What kind of your figure?

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24 April 2016

type of figure of the woman or girl is called feature of the structure of her body .This feature is the deposition of excess fat tissue of every woman in different parts of the figure.It is important to a unique genetic predisposition .

There is no ideal figure , her ideal type, because each person has their own idea of ​​the ideal.But it is possible to approximate the parameters available to the desired shape by resorting to physical activity and exercise, a healthy diet, to massages, as well as to the correct choice of underwear and clothing.

content of the article:

  • Where does the term "type of shape»
  • proportions model of the human figure
  • Body type "A" (aka "Pear»)
  • Body type "X" (aka "Hourglass»)
  • Body type" H "(aka" Banana »)
  • Body type« V »(aka" Inverted Triangle »)
  • Body type" O "(aka" Apple »)

female figures in history.Like any kind of female figures?

concept of the ideal figure of a woman over the years is constantly changing.

In times pas leolita , that more than 12 thousand. BC recognized ideal of feminine beauty were considered exaggerated form .This fact is confirmed by statues that were discovered during archaeological investigations.

In ancient times cult of female beauty was given a high, long-legged young girl with small breasts, majestic and graceful hodoy article.

the medieval associated with mothers.Therefore, the ideal female body then was equal to the figure that was already devoid of femininity : unexpressed hips, waist and shapeless round belly.

In an era of rebirth cultivated curvaceous women .

In times of classicism considered an ideal figure, strictly according to established parameters: the string, pull the corset to the extreme waist, big breasts and magnificent snow-white skin, which has no flaw.

In Enlightenment perfect female body and beauty recognized natural , that is a woman taken in any body having its own advantages and characteristics.

In 1 9 century again become the ideal of beauty woman with good breast lush and elegant shape.

However 20 centuries radically different image of the ideal of beauty becomes a woman and now in vogue short little skirts, podkachenny stomach, slender legs and delicate shoulders, so his share of femininity with eroticism.

proportions of the human figure - the golden section

Today appeared the stereotypical ideal to which all aspire uncontrollably - « 90-60-90 ».

However, according to most, this ideal is far from ideal .After all, diversity of preferences and taste for this or that ideal, must meet only one thing: certain parameters female figure, breast size, leg length, the width of the hips and shoulders do not matter, if not complied with the proportion between them.

the first time this topic highlighted the great Leonardo.It da Vinci advanced famous theory .He flashed her study uniform proportions of the human figure .

Based on the theory da Vinci later classification appears the most common types of female figures .The basis of classification are taken and the proportion of the ratio of the size of women's shoulders and the width of the hips.

Body type "A".Female figure pear.

characteristic signs for it are impressive size hip , which compared with the shoulders to become much larger and quite thin waist .

This type of figure most men like , but for women it is considered and the most problematic , because the owners of pieces of pear- often have to deal with cellulite .If you make an effort to lose weight, such as pear-shaped figure it is easily transformed to the ideal.

figure of the "pear" suggests preferential deposition of excess fat in the lower body : hips, buttocks, the back of the legs and calves can be waist.This means that to get rid of undesired deposits and issues, it is necessary to do physical yoga exercises, to give the body the power load, namely the muscle groups in the legs. sure to do sit-ups, and a lot of exercise, such as:

  • Fold the feet alternately in the prone position or standing;
  • simultaneous pressing of the legs;
  • slopes of body weight per side;
  • upgrades on your toes from a standing position;
  • Sports Running;
  • Jumping on the rope.

Along with exercise it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, namely:

  • Avoid very fatty foods, do not eat fried and spicy;
  • to a minimum to consume coffee and tea;
  • to a minimum to consume the meat of cows, pigs and other animals, replacing it with chicken, turkey and fish;
  • properly plan the daily diet;
  • Every day you need to eat cereals, various grains, lots of delicious fruits and useful vegetables;
  • completely eliminate sweets.If you absolutely can not afford, then again rarely indulge yourself oriental sweets such as jelly, fruit candy or marshmallows.

to figure perceived visually, it is important beautiful "wrap", that is to choose the right clothes.

If you have a pear-shape, then it is important to remember that in your case it is important to increase the visual top of the body and hide the bottom.And it needs to adhere to certain rules:

  • Wear V-neck;
  • Visually, with the help of shirts and blouses striped colors, increase the chest;
  • buy the dress with an exceptionally high waist, as well as with the assembly under the breast;
  • Skirts and trousers buy dark colors, the fabric should be light, loose cut, slightly waist down.
  • Do not forget to complete the image accents.Do not be afraid to use a variety of accessories, add ornaments in the neck area.
  • And finally, remember that any figure is transformed with the help of heels.
  • women and girls with pear-shaped figure type, it is important to focus the attention of others to his face and chest.

type figure "X". Women's hourglass figure.

