Tips for treatment and prevention of chapped and cracked lips

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23 April 2016

Now more than ever urgent problem of cracked and chapped lips.Not only is it frustrating, it also spoils the appearance.If you want to get rid of this trouble, it will help you our advice.Moreover, with their help you will be able to prevent new cracks and sores on the lips.

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treatment of chapped and cracked lips

find out the cause chapping and cracking in your case, you can start treatment.Since often the main reason still lies in licking or biting the lips and the wind, then consider more ways to treat this particular case.

chapped lips treatment consists of two main stages - application of medical masks, removing dead skin and hydration (food) lips.

There are several different recipes for masks medical chapped lips:

  • In severe cracks very effective is honey .It is ideally softens dried skin and heals the tiniest cracks.Simply apply it with a thick layer
    on the lips and leave for 15 minutes.
  • must be applied Avocado on the surface of the lips and leave for 10-15 minutes.Then gently remove.The fatty acids that make up the fruit, have excellent nutritional effect.
  • Mask cottage cheese mixed with heavy cream and left on the lips for 10-15 minutes, will consummate the effect, making your lips soft and gentle.
  • Excellent help slurry from the pulp of the cucumber .Just hold it on the skin of the lips for about 10 minutes, and then spread it with oil or hygienic lipstick, skip peeling This way you moisten lips well and do not allow moisture to evaporate even in a room with very dry air.

remove dead tissue is only in the event that there is no inflammation of cracks, otherwise you risk to aggravate the situation.For this purpose, you can use several methods:

  • toothbrush. Just lightly rub her lips after any mask.Softened particles are easy to remove unwanted skin at the same time.
  • Sugar . Mixing spoon of sugar (preferably brown crude) with a small amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly, you get a great scrub your lips.Rub this mixture and lips Rejoice dual effect of cleansing and rebuilding.
  • Candied honey . Apply it on the lips and rub them for 1-2 minutes and then just rinse.
  • Vaseline . Apply a little Vaseline on the lips and massage them for a while, then remove with a cotton pad soaked.This gentle method is recommended for severe morbidity and running cracks.

after the procedure to remove the dead skin particles, complete all the action by applying to the surface of the lips of vegetable oil.The best thing about this case is the olive oil, but you can also use any, available in your arsenal, whether exotic jojoba oil or as an ordinary vegetable.In the future, do not forget to regularly use good hygienic lipstick, which will prevent over-drying, and cracks in the skin of the lips, as well as all the above recipes masks for the skin of the lips, not only during the inflammatory process, but also to prevent the appearance of cracks, especially in the winter.

P Keep in mind that these measures can be very effective only in the event that eliminated the virus, infectious and other factors beyond the control of the mechanical irritation of the lips!

tips from members of the forum on how to heal chapped lips


In my opinion there is nothing better than conventional petrolatum.You can buy in the beauty department or pharmacy.In windy weather, it is always grease the lips before going out.Lips, because it will never crack.Remains soft, soft!


I distributes cosmetics Artistry.Among the products on offer, there are a great lip balm.I do not use anything but him.And before I found out about this cosmetics, it is often on the lips were cracked in the cold season.To treat them, I bought at the pharmacy vitamin E capsules.I open them and gently smeared chapped lips.It helped to heal the fracture.


Yes, the best way is honey.Nature has long been thought of all the ways to treat for us.Without all sorts of special ointments.It is necessary to anoint his lips at night and it all goes away.


I can advise in this case, to use hygienic lipstick, which has aloe in the composition.They also say that good help is the easiest baby cream.Well, when a strong cold do not go out into the street once again.

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