The best dandruff shampoo - which one to buy?

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22 April 2016

autumn-winter often afflicts owners of a luxurious head of hair dandruff.This phenomenon is easily explained by the change of seasons, lack of vitamins and other dermatological diseases.In any case, to get rid of this trouble you need an effective dandruff shampoo.And what are shampoos and reviews about them, we will tell you today.

content of the article:

  • What are shampoos for dandruff?
  • additional funds in the treatment of dandruff
  • Preventive measures
  • How to tell a good shampoo to you?
  • Top 10 effective dandruff shampoos

Dandruff shampoo: types and compositions.What is dandruff shampoo is best to choose?

Types of Treatment Shampoo:

  • Antifungal (composed ketoconazole);
  • exfoliating («scrub" to the skin, comprising sulfur and salicylic acid);
  • antibacterial (composed of zinc pyrithione, oktopriroks);
  • shampoos with plant extracts (as part of the tar and so on.);

Components therapeutic shampoos and their effect

  • Ichthyol, tar: normalization of the update c
    ycle of skin cells;
  • salicylic acid, tar: increased exfoliation of skin cells;
  • disulfates selenium, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, klimbazol, clotrimazole: reducing the number of germs.

Choosing dandruff shampoo, should not forget about the type of hair (and the nature of dandruff):

  • Some shampoos are suitable only for the treatment of oily dandruff .
  • shampoo with tar is good for irritated skin .
  • from dandruff dry hair need to shampoo and the zinc pyrithione climbazole simultaneously.

That is, for the effective treatment should not miss the first available touted shampoo and carefully examine the inserts, instructions and notes in the shampoos.

After treatment, you can switch to conventional cosmetic shampoos, whose purpose - the fight against dandruff.For example, «Head & amp;Shoulders »with tsinkopiritionovym complex" phytol "with ihtiola,« NIVEA »with climbazole,« Gliss Kur »with ingredient Octopirox,« clear-vita-abe »and others.

How can cure dandruff?All the money!

is not forbidden in the treatment of dandruff use special lotions and sprays that eliminate the burning and itching, and prevent microbial growth.For example, sulfur-salicylic ointment, lotions with a sulfur content of boric acid and resorcinol, cream with vitamins A, E and F. Do not forget about herbal therapy.For example, sea buckthorn, tansy, nettle and burdock root.For rinsing head can be used chamomile or marigold, previously rubbed into the skin of the onion-garlic paste.

method for the treatment of scalp a lot today.One of them - the massage liquid nitrogen (cold treatment).Due to the low temperature in the skin (sebaceous glands, hair follicles) activates the metabolism is stimulated and the lymphatic and blood vessels.

prevention of dandruff.How to prevent dandruff?

  • Changing or careful handling of combs and hats;
  • diet, daily routine and walking on air;
  • absence of stress;
  • Treatment of gastrointestinal problems, diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems;
  • restorative treatments (massage of the scalp, including a cold shower).

How to check the quality of anti-dandruff shampoo?

  1. thick consistency;
  2. absence of fragrances;
  3. selenium, zinc, sulfur and tar in the composition (or at least one of the components);
  4. herbal supplements as a part of (dandelion, sage, nettle, burdock, birch, chamomile, ginseng, licorice, clover, nasturtium);
  5. Essential oils in the composition (eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, patchouli, cedar, basil, grapefruit and so on.);
  6. components for the normalization of the sebaceous glands in the composition (miconazole, clotrimazole, Ichthyol, kertiol, zinc pyrithione, klimbazol, salicylic acid, tar, keratolytics, keratoregulyatory).

10 best dandruff shampoos.The descriptions and reviews.

1. Nizoral shampoo (Nizoral)

antifungal agents.

Ingredients: ketoconazole and other components.

Action: rapid decrease itching and flaking.Active against Candida sp., Pityrosporum ovale, Microsporum sp., Trichophyton sp., Epidermophyton sp.

Indications: Treatment and prevention of diseases of the scalp and hair caused by Pityrosporum - dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, topical tinea versicolor.

Cost: from 300 rubles.

