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29 April 2016

On long, thick eyelashes dream of every girl who can not boast of such.To overstate the importance of natural beauty eyelashes simply impossible.Eyes - the mirror of the soul, then the eyelashes are gorgeous rim of the mirror, it look expressive and ethereal appeal.Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of such wealth, but each is able to take care that the lashes were healthy, so long and fluffy.

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What determines the length and thickness of eyelashes?

thickness and length of lashes - a genetically inherited traits that do not change throughout life. They are defined amount of hair follicles.Therefore, it is important to understand that no means can not afford to increase the amount of real eyelashes, they can only help to achieve visual increasing the density of the eyelashes, and their leng


  • long eyelashes in different people different.Someone is 8mm , and someone all 12 mm on the upper eyelid and up to 8 mm on the ground.It depends primarily on ethnicity and individual characteristics.
  • Lifetime eyelashes small - just 170 days .With their rapid loss, they also grow longer any other hair on the human body.

Many women today complain of excessive loss of eyelashes and slowing their growth.All this happens in the first place, because of not properly care for them and, secondly, because of the use of non-quality cosmetics and, thirdly, because of malnutrition and lack of vitamins.

vitamins for eyelash growth

Eyelashes - a hair, consisting of 3% moisture , the remaining 97% - a protein substance called keratin .Because, if they are weak, then they should be treated, and there will be very useful any mask, rich in vitamins, nutrients and plant extracts. In formation of keratin participate vitamin E and provitamin A .Consequently, if your eyelashes become more sparse, then the body of these vitamins is not enough.

to improve their eyelashes, give them a natural shine, great length and thickness, should saturate the body with vitamins A and E, for example, include in your diet raw carrots, apricots, peppers, egg yolk, butter, spinach, tomatoesliver of animals and fish, tea add rose hips and sea buckthorn. contribute to the speedy growth of cilia and B vitamins, which are great content in meat and dairy products.Also, ready-vitamin complexes and capsules, for example, it is possible to find and buy in all pharmacies.

rich in vitamins that are so essential to our cilia, such vegetable oils:

  • castor;
  • burdock;
  • almond;
  • grape seed oil;
  • rose oil;
  • wheat germ oil;
  • linseed oil;
  • olive, and others.

These nutritious vegetable oil useful and necessary for the healthy growth of eyelashes , because they stimulate him greatly improve the structure of cilia, prevent their excessive hair loss. They can be used either singly or in combination , mixing, for example, washed out of a tube of mascara.Before application, allow the oil to drain from the brush and then comb cilia throughout.Using this masochku daily, the effect is not long to wait, and you will see the first results after two weeks of application.

best folk remedies to lash

to improve lash yourself at home, use a mixture of different compounds and oils, and vitamins.

  1. Castor oil + oil + hips + buckthorn carrot juice plus vitamin A.
  2. same castor oil can be mixed with rum .When applied to the eyelids and eyelashes, avoid contact with eyes, in order to avoid unpleasant tingling and an oily veil on the eyes, from which besides is difficult to get rid of.
  3. Burdock oil can be mixed with a strong brew of black tea in the ratio of 1: 1.This mask will not only strengthen the cilia, but also make them more saturated color.
  4. Distinguished mask will mixing several kinds different oils in the same proportion .Apply this mask on the eyelashes and eyelids for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm just a little water or broth chamomile.
  5. Castor oil has a positive effect on the structure of the eyelashes, strengthens them and prevents hair loss, stimulates growth.
  6. almond, burdock, linseed and many other oils have virtually the same effect.
  7. Pink same oil greatly helps Ages relax after a hard day's work or stress.This in turn slows down the aging of the eyelids, eyelashes thereby retained longer, do not fall prematurely.Such mixtures can fully nourish the skin of eyelids and eyelashes to saturate.They can also be used as a means for removing eye makeup.

That's what women say about vitamin cocktails for eyelashes:


masochki I use castor oil for more than half a year almost daily.The effect was evident in a month.Today my cilia grown by about 4 mm and not painted perfectly able to emphasize the expressiveness of my blue eyes!


stronger and shiny my eyelashes makes aloe juice, it contains vitamins E, B, C and beta-carotene, rich in vitamin A. masochki of aloe juice, a spoon of honey and egg yolk applied to the half-hour,It helps to relieve tension and improve with age structure of cilia.


tube of old mascara I've always filled with a mixture of oils.After evening washing, I put or render it on the eyelashes and leave it for a while before going to bed.Bedtime necessarily wipe dry with a cotton pad.At night, I do not recommend to leave because you can wake up with puffy eyes!

addition to strengthening eyelashes , enjoy a sedation skin around the eyes using a special massage oil or a simple combination of, say, almond oil, aloe juice and chopped parsley.A mixture of these components are put on the eyelids and eyelashes, a little to massage the skin.Wash off after 10-20 minutes.

to remedy any damage you brought maximum benefit , care should be taken to create favorable conditions for the rapid growth of cilia.The main and basic rule here is thorough daily removal of makeup from the eyelids and eye .In no case can not be used for this purpose with soap and water, which is only the eyelid skin retain moisture and slow down hair growth.In stores now sell an array of special tools for removal and make-up, also can be used natural oily mixture.

all the rules and recommendations will help your lashes always look great!