This type of figure is considered most approximate to the ideal .It is in this figure clearly observed proportion corresponds shoulders hips, waist clearly circled.Even if she put on weight several kilograms, excessive fat where you want to go and settle in the hips and chest.

only significant flaw figure this type are "ears» , which appear in the hips while the increase in weight.To restore the form, the girls with such a figure must be correct diet and strengthen the structures of the body.

main exercise for you:

  • Sports Running;
  • exercises steppe;
  • Aerobics;
  • Raising feet from a prone position;
  • drill press;
  • Exercises for the back;
  • exercises for hands (use dumbbells);Dancing
  • any direction.

serious limitations in nutrition girls with the figure "hourglass" No, but that does not mean that there can be everything and in unlimited quantities.

Choosing clothes, pay attention to styles that emphasize the waist.

Home Accessories should be wide belt .The advantage is given to the tissues slinky figure materials cuts should be easy.

important to sophisticated clothes noted the benefits of your body.

Body type "H". female figure banana.

The main feature of the figure "H» in uniform distribution of fat throughout the body .This means that women with type figure, also called the "rectangle", is easy to recover.However, there is a girl to lose weight, the body as close to the ideal type of "X".

main problem rectangular shapes - belly and waist .Solves these problems in a jiffy, the load on the body, mainly running marathons, walking, press, back exercises, exercises with hula-hoop and swimming.

Along with the exercises is required to comply with strict control and counting daily calories .Recommended protein diet low in carbohydrates.

From garments girls with type figure "Rectangle» recommended to carry goods from rough fabrics .Geometric lines should be fuzzy patterns in the clothing favorably outline waist.Stylistically, the girls better adhere clothes classical orientation , wearing trousers with low waist. Cutouts better to choose oval or square , only short sleeves or without them entirely.Mandatory attribute wardrobe should be a belt.

is important to remember that the focus should be set in the chest and legs to allocate.

Body type «V». female figure n erevernuty triangle.

Women with this type of figure closest to the ideal .However, their long legs, attractive thighs, waist and delicate small breasts continue broad shoulders , which do not fit into the overall picture.This figure does such as "Inverted Triangle» massive .Excessive Zhirkov while going exactly in the shoulders and neck.

to bring the female body, to the ideal triangle, girls must correctly balance the top and bottom body .This exercise can help with severe weight load.

Among physical exercises are most recommended:

  • Aerobics with weighting;
  • Gym cardio;
  • Snowboarding;
  • Walking and running fast, you can with the weighting.

Exercise need to be combined with proper nutrition , which involves eating a lot of carbohydrates and vegetables. Limit reception pork and lamb , go to the meat of birds and fish.Breakfast owners form of "inverted triangle" needs to be easily digestible and highly nutritious dinner.

Buying blouse, pay attention only to V-shaped cutouts , and coloring give preference vertical strip .Pants must be tight-fitting top only.Color din preferably dark, but choosing a skirt or pants, you can use lighter shades.Fabrics best to use hard, more stringent.

Among accessories to be bracelets, earrings and shoes angular forms.

most important emphasis should be placed on the legs - this advantage is a rectangle-shape.

Body type "O".Female figure apple.

main drawback and the main feature of the figure of the "O" - the complete lack of a waist .At the same time the girl with the "apple" shapes are owner of slender legs , beautiful hips, delicate hands, the fragile shoulders and graceful posture.But the lack of waist spoils everything!Excessive Zhirkov apply it around the waist, on the abdomen and back.

To remedy the situation, the girl with the figure of the "Yabloko" should draw attention to your face and neckline to , and then immediately to the legs.Problematic as the area be sure to adjust the physical exercise and a special diet.

basic physical guidelines are a set of exercises and activities to the press with a hula-hoop .

main diet - it clear mode, and the complete exclusion of a quick snack .It is important to start the day with a hearty breakfast, rich in carbohydrates, continue - fat lunch and light dinner complete with fiber.

to visually enhance the outlines of the figures , must be skillfully choose clothes.

chief assistant to lengthen the figure and adjust the body type "Apple" with the help of clothes is considered asymmetry .That is, in the locker room have to be with an oblique edge of the skirt, the sleeves of blouses of different cut.

Emphasize their slender legs and gorgeous breasts , pick up, for example, a dress-box.

not neglect accessories , for example, add an image necklace, massive earrings, bracelets.Avoid belts.

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