Chemical peeling face - reviews.

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22 April 2016

Chemical peeling face Chemical peeling face among the fair sex is considered one of the most popular and well-known means to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.Such peeling should be carried out in a special cosmetology office medical equipment.

content of the article:

  • How does a chemical peel?
  • indications for chemical peels
  • types of chemical peels.Types of skin
  • procedure and the results of chemical peels
  • Contraindications.Side effects
  • list of prices for all types of chemical peels
  • Reviews women about the procedure of chemical peeling

How does a chemical peel?

Chemical peeling face during chemical peeling deep influence actively all stimulated regeneration processes and depart the upper layers of the epidermis, which leads eventually to the improvement of the skin without surgery.
Chemical peeling - a radical procedure, so it is usually done only when serious problems: acne, oily skin problem, demodectic mange, wrinkles and scars .In addition, chemical peeling has been used successfully for the prevention of skin

aging and age-related correction of cosmetic defects, removal of hyperpigmentation, keratitis .

indications for chemical peels

Chemical peeling face - testimony Let's understand immediately what age indication may be to conduct a chemical peel:

  • to 25 years: treatment of problematic skin, acne, acne vulgaris, profilaktika and treatment of molluscum contagiosum;
  • 25-30 years: problem skin, the effects of the previously transferred acne, treatment of actinic dermatitis and hyperpigmentation, prevention of skin aging.
  • 30 years or more: treatment of hyperpigmentation of various etiologies, keratosis, prevention and correction of cosmetic defects of the skin (wrinkles, wrinkles, aging skin) papillovirusnoy infection, preparations for kozhnoplasticheskim operations and deep dermabrasion.

types of chemical peels.Types of skin and chemical peels

The types of chemical peels There are several types of chemical peels.They are classified depending on the power of the impact of acid on the skin:

  1. Superficial peels (in the process affected only the upper stratum corneum).This group includes retinoic, almond, glycolic and pyruvic peels.They are used for correction of superficial wrinkles and age spots, as well as prevention of their occurrence.Peeling great fights biological and photo-aging.To enhance the effect of surface peels, it is often combined with the deeper peelings types.
  2. median peeling .This category includes peeling TCA-based TCA peels and combined Dzhessner-.They affect epidermialny layer of the skin that is affected by deep scars or wrinkles.An important advantage of the peel - it is possible to use it even at a young age.
  3. deep peel - the most radical type of peeling, because in this case the effect of drugs affects the entire epidermis, not excluding the basement membrane.This category includes phenol peel, providing an excellent result after complete healing of the skin.

general peels can be performed on any type of skin, but you is useful to understand the characteristics of the skin types.

  • 1 type - no wrinkles, the patient needs three times weak acids peeling once a year for prevention of skin aging.
  • type 2 - wrinkles at the corners of the eye in a relaxed state, and deep wrinkles while emotions, the presence of local foci of hyperpigmentation.It should be seven-peeling fruit acids.The course is desirable to carry out twice a year.
  • 3 type - the presence of wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead relaxed, pigmentation disorders.It is necessary to conduct regular chemical peeling fruit acids.Also, you need to discuss with the specialist the possibility of peeling TCA.
  • 4 type - multiple wrinkles and bumps on the entire surface of the skin, pigmentation disorders.It is necessary to carry out three-time TCA peels, and further Glycolic acid peels dopolnietlnye under the guidance of a doctor dermatologist.

Chemical peeling face - Results best results after a chemical peel patients reach the second and third type of skin .However, even if the fourth skin type result of chemical peels can be very noticeable and quite satisfactory, especially if the patient is realistic about the expected results and results in their appearance according to the internal state, and not seek to look again at twenty.
And now we introduce you to the procedure of chemical peeling.

procedure and the results of chemical peels

The procedure of chemical peeling

  1. specialist cosmetologist takes a cotton applicator soaked in a chemical solution and rinse it press .This is to ensure that the solution is not accidentally hit you in the eye.
  2. Then within 30 minutes - hours doctor with a cotton applicator rubs solution skin of your face.The duration of the procedure depends on the skin color changes.The doctor treats the skin from the forehead, then the nose, cheeks and chin.Especially carefully solution is rubbed into wrinkles.In the course of the patient usually feels a slight burning sensation.After processing within an hour the skin swells and strong in the first two days, the patient can not open his eyes.
  3. On certain lines doctor puts on the face two layers of cotton and two layers of silk plaster .There are four layers.This is to ensure that the skin is kept a certain concentration of the solution for the required period.As a result, the entire procedure takes about an hour to two hours.During the two days of the mask can not be removed - on the second day it will disappear almost independently.
  4. The chemical face peeling On the same day, when the doctor will remove the mask, skin will be treated with thymol iodide, promotes skin regeneration .With this mask must be held for 7 days.After 7 days, the swelling is significantly reduced, and the facial skin is covered with a dense crust.Independently crusts removed in any case it is impossible!This can lead to scarring and scar!Then the doctor
  5. covers the face with a thick layer of cotton wool for a day , after which the cotton is removed.All.Since that time, the patient can take care of himself using facial cosmetic tools that will recommend a doctor.Cosmetic products containing glycolic acid, should be deleted.On sunny days, using funds from the UV filter with a degree of protection not less than 30.

