Coral peeling at home - a guide for home

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27 April 2016

Coral peeling at home types of cosmetic facial peels - a lot.Great popularity among them deserved a coral peeling.Why is that?For the procedure used exclusively vegetable ingredients and contraindications are minimal.Not to mention the fact that the scope of this procedure is quite broad.What are the features of a coral peeling, and how to implement it at home?

content of the article:

  • Coral peeling.The essence of the procedure
  • composition, the components of a coral peeling
  • detailed instructions for completing a coral peeling
  • Features and benefits of coral peeling
  • results, the effectiveness of coral peeling
  • Indications coral peeling
  • Contraindications coral peeling
  • Important Coralpeeling

Coral peeling.The essence of the procedure

Coral peeling at home - a guide main objective of one kind median peeling (coral) - mechanical exfoliation .This is a great alternative to the more severe types of chemical peels, different rigid components.Thanks coral peeling can align skin, eliminating acne, freckles, scars.The perfect solution f

or skin rejuvenation as a beauty salon and at home.

composition, the components of a coral peeling

  • finely ground corals (ocean, sea)
  • Sea salt
  • vitamins (A, E)
  • Essential oils

Coral peeling the consistency resembles a traditional scrub.Only the "abrasive" composition smaller.

detailed instructions for completing a coral peeling house

Instructions Coral peeling

  • Wash the face with a gentle soap or antibacterial gel.
  • wipe the skin lotion.
  • Apply composition for skin preparation to microdermabrasion (a lotion are usually available in the bundle).
  • read the instructions, paying special attention to side effects and contraindications (when in doubt best to consult with a specialist).
  • At home, it is impossible to choose the concentration of abrasive and consistency without peeling specialist.Therefore it is necessary to apply the composition average concentration , available in pharmacies (retail).
  • Apply exfoliating the skin, gently massage.
  • After two minutes, rinse with warm water.
  • Apply cream (moisturizing) to protection against ultraviolet filtering materials .
  • preferred not to go out on the day of the procedure, especially in the hot summer weather, to avoid the appearance of facial areas of increased pigmentation.

Features and benefits of coral peeling

Features Coral peeling

  • course Coral peeling - four procedures (interval - a week and a half), depending on the tolerance of the composition.
  • insufficient effect?Hence, the procedure can be repeated.But not before two months .
  • Given that peeling does not dry the skin, it is quite possible to apply for sensitive skin .
  • Coral peeling is a part of the healing minerals, acids and vegetable proteins, chlorophyll, minerals and so on. Due to this, along with careful polishing of the skin occurs it hydration, nutrition and regeneration.
  • Again, thanks to the vegetation composition, minimized allergies, irritation, rashes and other "pleasure" chemical peels.

Benefits coral peeling

  • does not require special careful preparation of the skin prior to the procedure.
  • No need to wait until the redness come and take the skin a natural look.

results, the effectiveness of coral peeling

Results coral peeling According to the reviews of the fair sex, the majority of women were satisfied with the procedure. tightening pores, the disappearance of scars and acne (pimples) , improving the overall skin condition marked by almost all who have experienced the effects of coral peeling.Also worth noting are the results as:

  • Improved complexion
  • pore cleansing from fat
  • Alignment skin relief
  • velvety skin
  • resorptionspider veins
  • Strengthening capillaries
  • Normalization flow
  • overall improvement skin and its elasticity

Indications coral peeling

  • Acne
  • Skin pigmentation
  • inflammation, redness
  • scars, scars, micro-wrinkles, deep wrinkles
  • Removing the effects of sunburn
  • Streamers
  • Couperose

Contraindications coral peeling

  • Pregnancy
  • Skin diseases
  • The acute form of herpes

Important Coral peeling

  • During the first week banned from visiting saunas and baths .
  • skin after the procedure should be carefully protected from heat .
  • Throughout the recovery period should be applied to the skin moisturizing and nourishing creams .
  • When peeling is recommended to use mechanical methods for quick recovery.

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