The most beautiful manicure in the style of "Golden Autumn"

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28 April 2016

And then came the dull gray autumn and only the bright leaves of the trees uplifting.Very wanted to wrap myself up warmly and, unfortunately, all the clothes some little gray.Oh, it's not enough ink!But it can be easy to fix!Create a colorful mood for yourself!And what could be better than a bright manicure?
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  • Autumn manicure at home
  • Preparation for painting nails
  • Original ideas for autumn manicure

original manicure at home.Should I try and you need to do?

And why not?Of course, the cabin features a professional designer and ready to put into marigolds any pictures on your taste, offer and capacity, and many other special procedures and services.But on a visit to the salon it takes time, which is not always possible to find, besides not everyone has the opportunity to attend and salons.But to make an original painting their nails at home - is quite real.However, if it's your first "pen test" just like in the cabin can not happen.However, a bit of patience and the

desire - and a good manicure is provided to you.

So, we found out that we should not discard the option of independent painting nails at home.But what will it take?

First of all, prepare the tools and materials. For painting we need:

  • Lucky several colors and with different properties to start would be enough for two or three nail art and conventional paint (it will be applied as the basis of color) that you use in your first job.It is also worth to buy a fixer nail polish and nail-base.
  • Water and acrylic paints: just perfect for painting your nails.A big plus of this material - an affordable price, which is several times lower than the cost of the vial varnish.
  • Coloured acrylic powder: it may be necessary for decoration, and to, in some cases, simplify your work.
  • Brushes: different thicknesses - are required to apply for lines and painting.
  • sharp wooden sticks of various thicknesses: just need to create different lines on the nail,
  • Needles (they can be replaced with toothpicks) required for the application of very fine dots and lines.Choosing between the needles and toothpicks remember that the metal can damage the nail plate and spoil the picture.
  • Decoration: stones, rhinestones, glitter and thread to decorate your picture, make it brighter, emphasizing individuality.But in all important measure, and too iridescent picture can completely "kill" picture.
  • Patience: it will take a lot, especially the first time.But for this you will be rewarded with a unique manicure.

And yet - a few rules-tips to help you:

  • If you are not sure of your artistic talent - that's no reason to despair.Just try to start with a simple composition of lines and geometric shapes.
  • Carefully consider drawing , and most importantly - it colors .To avoid unnecessary medley, try not to just two or three colors of the figure in harmony with each other and combined with the background color, but also fit the clothes.Then, your nail polish will not just look spectacular, but perfectly complement your image.

How to prepare your nails for painting?

Figure selected materials bought, and you are ready to begin.Take your time!Before proceeding with the actual painting, you need to prepare not only the nails to manicure look good, but to you it was easier to apply the pattern.

Above all, remember that the nail must have a flat surface as possible, so you should prepare your nails:

  1. Remove old nail with a cotton swab with a special nail polish remover;
  2. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly;
  3. In no case do not use in front of manicured hand cream;
  4. important point of preparation - nail plate processing: nail file, align the tips of the nails, paying attention to the corners - they must be smoothly rounded;then a special treat polishing your nails properly;
  5. in nail and cuticle oil to rub a little special for supply of nails and soften the cuticles.If you do not - it does not matter, you can use most common hand cream or olive oil.After a short while, move the cuticle and remove excess oil;
  6. inflicting on nail polish with a thin layer of platinum-based, wait until it dries.Now your nails are ready, you can begin to create a drawing.

How to make a beautiful manicure in the style of "Golden Autumn»

Autumn rainbow

simple but very effective picture "Autumn Rainbow" is quite suitable to perform even for novice artists.For work, we need:

  • Lucky or acrylic paint in three colors: black, orange, white
  • brush for applying nail polish and stick to apply points
  • How to make a drawing:
  • Lac basis and will be our base color.Therefore, causing it dry thoroughly and, if necessary, apply a second layer of the basics: the main thing that nail color was uniform.


  1. figure we start with an orange strip.Always dipped the brush into the paint, remove the excess, this will help avoid irregularities and flaws in the drawing figure.Wait until the paint dries.
  2. Now carefully plot the black lacquer on top of the nail.Wait until the applied color dries.
  3. On the border of flowers on the little finger and ring fingers of both hands carefully plot the points: five points across the boundary line on the little finger and three points on the outer sides in the nameless.Thoroughly dried.
  4. Apply fixer for nail polish.It is necessary to store the picture.

Autumn maple

Manicure "Autumn Maple" we need:

  • Lucky or acrylic paint in black, gold and scarlet
  • glitter golden various shapes
  • brushes and sticks for drawing lines

How do I figure:

  1. main, base color, which we will apply the pattern becomes clear varnish-base.
  2. black lacquer or paint the contours of maple leaves, apply a thin stick.Wait until the paint dries.
  3. golden lacquer paint maple leaves.Once the layer is dry, apply a thin stick with black streaks on the leaves and wait until the picture is dry.
  4. along the contours of maple leaves fine brush, apply random red color.Thoroughly dry the coat of varnish.
  5. At the edge of the nail gently add another layer of lacquer base and apply thickly Glitters.Then do the same thing at the bottom of the nail, but Glitters apply already using a fan-shaped hands and not so thick as on the edge of the nail platinum.
  6. Wait until everything is dry, and cover the nails fixer nail polish.Manicure ready.

Red Gold

Manicure in an abstract style, we need:

  • brushes and sticks of different thicknesses;
  • Lucky for painting nails in three colors: gold, purple, black;
  • golden glitters.

How do I figure:

  1. start drawing from the bottom of a fingernail on a diagonal purple strip brush.When the paint has dried, in the same direction over conduct a strip of golden after drying and again we put a purple band around the edge of the nail plate.Thoroughly dry pattern.
  2. wand randomly in the border area of ​​purple and gold with black lacquer draws a line in the branches of a tree.Wait until the image is dry.
  3. applied to the purple pieces of drawing clear varnish-base and a fan-shaped brush is sprayed gold glitters.
  4. Once the image has dried, cover the nails fixer for nail polish.Our Manicure ready.
  5. Remember to figure looked carefully, you need to draw a soft flowing movements.Just carefully select colors for manicure and do not skimp on proprietary varnishes and devices for drawing - it's not just an overpayment for a brand is a guarantee of the quality of the material, and thus, ultimately, and your manicure that will look stylish and expensive.

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