Aroma stunning, delicate texture souffle.Very economical.The skin is smoothed instantly.After two weeks of use, even the scar on his face became almost invisible.It is an indescribable effect.I advise everyone to just one hundred percent!Cream salvation.

- I do not have enough skin hydration in the winter and spring.Problems with the person very much.Finance, good, no problems, so bought the three-enzyme immediately after reading the reviews))).Speaking specifically will not, I can only say - stunned!Take it, you will not regret.

Night Cream Liftactiv Dermoresurs from Vichy - skin renewal

The best night cream for normal and combination skin - Rating cream for night use, renews the skin at all levels.


  • Sighting stimulation of cell activity component rhamnose
  • Skin Rejuvenation inside
  • elasticity, smoothness and creaminess of the skin after the first application
  • prolonged lifting effect
  • a part - thermal water, responsible for the strengthening ofand restore the skin
  • lack of parabens

Reviews night cream Liftactiv Dermoresurs from Vichy:

- buy cream ever!I'm forty-three, cream became a magic wand.Periodically take breaks, but only to the skin does not forget itself "work").) The effect of lifting works immediately.I do not envy, asking - which give such "long-playing" face.))) I'm not greedy - I share the recipe.)) In general, the cream is very, very good.I would recommend.

- Vichy She gave my mother.She was fifty.Mom happy, she said - the best cream had not yet seen.The skin became a velvety, almost no wrinkles!Recently cream over, money in her new, of course not.We'll have to supply is now permanently.))) But I only joy.At fifty mom looks pretty.