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30 April 2016

Almond peeling at home - User Home many, based on the title, comes the idea that this type of peeling used almond.They are not much mistaken.For the procedure a chemical peel is used almond almond acid formed by hydrolysis of extracts of bitter nuts (almonds). Women also love coral peeling.

content of the article:

  • Features and benefits of almond peeling
  • Recipe 1. Ingredients mask
  • Recipe 2. Composition mask
  • instructions to perform peeling with mandelic acid
  • Action and the results of almond peeling
  • Indicationspeeling
  • Contraindications peeling with mandelic acid
  • tips and recommendations on the application of a peeling house

Almond peeling house acid molecules are large compared with glycolic acid, sizes, ensuring their gradual penetration into the skin.Due to this, the risk of allergies is minimized.Is it possible to carry out this procedure at home, you need to do, and whether there are contraindications?

Almond peeling.Features and benefits of the procedure

Almond peeling own home This type of peel is often designated as the pre-process before majo

r procedures intensely affects the skin of the face.Almond chemical peels belong to alfagidrokislotam and a gentle method of care.What are its characteristics?

  • instant result is considered positive because of its rapid disappearance. best result - namely a gradual .
  • Adjustment skin occurs after only a few courses.
  • For best results require course of ten treatments peeling (one week).
  • contraindications (be careful).
  • well tolerated.
  • Absolute security for women with sensitive and dark (dark) skin.

Recipe 1. Ingredients masks almond peeling

Almond peeling - mask recipe №1 This peel is ideal for in the hot summer .How to knead the mixture for this almost magical mask at home?
You will need:

  • Powdered almonds - 4 hours. L.
  • Aloe (juice) - 4 hours. L.
  • Almond Oil - 2 tsp
  • non-carbonated mineral water - 4 tsp
  • Kaolin - 2 tsp
  • Oatmeal (finely grinded) - 4 tsp
  • Lavender - 9 drops.

method of preparing mask:

  • chopped almonds, oatmeal and kaolin filled with hot water (not boiling water, about sixty degrees).
  • The resulting mixture is added aloe and almond oil.
  • Lavender mixture is added to the mixture after cooling.

Apply the mask on clean face before the shower (ten minutes ), after a shower moisturize cream.The frequency of treatment - no more twice in seven days , for dry skin - no more than once a week and a half.

Recipe 2. Composition mask almond peeling

Almond peeling - mask recipe №2

  • ground almonds
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk

Take each component - at half the dining roomspoon.Apply the mixture on clean skin, massage, pre-moistened with a little water.Wash (no soap), wet towel.Recipe used twice a week , not more.

instructions to perform peeling with mandelic acid

Instructions for almond peeling

  • Before purchasing agent for almond peeling, make sure that the shelf life of composition has not expired, and the brand is extremely positive feedback.
  • Carefully read the instructions on the use of the composition.
  • makeup remover.
  • Clear skin tonic, created on the basis of ten percent mandelic acid.
  • Implement exfoliation using five percent mandelic acid (at this stage is determined by the sensitivity of the skin to the chemical components of the mixture).
  • in the regular time (twenty minutes) to clean the skin tridtsatiprotsentnym mandelic acid solution.
  • Apply a soothing mask five minutes.
  • Remove the mask and apply a moisturizing cream.

Action and the results of almond peeling

  • Efficiency the treatment of acne , due to its excellent content keratolika.
  • Hurdle komedogenezu .
  • bactericidal action , comparable with the action of antibiotics.
  • Recovery general tone, relief skin elasticity.
  • struggle against mimic wrinkles and early skin aging.
  • Neutralization inflammatory , satellites are often the acne.
  • stimulation of cell regeneration.
  • Remedy age spots , due to the removal of the upper stratum corneum.
  • Increased synthesis of elastin and collagen (skin rejuvenation).
  • lifting effect .

Indications almond peeling

  • Age-related changes of the skin (signs of aging)
  • Brown spots
  • comedones, pimples, blackheads
  • postacne
  • Uneven skin color
  • too bright freckles
  • Thick proneacne skin in women over 30 years old
  • Shallow wrinkles Loss of elasticity
  • Reduced skin tone

Despite the fact that almond peeling - chemical irritation from him a minimum (unlike glycol), and it can be used safely even for sensitive skin .

Contraindications peeling with mandelic acid

  • Hypersensitivity of the components
  • Herpes
  • Couperose
  • Pregnancy
  • Impaired skin integrity
  • Somatic diseases

tips and recommendations on the application of almond peeling house

Results almond peeling

  • In implementing the procedures almond peeling home use immediately concentrated acid solution is not recommended.That is, should not be abused, and caution can not hurt.To begin better with five percent solution .
  • Ten days before the peel is preferred to use a cream containing mandelic acid for skin addiction.
  • in the sun (sunbathing) after peeling should not be.
  • After peeling should apply a soothing, moisturizer .

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