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30 April 2016

More time specialists in dietetics was discharged on the study of such a method of struggle against excess centimeters, as menus, based on the characteristics of blood.Active learning of this method began in the twentieth century, and today it is already highly integrated system of high-speed and safe for the body to lose excess weight.

content of the article:

  • Why is it important to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • 4+ People with blood group, who are they?
  • diet for people with blood group 4+
  • tips on nutrition for people with blood group 4+
  • Reviews forums from people who experienced the effects of diet on himself

Healthy lifestyle - a good habit

Diet for a fourth positive blood group is an excellent alternative to any modern methods of weight loss.The effectiveness of techniques repeatedly confirmed performance statistics, testimonials of people and medical research.But, of course, to achieve not just a short-term effect and persistent weight loss, enter this menu a habit, redrawing its tr

aditional outlook on life and beliefs about healthy eating.

Weight loss with this method - it is a natural process, without excessive abuse of the body by starvation.Specific dietary diet designed to improve the whole entire body and as efficiently as possible to adjust the weight.Recourse to this method of weight loss, you should immediately focus on the long term - the struggle for health and beautiful figure should become a way of life and the constant tradition - to eat properly.

extreme diets, such as, for example, three-day or other, upset the functional process of the internal organs and impair the body's metabolic processes.Due to the blood group diet, the body begins the path to recovery, without falling into a state of shock.

Representatives 4th + of blood

About eight percent of the world's population has this blood group, which emerged as a result of combination of groups A and B. The carriers 4+ blood group - people with not very strong immune system and a verysensitive digestive tract.For such people, it is a mixed-moderate diet.

process of losing weight through diet options can be defined as the speed up, and, alas, slow down.For optimal performance of all body systems and specialists have developed a special range of products - its for each blood group.

especially people with 4th + blood group:

  • instability to attacks of infectious diseases;
  • weak immune system;
  • risk of cancer;
  • sensitivity of the digestive tract;
  • risk of developing anemia and cardiovascular disease.

principle diets 4th + blood group

First and foremost, this principle is based on the strengthening of the immune system, cleansing the body of toxins, accelerate metabolic processes and optimization of the internal organs.Due to the combined effect on the body, leaving extra weight in a short time without stress and hunger, due to an optimal balance of products.

useful and harmful products for people with 4th + blood group:

1. Meat

Useful: b aranina, rabbit, turkey, lamb.

Harmful: with vinina, beef, veal, duck, chicken, bacon, sausage, ham

Limit: n echen heart.

2. Fish

Useful: t unets, sturgeon, cod and cod liver, salmon species, sea kale.

Harmful : salted, pickled and fresh herrings, anchovies, halibut, flounder, clams, crab, hake, eel, wonton, crayfish.

Limit: m idii, shrimp, carp fillets, squid.

3. Dairy products

Useful: d omashny yogurt, yogurt, low-fat sour cream and low-fat cottage cheese, fermented baked milk.

Harmful : brie, cheese, whole milk.

Limit : butter, cream cheese.

4. Drink

Useful: s Jelenia tea, ginger tea, vegetable juices (cabbage, carrot), ginseng, echinacea, hawthorn.

Harmful : lime, senna, aloe.

Limit : beer, tea with mint, coffee, chamomile tea, red wine, raspberry, valerian, Don Quay.

5. Cereals

Useful: oevye with cereal, oatmeal, rice, barley, millet.

Harmful: Mr. Recha, corn flakes (flour).

6. Vegetables

useful : eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, green onions, beets, cucumbers, carrots.

Harmful : tomatoes, peppers (all kinds, especially acute), corn, beans, radishes, potatoes, black olives, artichokes.

7. Fruit and berries

useful: in inograd, blackberry, lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi, plum, cherry.

Harmful : avocados, mangoes, oranges, bananas, persimmons,

8. Nuts

Useful: Mr. Retsky nuts, flaxseed, peanuts.

Harmful : almonds, sunflower seeds, pistachios.

9. Dietary supplements, vitamins

Useful: Bromelain, Quercetin, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, thistle, Milk thistle

Specific recommendations for people with 4th + of blood

  • Reduced use diet of meat products.
  • increase in the number of fruits and vegetables in the daily menu - up to five servings per day.Vitamin C in fruit reduces the risk of cancer.
  • tofu consumption in the diet (tofu - a perfect source of protein for the group of blood).
  • corn, buckwheat, sesame grains and legumes should be deleted because of decrease of insulin production and, consequently, slow metabolism by use of these products.
  • Limit in a diet of wheat and its products.
  • best start in the morning - a glass of water with lemon juice and carrot juice, papaya, cranberries, cherries or grapes - three cups a day.

Reviews forums from people who have experienced the effects of diet


I seriously diets never approached.Just limit yourself to certain foods.However, kilograms, dropped almost immediately to the place of return.A blood group diet - really "keeps the weight."It is a pity, black olives, my favorite, you can not.And on the pancakes was abandoned.And from the free-potatoes.:( But in general - is acceptable, you can live.With meat, too, it was a little too heavy - lamb in the afternoon with fire not find.Basically, the turkey went.Most importantly - an effect that is.The body as the clock began to work.And waist thinner and thinner ... :)


I myself izmuryzhila sorts of starvation and mono-diet.And only "blood" diet get results.During the winter, I threw everything that was accumulated earlier.And without any discomfort.:) did not even have any hated oatmeal, herbs themselves galetkami and night to attack the refrigerator.:) gourmet turkey with salad and eggplants (saute), making fruit desserts from berries, fruits allowed ... in short, okay.Voice - for this diet.:)


Oddly enough, but the list of names that food, without which I can not.:) Slightly corrected the only and all.So much did not have to suffer.The only beef, veal, pork is removed from the menu, with a creak.Very much love.But turkey - also goes perfectly.:)


logic in a diet exactly present.Blood - it's not you huhry-muhry affects the person very much.Even the character, what can you say about digestion.I personally do not like diets, I tried purely out of curiosity.But I enjoyed it so much to keep yourself in shape and, in particular, that the stomach ache stopped, I'm so on this diet remained.The hardest thing was - to learn how to cook something "sort" of products that can be.But if you want, anything is possible.:) beet - and you can lean soup or broth of turkey.Vinaigrette same with olive oil instead of mayonnaise (I strongly advise those who have problems with a visit to the office thought. Not cool diet! :)

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