results of chemical peeling

result of the procedure Chemical peeling skin rejuvenation will be updated and its velvety appearance.In the process of peeling the skin toned and regenerated, small wrinkles are eliminated significantly reduced wrinkles and spots, smooths the skin.On
photo , presented below, you can see the stunning results of chemical peels.
Chemical peeling face - before and after photos
Chemical peeling face - before and after photos

Chemical peeling face - before and after photos

Video: chemical peel procedure

Contraindications for chemical peels.Side effects

procedure Chemical peeling is contraindicated:

  • the presence of any tumors;
  • the presence of warts;
  • the presence of visible damage and skin irritation;
  • with the active form of herpes;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • allergic reactions to drugs used;
  • a tendency to form keloids;
  • in exacerbation of acne;
  • after the recent radiotherapy;
  • after the recent use of the drug Roaccutane .

most favorable season for a chemical peel is considered autumn , because in this period the sun is much less active, and the skin is not so much to direct ultraviolet rays.Chemical peels are destructive to the skin and needs time to recover, and the direct impact of UV light can greatly hinder the process of regeneration.

Side effects of chemical peels

Can there be side effects of chemical peels?Unfortunately, they can.Here are some of them:

  1. Swelling
  2. emergence of foci of hyperpigmentation
  3. blistering
  4. Exacerbation of herpetic lesions
  5. Itchy skin

Prices for chemical peeling face in Moscow and St. Petersburg


  • Enzyme facial peeling - from 120 to 6,500 rubles
  • Glycolic facial peels - from 110 to 7800 rubles
  • yellow face peeling -from 1500 to 20500 rubles
  • Peeling TCA - from 1,000 to 20,000 rubles
  • Phenol peeling face - from 4,000 to 50,000 rubles
  • Jessner Peeling - from 1,000 to 12,000 rubles
  • AVR-peeling - from 400 to 7,000 rubles
  • ANA-piling - from 250 to 7,000 rubles

St. Petersburg:

  • glycolic, salicylic, milk, almonds, peel Jessner 1000 rubles
  • Yellow (retinoic) peeling 3000 - 11,000 rubles
  • Peeling TCA (TCAacid) 3000 rubles
  • Yellow retinoic 3800 rubles
  • Hollywood 4000 rubles
  • Yellow peeling Express 2-day 11000 rubles
  • Alfa Beta - retinol 2200 rubles
  • glycol from 500 to 1500 rubles
  • Premium 4000 rubles
  • Rezorpilovy3600 rubles
  • Almond 2300 rubles

Reviews women about the procedure of chemical peeling

My niece took a course peelings - after she had acne on the face left fossa, such scar.After these procedures, and cyanosis passed, and almost no traces left, then did work peels.So now I'm going to.

I regularly pass rate of surface chemical peeling.From the results in delight: the skin is smooth, smooth, elastic and neat!

Girls, chemical peels, it seems to me better to do after forty years of age or those who have skin pigmentation struck, and that it is not clear why 20-30 become younger - it's stupid.To do this, there are other means, such as well-chosen cream and superficial peeling.

I'm going through a course of chemical peels.Leather amazing!Four weeks will be held retinol.Not scary at all.Because the effect - on the face in every sense!The only thing that is not particularly pleasant - this is when the layers go toes and the skin starts to peel off strongly.But this beauty is nenadolgo.Radi bear.The main thing - is the ability of the cosmetician, and in this respect I was very lucky.

I did not so long ago, deep peeling - it was necessary to remove burn marks on his face.Of course, the skin heal for a long time and I even took a special rehabilitation course.But enough time has passed - a smooth face, the scars are gone, I'm happy.Plus - five years younger, the skin has become much firmer.

What can you recommend to all - so it is a superficial peeling fruit.It's very fast, nice, relatively cheap and, most importantly, effective.Especially if you have the nature of skin with enlarged pores, and is prone to acne and blackheads.