Reviews Nizoral shampoo:


bought Nizoral during pregnancy.The baby "squeezed all the juice," and on the background suppression of cellular immunity appeared chromophytosis.Ointments have not helped, the tablet could not be bought Nizoral (it can be during pregnancy).Ringworm cured after the fourth "soaping".:) In general, the effect is excellent.To prevent too good.Disadvantages: there is dryness of hair and a little hue changed.


I because of hormonal changes appeared dandruff.The sticky, nasty.Exhausted, but nothing helped.I went to the doctor, there is pleased that things are not so bad and advised Nizoral.Among the few drawbacks: too little volume.Especially at my long hair.One of the advantages: good foaming, dandruff persists, hair ceased to climb.I recommend.

2. Shampoo Dermazol ( Dermazole)

antifungal agents.

Ingredients: ketoconazole and other auxiliaries

Action: antifungal effect and blocking the synthesis of fungal ergosterol.Active to Candida sp., Pityrosporum ovale, Epidermophyton floccosum, Trichophyton sp., Microsporum sp.

Indications: dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor - prevention, treatment.

Cost: from 300 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Dermazol:


more terrible dandruff, probably nothing.Just horror!Dermazolom at one time treated my husband, and successfully, so I decided to take a chance.Foams well, the smell is more or less, but most importantly - after the first application dandruff almost gone !!!Who is on the shelf, gathering dust.:)


And I do not just dandruff, seborrhea is drawn.:( Poser nekosmeticheskaya.The skin just peeled off pieces of a head, to the horror became fat, itchy, itching ... Value wash your hair - a few hours again dirty.The enemy does not want!And the hair began to fall out in batches.Tried Head & amp; Shoulders, then Clear vita Abe, something else ... It did not help anything.Bought Dermazol (the pharmacy advised).I rubbed into the skin, 15 minutes after the second bathing dandruff was gone completely.Definitely I recommend.

3. Shampoo Sebozol

Ingredients: ketoconazole and other auxiliaries

Action: dandruff by inhibiting the destruction of vital activity of harmful microorganisms, restore the structure of hair, dandruff with regular preventive maintenanceuse.Action - antifungal, antimicrobial, keratolytic, exfoliating, sebostaticheskoe.

Indications: dandruff prevention of dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor.

Cost: from 330 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Sebozol:


My husband is a problem there.More precisely problemischa!Not just dandruff and seborrheic terrible flakes!I have it and vitamins, and oils, and brewer's yeast, and various masks treated - to no avail.Bought Sebozol.What can I say ... Normal shampoo, enough for a long time.However, the opposite effect was first - it became even more dandruff, and then wash 3-4, began to fade.Now there is nothing.Hooray!We won it!:)


Sebozolom I met a year ago.Something terrible happened to this dandruff, though not come out on the street or do not remove the cap.Actually, a whole slew tried shampoos but Sebozol arranged everything - the effect (after two weeks nothing was) and price.Now I for preventing them sometimes my head.I recommend.

4. Shampoo dermatological Home Institut dandruff with nettle

Ingredients: 15% nettle extract and other components.On the basis of the thermal waters of the Vosges mountains.

Indications: dandruff, dandruff prevention.

Action: removal of dandruff and itching, restoration of the structure of the hair, giving the hair a natural shine, regulation of fat from the skin.

Cost: from 310 rubles.

Reviews of shampoo Home Institut:


great shampoo.Just saved me.Smell nice, dandruff disappeared after the third application, even the hair somehow started to actively grow.:) recommended.


Dandruff is really gone.One hundred percent.Minus: As soon as you stop using, dandruff returns.Although clears a bang.Leather head straight velvet afterwards.Apparently, after the treatment should immediately jump to another without medical shampoo.

5. Shampoo Instant Clear from L'Oreal Professionnel

Ingredients: zinc pyrithione, alpha bisabolol, proteins, caring formula, vitamin complex, lipids and other components

Action: elimination of dandruff and itching, restore lipid balance of the skin and hair health, treatment of hair roots

Purpose: treatment and prevention of dandruff.

