Mineral makeup: for and against.

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26 April 2016

Mineral make their appearance just blew the beauty industry!A new milestone in the development of cosmetics made millions of women think that undoubtedly attracted attention precisely to natural mineral cosmetics.Harmless, inexpensive cosmetics, beautiful cosmetics makeup caused an unprecedented stir among the better half of humanity.Minerals defied aging and skin problems!

content of the article:

  • What is mineral makeup?
  • Positive aspects of mineral makeup
  • negative aspects of mineral makeup
  • known manufacturers of mineral makeup and reviews

composition of mineral makeup - what we mazhemsya?

This particular cosmetics "adjusted" for you.With applying it on the face, under the influence of the heat of your body, tiny particles of minerals and pose a merge, dissolving the skin, hiding its flaws.Correct color and correctly causing this cosmetics, it becomes weightless, it gives the skin a natural beauty, rejuvenation, well-groomed, a charm, a healthy appearance.You will just shine with hap

piness and emotion.Such cosmetics as neutral as possible, it looks easy on the face and unobtrusive.

composition of mineral makeup in any case, must not contain any chemicals and substances harmful fillers, parabens, phthalates, artificial ingredients, colors, concentrates, fragrances and other dangerous for the face and body substances.

The mineral cosmetics only use clean or synthetic minerals .All contained components are sterilized composition that does not require additional processing.If natural minerals should be included in funds such as creams or gels, which require high concentration of liquids, for their preservation of natural elements used, for example:

  • Titanium dioxide , has a strong brightness and high light reflectance properties thatIt helps protect the skin surface from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, giving it a healthy color, carrying anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Zinc Oxide makeup provides high resistance, has antimicrobial properties that perfectly reflects the light and the sun's rays.This element is often used in creams to protect against bacteria.
  • Silicon in mineral makeup are added in order to give special skin feeling soft, velvety.This component creates a protective skin breathable and water-repellent film, Plus protects against sun exposure.
  • Mica creams help achieve matting properties of the skin, or vice versa - to give it a particularly strong luminescence.One or the other effect is dependent on how much is added to the mica or other means.
  • Boron nitride allows cream and powder coated surface of the skin smooth and tight, while allowing it to breathe, which gives the skin a silky texture.
  • iron oxide , unlike all the above elements, is quite diverse palette, many shades.This compound causes no skin reaction.
  • often composed of cosmetics can be found silk .It is added in order to increase the ability of the means to retain moisture in the skin, provides the skin with an optimal water content, alleviates uneven skin visually reflects the ultraviolet rays.
  • disinfects the skin magnesium myristate .Improving the texture and even cosmetics, this connection allows it to easily and smoothly falls on the skin and stay longer.Once this element is a binding ingredient in cosmetics.
  • Magnesium stearate need in cosmetics in order, so that no lumps and cosmetics "stick" to the skin.
  • Kaolin affects the structure of blood vessels, making them flexible.He also fruitfully affects the formation of collagen, which gives skin a special elasticity.
  • bismuth oxychloride makes the skin radiant unnatural, gives it a special tide, similar metallic effect.However, this component is irritable and can cause problems in the form of pimples and acne.Use a make-up or not - you decide, but many manufacturers add to their mineral component of this series.
  • Carmine, Ultramarine about hydroxide chromium and tin give cosmetics natural shades of red, green and other colors.

Benefits of mineral makeup

  1. Well, the first and most important benefit of mineral makeup - it is 100% organic and natural.The fact that it is a natural product should not even doubt!This means that in its composition you will not need to detect any dyes, alcohols, flavoring agents, mineral oils, and preservatives.Can not do without these ingredients in creams, but most importantly, to the concentration there was minimal.
  2. If you have a special and sensitive skin or problem areas do not allow the use makeup, then just you and suitable mineral cosmetics.She should use if skin reacts to the impact of chemical components rash or acne.Because mineral cosmetics are not only harmless, but also healing and regenerating the skin.
  3. These funds are absolutely gipoalergeny.
  4. With this makeup, you can walk all day and even goes to bed with her, according to beauticians.Because mineral makeup prevents clogging of the skin and circulates the air in it constantly, that is not the facial skin stops breathing.This contributes to the fact that the pores are clean, not clogged.
  5. special composition of the best cosmetics ensures that the tools found on the skin, absorbs excess body fat and neutralize perspiration.
  6. use such cosmetics can and young girls and women aged.
  7. Mineral makeup, thanks to its natural, evens skin tone, making it visually more delicate, smooth, matte finish.All your weaknesses are skillfully disguised and you'll feel on top!
  8. In this cosmetics does not appear bacteria.
  9. special conditions for its storage either, because it does not contain preservatives.
  10. not dry out the skin.
  11. not skomkivaetsya and apply a thin layer due to dust particulate components.
  12. economical, because it must be quite a bit to achieve the effect.

