Why the skin is dry - the main causes of dry skin of the face and body

By Admin | Beauty
22 April 2016

Causes of dry skin of the face and body If you are worried about the shower unpleasant sensation of tightness, redness and peeling, then you have dry skin.This issue should be given special attention because it can cause premature aging, their skin wrinkles appear earlier.To select the correct treatment strategy, you must understand the causes of the appearance of dry skin.That's what we tell you today.

List of the main causes of dry skin and body

Causes of dry skin of the face and body Unfortunately, over the years, our skin begins to feel the lack of moisture.So many women after 40 years of often complain of dry skin.However, this problem may occur not only in adulthood but also younger. So many of the fair sex are concerned about "Why the skin is dry?".And now we'll try to answer it.

most common causes of dry skin:

  • Violation of the sebaceous glands, as the main cause of dry skin

    Causes of dry skin of the face and body fat, which is produced by the sebaceous glands - a kind of protective layer that retains moisture in the body and gives the skin elasticity.If such an important protection not, your

    skin loses moisture quickly, and together with her and her youth.Indeed, without sufficient moisture, it starts to peel off and to age rapidly, on the face of the first wrinkles appear.

  • general health can affect the skin dryness

    Some experts looking at the condition of your skin, can accurately determine which systems in your body work properly.For example, dry skin of the body and the person says about the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and endocrine glands.

  • Dry skin - a consequence of beriberi

    Causes of dry skin of the face and body Lack of vitamins in the body can cause dry skin.After all, for its supply needed nutrients, but the particular importance played by vitamins A, E and C. If your diet lacks these elements, then get ready for the fact that your skin may become dry.

  • a long stay in the sun, wind or cold dry skin

    scientifically proven that direct sunlight, strong wind and frost have a negative effect on our skin.Ultraviolet destroy important parts of the skin layers, which are responsible for the delay of moisture in the epithelium.The skin may become dry after excessive tanning, or as a result of hypothermia.

  • Frequent use makes the skin dry peeling

    Dry skin causes Dry skin often has keratinized hulled.Women, in an attempt to get rid of them, often used peeling.However, the abuse of this procedure gives the opposite result: the skin becomes more dry than this can begin various inflammatory processes.Why is this happening?Because peeling breaks down the fat layer that retains moisture in our skin.Accordingly, deprived of their natural protection, the skin becomes drier.

  • Frequent bathing and washing, as the cause of dry skin

    bathing or washing with soap and hot or chlorinated water washes away the skin's natural fat layer.Moisture in the epithelium is not delayed, the first symptoms of dryness.

  • Heredity - one of the factors of dry skin

    Why the skin is dry Some women have a genetic susceptibility to skin dryness.If you have excluded from its list of all of the above reasons for dry skin, then check with their nearest relatives, perhaps the problem is you have inherited.In this case, you just have to care for their skin.

to struggle for moisture of your skin did not last forever, you must to properly care for it and protect against external influences, moisturize .An important role in the health of your skin plays proper nutrition , because your body must have enough necessary vitamins and minerals.