Cost: from 500 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Instant Clear:


My girlfriend constantly takes this shampoo.Being in her party, she ventured to try - a professional shampoo had never enjoyed (not enough money).Now I can not eat or drink, but this shampoo is a must buy.:) incredible effect.Dandruff is not at all the hair Gorny, brilliant, and I want to touch them and to touch - a super touch.I am delighted.:)

6. Shampoo Bioderma Naudet DS

Indications: dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis.

Action: restoring the balance of the microflora of the scalp, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action, regulation of the process of renewal of skin cells, the effective removal of dandruff, itching and irritation.

Cost: from 450 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Bioderma:


hair does not dry, slightly peculiar smell, hair is shiny and healthy, dandruff passed after the second application.Normal shampoo.


From the first washing hair disappeared itching, flaking skin longer, no irritation.Super!Hair silky, shiny, comb cool - even balms required.Volume shampoo for long enough, very economical.My impressions are positive.

7. Shampoo Klorane from dry dandruff nasturtium

Ingredients: nasturtium extract, salicylic acid, an antifungal ingredient, Vitamin B5, a component of pH (6-7) and other components.

Indications: dandruff, dry hair

Action: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.Effective removal of dandruff, scalp recovery.Disinfectant, vitaminizing and exfoliating effect.Activation of hair growth.

Cost: from 450 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Klorane:


adolescence suffer dandruff.Summer and winter more bearable, but in spring and autumn begins aggravation, just a quiet horror of some!It does not help anything!No cosmetic shampoos or pharmacy!Once I bought Kloran on trial.Now you can live!:) Dandruff worry no longer, only occasionally appear, but I immediately Kloranom mine, and everything goes.Gorny hair, silk, do not get confused, shine - both on the road of hair dye.Cons: not very economical for me turned out to be.

8. Shampoo Vichy Dercos

Ingredients: selenium disulphide, salicylic acid and other components.

Indications: difficult to exfoliate dandruff large size displays oily seborrhea.

Action: elimination of dandruff, itching and discomfort.Preventing recurrence of dandruff.Keratolytic and antifungal effect.

Cost: from 400 rubles.

Reviews shampoo Vichy Dercos:


husband tried to cure oily seborrhea, ugrohali lot of money on beauty salons and all the shampoos.Vichy bought, when it all desperate to cure this infection.No words.Miracle!Dandruff is no more shampoo all the time now is in the bathroom, just in case.:) great effect.I advise everyone.


product of Vichy, that really works.Many have tried everything, but only Dercos helped.Dandruff gone right, the effect - it is better than that of Nizoral (the slower helps).In short, the expectations were met.:) A plus in flavor, very pleasant.

9. Shampoo Squaphane S

Ingredients: salicylic acid, resorcinol, complex climbazole and miconazole, an essential oil (red juniper), malalekol and other components.

Indications: dandruff

Action: delete stable dandruff, irritation and itching, regulation of the process of reproduction of the fungus.

Cost: from 600 rubles.

Reviews of shampoo Squaphane S:


advised shampoo in pharmacy, did not know anything about it before.High-quality shampoo, foam-washed off - class, itching disappeared, no dandruff, the smell just delicious.The composition, by the way, astonished - that "the doctor ordered," as they say.)) Strong shampoo.I advise everyone.

10. Shampoo Dandruff Control Shampoo

Ingredients: combination of active ingredients that preserve optimal moisture balance, peptides klimbazol oil Icthyol Pale, burdock extract, mint extract water and othercomponents.

Indications: eliminate dandruff, prevents its reappearance, itching and irritation.

Action: antifungal, protivoseboreynoe, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.Removing oily and dry dandruff, reducing itching and irritation, the normalization condition of the scalp, gentle cleansing.

Cost: from 600 rubles.

Reviews of shampoo Dandruff Control:


Shampoo something like sunflower oil, foaming so-so, the smell is not particularly pleasant.Given my allergic, afraid even to try it.But the effect is pretty.Dandruff is the first time disappeared.Allergies were not.And the price is affordable.I advise.


I take a little more than a month.Pros: Now you can wash your hair less often, saving, treats dandruff tightly.Cons: hair loss still does not help, do not like the smell (like tar soap almost) dry hair (you have to use the balm).

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