The shape of the lips and the character of the girl

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26 April 2016

ability to determine the nature of human facial features is not a special gift.This science of reading the face called physiognomy .A skilled physiognomist can tell not only about the nature, but also about the past, present and future.

Physiognomy - a very ancient teaching.Especially famous Chinese masters.Learn this skill is not as easy as it seems at first glance.But it is still everyone's strength.To some extent, this can be called even the need to better understand the others.In this article we will talk about the shape of the lips.

content of the article:

  • plump lips form
  • thin lips
  • thin upper lip, lower lip plump
  • plump upper lip, thin lower
  • lips with raised corners
  • lips with drooping corners
  • Other formsLip

plump lips and feminine character

  • Owners plump lips characterized as sensual person , emitting an active sexual energy.That is why very often the women with full lips make object of desire.
  • These women love to be the center of attention , they are often a lot
    of fans.Often, for them this is an important fact of love itself, and they are trying to achieve this by any means.
  • People with these lips are considered sociable and friendly .They are able to openly show emotions experienced and sincerely empathize with friends, just acquaintances and even strangers.
  • But despite the passion for love affairs, these ladies with no less impact able to plunge into motherhood or devote herself to the work he loves.
  • On a subconscious level, many women wish to become a happy owner of plump lips.And for the sake of not only increase them visually with the help of makeup, but even go to such measures as an injection of special drugs, bulking.

thin lips and the nature of women

  • women with narrow lips could be called the opposite of the above.Such women are usually described as representatives complex nature.
  • Natura such people often closed and restrained emotions .In addition, they are characterized by shyness and distrust .
  • Such gloomy character not much has to imagine other people, but, however, owners of a thin mouth is not too annoying.They have an excellent and useful skill to achieve your goals , due to its aggressiveness and independence.
  • But this does not apply to love affairs.In this area, people with thin lips often have difficulty and spiritual experiences for different reasons.This can be seen even the appearance of a tightly compressed lips, becoming this is even thinner.
  • too strongly developed sense of independence and desire to subordinate himself surrounding often leads women with thin lips for a long loneliness.They are strong-willed character often plays a cruel joke with them - not wanting anyone to give these women are suffering inside, but no one will not admit it.
  • Many women with thin lips, enhance their dreams by any means, sometimes even too radical.

thin upper lip and lower a character of chubby girls

  • Women who have the upper lip thinner than the bottom, are lovers of pleasures .This applies to various fields and areas, whether it be sexual gratification, great food and a great vacation.
  • Outstanding lower lip is more common among pretty selfish and conceited ladies aspiring to always be number one and no one to give.Due to the fact that these women love to rise above all the surrounding is quite difficult to communicate with them on an equal basis.
  • Such women are characterized as non-permanent the fair half, as a result they may be a lot of years to change men to search of new experiences and get the most pleasure . only after, of a certain period, to meet the man of your dreams, these ladies are more prone to constancy and fidelity.
  • happens that holders of ordinary lip during a conversation or dispute may manifest such feature is a protruding lower lip.This means that a man sure of his point of view, and it is useless to prove his innocence.

plump upper lip and a thin lower -zhensky character

  • Owners these lips are not afraid of any difficulties .They know, and see their main objectives and unsurpassed determination and go to them.Their commitment can only envy.They would not lowered his hands after the first defeat, and in the end will still win them.
  • Women with these lips erect their opinion above all others, considering it the only correct , but for all that they may listen to the thoughts of others and staying at the.And if suddenly the interlocutor comes to mind the words of a woman to put into question, he risks all to have an enemy.
  • Outstanding upper lip is very common among women who are able to attract male attention.They love to flirt .
  • Some Asians believe that the owners of the lips is very deceitful nature.Other observations may show that they are prone to gluttony, experiencing excessive passion for good food, and thus they are often masterful chefs.Such people are called by gourmets.
  • With the same passion, these women worshiped sex, not the meaning of my life without him, so are a tempting target for men.

lips with raised areas and the nature of the girl

  • There is a form of lips, when it seems that the smile on the face of a person constantly, due to the raised corner of the lips.Faces of women can not cause any other emotions surrounding except sympathy and love .
  • They have an innate attraction , thanks to the constant radiation of joy, benevolence and optimism.Due to these qualities of character in these young women it is often very many fans .Sometimes they even have to give a certain degree of coldness, not peculiar to their demeanor, in order to cool down too intrusive gentlemen, that does not always have the desired impact.
  • ladies with a smile on his face are simply doomed to permanent ecstatic glances of men who think that she flirts with them.It follows that the owner of the lips do not suffer from a lack of love .
  • soul of women is always open, which makes them very easy and interesting interlocutor.

lips with drooping corners -Learn character

  • Girls having the shape of lips with drooping corners of the mouth, on the contrary, often suffer from lack of attention male half due to the fact that their appearance makes peoplefeeling an unsociable and uncommunicative.
  • Given this fact, they are often disappointed in life and its environment.But even if a woman finds her man, she thinks it was unfairly and often does not believe in the sincerity of his partner why he quickly begins to feel the uselessness, or vice versa, it is surrounded by his excessive love and attention in order to keep nearthemselves.

Other forms of lips and their characteristics

There are other varieties of lip:

  • soft-looking lips characterize its possessor as a soft woman with a weak will.They are prone to excessive sensibility.
  • Hard lips characteristic of strong women with a resolute character.They have great strength of will and resistance to endure all the hardships of life, controlling their feelings and emotions.
  • clearly delineated sponge, creating a kind of convex mouth, often characterized by its possessor as an unpretentious lady that does not require to yourself any special behavior from others. These girls are under no illusions, they are unnatural looking at things through rose-colored glasses.Preferring a quiet life, they try to avoid shocks and major changes, it could consequence of this is unfairly low self-esteem and a tendency to depression.But strong character helps them to quickly get out of such situations.

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