Cosmetics for the growth of eyelashes.Reviews

most common to loss of eyelashes , slow down their growth lead not beriberi, not the specific disease and stress, and use of poor-quality cosmetics .Drawing on cheap mascara lashes, suddenly suspend action made vitamin mask.Therefore, a serious approach to the selection of cosmetics for your eyes.

on the market a wide range of activators lash , and they all perform the same function.If you do not trust traditional medicine or do not have time for this, we recommend recourse to such serums and stimulants .Choose the most suitable will not be easy, because the mass of such funds and they all vary in composition, at a price, application and other parameters.

  • most popular means in Russia today is Careprost .It consists of bimatoprost, which feeds the hair follicle, improve blood circulation and metabolism in the eyelashes.This biologically active fatty acid complex has almost all tissues of the human body, and therefore, its effect creates an artificial effect and gives lashes 100% to exercise inherent nature of the program.

Thousands reviews confirm the effectiveness of the means Careprost, here are some of them:


bought Careprost after removing the eyelash extensions.I take 3 months and the result is really noticeable.Restoring eyelashes takes place on "Hurrah!", They grew up there, where fell.I recommend!


I use this tool for six months, and not going to change, as before.This is one of the few effective means.In addition, it is very economical, just bought a second bottle, that is enough of almost 6 months.This 3 months Careprost inflicted every day, and the next 3 months a day.The manual states that the brush should be changed with each application, but it is not really, because I simply my every time.I advise you to trim the edges of the brush pile that substantial savings.

  • means Almea Xlash promises greater impact than Careprost due to its 100% natural.The basis of preparation is to extract the juice and soft corals usma.Natural ingredients, reduction of side effects, ease of application and ease of packaging and affordable price made it the best-selling tool among similar to him in Switzerland.


Earlier in the year, enjoyed Careprost - The product is suitable for the price and quality of the suit.Then, to compare I decided to buy a more expensive Xlash.Special differences in effect I have not noticed, but the latter is captivating natural composition.And besides eyes was somehow easier, they have become less tired or something.Visually, as for me, the same thing, but still, even small advantages pleasing because now the use Xlash.


For a long time on the part of the left eye lashes did not want to grow.And the rest of the matter dropped, not even managing to grow.Why have not I tried: and build quality eyelashes in the salons, and anointed them with different oils, and bought a lot of special tools, but drastic changes all happened.XLash for me was just another drug, and its purchase, I reacted rather skeptically.Many means of provoking an allergic reaction or irritation, and he was waiting for the same!But none of the above does not happen!XLash does not cause discomfort in contact with agents on the mucous membrane of the eye.At first, it was noticeably slight scratching in the application, but a few days later and it was gone.Apply the medication at first and in the morning and evening, and a week later began to grow new small cilia in places bald patches and none even fallen!Already in the third week of the new application lashes almost equal with the old ones and a little grown up, stopped falling altogether and tighten up a little bit and without forceps.I recommend definitely!

  • means to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and increased Carelash , as Careprost comprises bimatoprost, which is synthesized from the extract of sea coral.It is made in India.Those who have used this facility, note its effectiveness at 3 week.Cilia not only become stronger and longer, and darker.

Here's a review of Inna serum Carelash:

Twice I stepped up the eyelashes, and the last time do not shoot them in the cabin, probably because of its cilia become much less!Carelash drug use for more than a month and already noticed that the lashes have become thicker and much darker, but so far only near the roots.Noticeable is also a small growth of eyelashes, but the changes are not yet clear, I hope and believe that this will soon change!Painted the cilia were undoubtedly look spectacular.In general, I use with pleasure and I advise everyone!

  • Extension kit - it's 2 in 1 and mascara, and fiber extension.The active substance - 100% creatine, which is lacking in your eyelashes!This tool is the most persistent of similar to him.When using a guaranteed immediate visual effect and the amount of maximum elongation.


take this ink is not the first year!I can not say exactly which week see the result, because I have not been watching him since and did not know what means of healing.When I saw on the internet, I read, and start to analyze - and eyelashes something really become longer and darker, I even began to paint them less often.

If your lashes in order, it is unlikely that all these funds will make them longer, stronger and thicker.Why use additional funds, if awarded the very nature inherent beauty.The results should be glad the women who have had problems with eyelashes, from whom they have been weakened, with rare and short.

should also be remembered that cease application of a cosmetic product would lead to the fact that in a few months will be the same lashes .Therefore, to preserve their beauty and health, continue to use drugs at least 2 times a week.Long eyelashes, mysterious and languid eyes, so necessary for every woman - it is a reality!

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