Removing Shellac (Shellac) at home?

By Admin | Beauty
29 April 2016

Shellac has many advantages over conventional varnish.Mainly their resistance, but in this context the question arises: how then shoot it with nails?Is it difficult to remove the cover at home for yourself?
If you do not have time to go to the salon to remove shilak, it can be done at home.

To remove shellac, you will need: cotton pads, foil, orange sticks, a special agent that dissolves the coating or Manicure nail polish remover containing acetone.

Removal Procedure shellac

1. To begin, wash your hands with soap and water or a leg if you are going to remove a pedicure.

2. Take a cotton circles and divide them into two parts, then each part in half.These half-disks will be convenient to wrap the tips of his fingers.

3. Moisten cotton pads with liquid and wrap their fingertips.

4. Each wrapped in cotton wool fingertip on top of foil wrapped.

5. wrap the fingers should be left on for 10-15 minutes.

6. During this time, gently massage your fingertips, wrapped in foil.

7. Remove the foil fro

m the fingers fleece.Shellac during this time should peel off easily removed whole film.If he does not flaked off to the end, residues can be removed orange stick.

8. You can then drew level a little shape of the nail and slightly abraded it.

9. It is useful to put on nails oil, rubbing it easy massage movements.

In general, the procedure does not represent greater complexity and takes a little time.

reviews stripping shellac own


Nail polish remover cotton + + sponzhik bafik and your natural nogtiki again only negative for me personally in shellac - the nail plate is a little dim.


So I took off, babe still stunned from the foil on the fingers.Waste is not very good, so I will take the fluid stronger.


desirable special acetone nail removed.No need to cut away, to scrape, too.And then you'll cry, took home a nail joints!Shellac is nonsense ... of course the seams if not scrape who quit nail stuff!Soskrebete with your fingernail.

You easily removed cover shilak home alone?