Types pedicure - what to prefer?

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27 April 2016

Summer - it is an occasion to show their legs in all its glory, so all the women are preparing for this year pore advance, eliminating all the possible flaws that can be seen and emphasis on the virtues of his feet.And one of the main accents are beautiful nogotochki, because summer usually we wear open shoes, and our fingers that hid all the time in the warm shoes, now have now the freedom - you must teach them properly.Therefore, a good pedicure is very, very important.

And, if you decide to do your nails and go to the salon, then it is useful to familiarize yourself with all kinds of pedicure that exist and choose to your liking.

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  • Classic pedicure - a description of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • European pedicure - a description of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • spa pedicure - a description of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • Apparatus pedicure - Description
    the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure
  • hardware or classic pedicure What to choose?
  • reviews the different types of pedicure

Classic pedicure Classic pedicure

usually carried out in two stages.The first - a foot bath and maceration of the skin, and the second the elimination of horny skin and modeling of the nail plate.

This type of pedicure is the most famous and most expensive.

After such a pedicure you get the feeling of "thin skin" on his feet, because this procedure removes all corns and calluses, thickened heel.

The disadvantages of such a pedicure include a high probability of contracting various types of fungal infections.The water used in the classic pedicure is a good medium for the spread of infection.

Also during the classic pedicure is cut all steamed cloth as horny and normal, that does not prevent its growth, but rather enhances it.Read more about the technique of the classic pedicure.

European pedicure

can be called a kind of classic.The main difference is that while the procedure is not cut off the cuticle, and gently moves with the help of a wooden stick after being applied to the inner lining of special dissolving cream.With this procedure significantly slowing the growth of the cuticle.Plus, the fabric is not damaged and there is no risk to get a cut or a scratch.

However, to cuticle was neat and even required to carry out this procedure regularly, only to be held on 7-8 procedures.Therefore, the probability to pick up an infection is very high, but less than in the classic pedicure.

This pedicure is suitable only for well-groomed feet, in a situation where the legs are running better to start with a classic pedicure.Read more about the art of French pedicure.


From the preceding species pedicure characterized in that it used during the treatment of various kinds of caring preparations: creams, masks, oils.Rather, it is more relaxing treatment for your feet.Read how to make spa pedicure at home.

Apparatus pedicure

radically different from the classic pedicure and its variants.The main difference is that a pedicure eliminates the use of water.

session before the skin is disinfected first, then applied a special softening agents acting only on the horny cells.Each site is treated special nozzle.In this pedicure completely ruled out the possibility of injury to the skin or cuts.

When running feet you first need about 6-8 treatments to bring the legs in perfect condition.But as at the time of such a pedicure functioning cells are not removed, so over time the procedure pedicure you will be required less and less.

disadvantage of such a pedicure is that it costs more classical.Read more about the technique of hardware pedicure and how to do pedicure at home by yourself.

What better Pedicures - hardware or a classic?

As you can read above both kinds of pedicure has its advantages and disadvantages.By and large you decide what to choose between.On the one hand cheap procedure and the ability to be infected by a fungus, on the other hand more expensive procedure, but without the risk of getting an infection.

reviews about all kinds of pedicure


I master pedicure.Also makes the classic (with a beginning. I do it perfectly).My clients are gradually switched to hardware.Corns grow much less.Stops after extremely well maintained hardware.But there is one thing.There were clients who once tried incompetent and unprofessional a pedicure earlier, they were disappointed.I had to tell them everything, and we can say to convince otherwise.Conclusion: Despite whose hands did what forests, what cosmetics and executed exactly if all the equipment hardware pedicure without savings.


hardware at times better.Not so traumatic, cropped (cuticle) grows faster than the ordinary.Such grinding and therefore soft stop was not long ago.Only the hardware.Classic after - well, actually not quoted.


Apparatus pedicure is MUCH better than the classic - it takes away all the light corns and calluses, and you do not have anything extra srezhut (brrrr), which is likely to peel off when edging pedikyure..i no longer !!


husband and I love the classics, the hardware is not so relaxing, so it's best to choose what is pleasant, and advise you.

And what pedicure love you and why?