Disadvantages mineral cosmetics

  1. can not say that mineral makeup is perfect.Deficiencies have everything and everyone.But these defects are negligible.For example, many experts in the field of makeup indicated the possibility that the cosmetics can aggravate the dry skin.Thus, if your skin is often scaly, you suffer no passing feeling of tightness, but still you want to use natural cosmetics, you only have to combine its use with the departure of hydrating masks and serums.
  2. Another slight drawback mineral makeup becomes not so much a wide range of colors than in other cosmetic products.After all, color is always matches the color used in its manufacture mineral.But this problem is solved, and now every day there are more shades.
  3. Many have heard the opinion of the hazards and insecurity of nanoparticles.However, this is only the spores are not backed by evidence.If you still believe the rumors, it is recommended to buy mineral makeup labeled micronized, such as titanium dioxide.This nano-micronized particles greater that as a possible source of free radicals.

best producers of mineral makeup and reviews

very first mineral cosmetic product was made in the 90s by the former director Jane Ayrdeyl eponymous product Jane Iredale .After trying on the set weight of cosmetics, she realized that she did not have enough, and took up the production of products based on minerals.In those days there was enough a lot of money for the promotion of new cosmetics and then Jane Ayrdeyl, turned into the usual sales agent and went to the shops and beauty salons.At a meeting with make-up artists, she left them her makeup.Soon she nevertheless succeeded today, all those who have experienced the effect of Jane Iredale products on your face, leave only positive feedback about the high quality cosmetics, its superiority over all luxe cosmetic brands.This was a major cosmetics on the set of the series "Friends."

Modern scholars of cosmetics and make-up artists recognized allocate American brand of mineral cosmetics id Bare Escentuals .Manufacturers indicate 100% natural cosmetics, the maximum grinding components.This trademark was first discovered mineral makeup a wide range of consumers.Among its star Jennifer Aniston users and Julia Roberts.

Following the success idBare Escentuals many cosmetic companies began to pay attention to the natural minerals.L'Oreal company soon also launched on the world market a series of high-mineral powders Bare Naturale , adding they still sun protection factor SPF 19. Brand with a worldwide reputation quickly gained a niche, and today many people are and recommend its mineral powderfriends.Basically there is a slight application of powder and its long-term effect.

Russian consumer commends the Swedish mineral makeup brand IsaDora .Funds of this brand especially smoothes the skin, give it a breathtaking view, with its presence on the skin is absolutely not there.


to me very vazhnoym factor when choosing makeup to get it tested for the animals!I know that IsaDora Mineral Makeup Collection certainly not tested on our smaller brothers, because it is perfectly appropriate means to me!

Another very popular brand of mineral makeup is Sheer Cover .The unique formula of cosmetics developed by Dr. Pauline soul.Patients initially apply it after plastic surgery, as well as women with obvious imperfections.Today, this has become a popular cosmetics not only as a corrective tool, but also as decorative cosmetics.


I like this means an incredibly easy application and sverhstoykost.Moreover, it not only hides all the flaws of my skin, but also has a positive effect on my problem skin.

Everyday Minerals - another producer who has deservedly become one of the most popular and sought after in Russia.Softness and tenderness of the skin, which gives the powder and other means of this company, there is simply no boundaries.The quality of the coating on the input and the result of using cosmetics outlet creates an ideal picture of the best cosmetic manufacturers of mineral resources!

Next on our list - budget brand Simply Minerals.Funds from this manufacturer have over 17 colors powder, and more than 50 shades.These cosmetics will have the spirit of a committed vegan, because it is also not tested on animals.

Company Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics releases shining, sparkling, shimmering agents, perfectly suitable for the stars of our platform. Perfect festive makeup - it's just a mineral makeup Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics.


Among my clients a lot of stars of our platform.And this cosmetics we came together.Having tried a lot of money, we chose Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics, which I am very happy and my customers are very pleased.

Pure mineral makeup on as a breakthrough.The already popular brand name with the release of a new line of cosmetics, has become even more popular.The company Mary Kay skin care of its customers, giving it a fresh and rested appearance.


My daughter, 16 years of which, problem skin, but cosmetics to use it already wants!Deny can not, but because it started buying mineral makeup.Powder Mary Kay is best approached her skin irritations become a lot less than normal after using cosmetics.

Mineral Cosmetics Coastal Scents produces everything you need for fast, high-quality make-up.The result of applying makeup Coastal Scents will be a wonderful and charming person, even if the evening is over for you in the morning.

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