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23 April 2016

Ultrasonic peeling at home - User Home peeling using ultrasound - is the ability to remove grease tube of enlarged pores and dead skin cells.During the procedure, communication between the horny particles break sound waves and greasy bars "loosened", so they quietly removed a special shovel machine.

content of the article:

  • advantages and features of ultrasonic peeling
  • Contraindications for ultrasonic peeling
  • essence of the procedure of ultrasonic peeling
  • Efficiency ultrasonic peeling
  • Important information about ultrasonic peeling

advantages and features of ultrasoundpeeling

Advantages of ultrasonic peeling

  • absolutely painless , pleasant procedure.
  • condition of the skin after the session - much better than before.
  • absence of redness and inflammation after the procedure.
  • Possibility of the procedure in summer .
  • Shoe ultrasound may become a regular.The interval between treatments - week to four .
  • Domestic unit for ultrasonic cleaning is of hundred dollars , salon treatment - from a thousand.Savings - evident.
  • cleaning procedure should take no more than seven minutes per zone .

Contraindications for ultrasonic peeling

  1. pacemaker
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Any disease in the acute stage
  4. Oncology
  5. Highpressure
  6. Herpes
  7. Mental
  8. Pustular rashes on the face

essence of the procedure of ultrasonic peeling

The essence of ultrasonic peeling This type of peel is the safest and most enjoyable waycleanse the skin of acne and dirt.Possibility of treatments for all skin types is ensured by propagation of ultrasonic vibrations exclusively on the upper layers of the skin .Microvibration ultrasound enhances the impact of temperature on areas, so that the dead cells are easily removed from the enlarged pores.

Efficiency ultrasonic peeling

  1. Improved circulation
  2. Eliminate comedogenic
  3. freshness face
  4. Improving skin tone
  5. Strengthening antiseptic skin

instruction execution ultrasonic peeling at home

Ultrasonic peeling at home - User Home

  • Clean the skin with a special milk (foam), removing make-up and pollution.
  • rub the skin with a cotton pad.
  • wash off with warm water jelly.
  • Apply toner to a cotton pad, wet the skin without stretching it.
  • Apply gel vehicle for a good conduction of ultrasonic waves.
  • treated skin with ultrasound (not more than seven minutes).
  • shoulder blades should operate in a cleaning mode at an angle of forty degrees.
  • Apply a nourishing cream.

Important information about ultrasonic peeling

  1. Ultrasonic peeling useful to cleanse the back and décolleté .
  2. He can not remove deep wrinkles and pigmentation.
  3. skin sensitivity to UV light does not arise, because the living cells during the procedure are not destroyed.That is, the procedure available even on a hot day in bright sunlight.

Video: Ultrasonic cleaning of the face