Best deodorant smell of sweat, wet armpits and no marks on clothes

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01 May 2016

Every woman surely knows that sweating - a natural process by which it is impossible to get rid once and for all.Even if they wanted to, and we can not do this, because it is a cycle in our body, which contributes to the favorable metabolism and functioning of the organism as a whole.To prevent odors and stains on clothes, most people fleeing deodorants, but their actions, as well as species is not the same.

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  • top 10 dezodarantov according to Russian women
  • Which deodorant is not worth buying?

Choice Women: Top 10 deodorants

Below we compiled a list of the best, according to the Russians, absorbing funds, one of which is guaranteed to help in am in the fight against sweating.

1. In the first place deodorant brand Nivea . This deodorant provides not only care for your skin, but also the restoration.The composition has aluminum chlorohydrate, which prevents perspiration, as well as perfumes, oils and extracts that helps to restore the skin .Softeners make the s

kin soft and active components of coconut oil give pleasant aroma .It means absolutely not stain clothes, if you wait for it dry.Deodorizing effect is enough for the whole day, and when applied, its tender texture gives a positive experience.There are only negative at this deodorant, according to many of the girls - it quite heavy glass bottle , which may break if dropped.


I really noticed the effect of caregiver resources.I began to appear spots on the armpits, did not attach much importance, as it turns out, it was serious.Medical treatment, I bought a deodorant Nivea.Now there is no problem, and the skin was again physical and very pleasant to the touch.I am pleased that dezikom!

2. Antiperspirant Dove will not only be faithful helpers to combat sweating , but also give care to your skin after shaving .The composition also has aluminum chlorohydrate.Unique softening formula developed by Dove - Pro-epil great softens , and special components allow the agent is quickly absorbed into the skin.Leaving no trace on clothes.Special anti-inflammatory effectiveness t leaves skin irritations.


I already feel like I'm really turned on cosmetics this company!All that is possible, I have tried to choose and further costs because all funds Dove perfectly approached me.Deodorant cope with my glands and never have I been in an awkward position.Thank Dove!

3. Deodorant Garnier . composition means a good, stearic alcohol heavily does not dry the skin , so that it is even suitable for dry skin.Chamomile heals micro cracks and makes the skin pleasantly soft and gentle.The only minus - it long drying , if not dry, it will stain.So you need a little patience.The effect is good, however, instead of the claimed 48 hours, it stands 24, but that is enough, after taking a shower, double Yet nothing left!The tool comes in very convenient and easy packaging , which allows even carry it in your bag.Light aroma completely unobtrusive, it does not interrupt the smell of perfume.Consistency deodorant very pleasant.


roll-on deodorants and sprays Garnier I personally, are very suitable, - shares with us from Yaroslavl - active minerals that are in the lineup, miraculously saved me from sweating.Finally, I feel relaxed, raise their hands, and when I want to hug when meeting with friends.No irritation, even when I use immediately after shaving.

4. Equally popular in the market antiperspirant roll-on deodorants Fa and long since emerged Lady Speed ​​Stick . These brands hold the bar, and the quality falls.The advantage is their fairly wide range and variety of smells - every girl will be dezik himself.


Fa was my first deodorant.Bought ball first since sprays has not been, as far as I remember.Today, I have both of them antiperspirants Fa, and I am very happy, because the variety of scents helps me to combine them even with my toilet water!

5. Rexona .Surely each of us have seen the advertisement of these funds, and even tried them.And who tried that necessarily stops at his choice, so says the majority of Russians.


spray Rexona I take more than one year.Typically, over the years the quality of products falls, but this is not true of the brand deodorants.White stains on clothing, it does not appear, and do not appear unpleasant smell, it does not come from me, it did not come until now.And I advise you to see this!

Indeed, Rexona ensures unsurpassed protection.In its structure there is nothing that can be detrimental to your skin, if you have an allergy to a component.It has a good deodorizing effect.

6. Deodorant DeoIce .Manufacturers claim that he made from a single piece of mining mineral and many women agree with this!Most importantly, as part of this tool no preservatives, no alcohol, and artificial flavors .Unlike deodorant DeoIce from all other means that it not block the pores of the sweat glands and skin, even after the application continues to breathe.Even on sensitive skin will remain no irritations , means absolutely hypoallergenic and even there are no contraindications to use it during pregnancy.This deodorant to 100% consists of natural components - the mineral salt, and it does not cause any allergic reactions, and has no odor.


DeoIce I take less than a year, but already bought him a second time.I bought, because pregnant and afraid to use it with all sorts of Fa or Rexona.And it is not sorry for others now do not come back, the super agent.It is absolutely not sticky and leaves no traces on clothing.Mineral deodorant can use pregnant women and children.

7. Proceeds from the sweat of Oriflame wonderful and quite effectively fight then .The reason is not a cure, but it is not the manufacturer promises, but the odor you exactly disappeared.Deodorant Oriflame - is a mineral complex , which has, as a protective and caring properties.The feeling of freshness saved for the day.This product has been numerous studies and, ultimately received the approval and recommendation of the best dermatologists.As part means you will not see alcohol, which dries delicate female skin, and special formula, based on - silicone, care and are guaranteed to protect your clothes from white spots.


My girlfriend is engaged in distribution of cosmetics Oriflame.I myself never have ordered her not as skeptical of this brand.Here on a holiday, March 8, in my opinion, it gives me naborchik with cream and deodorant.When disappointed in the next bought in stores antiperspirant took and opened the gift that gather dust in a closet.And to my surprise - now I order her a means!Yeah, I did not expect such an effect - a great tool with amazing smells and the effect of 100%!

8. Fluides Classic - it medical deodorant , does not contain aluminum.Some doctors recommend this deodorant as even a medical complex.It is useful to clean the pores of the skin in the area of ​​the armpits and further produces disinfection .The manufacturer of this product is well aware of the dangers of aluminum, which can now be found in the part of many deodorants.Tin compound-treated coated film underarm area, thereby clogging the pores.This leads to the fact that the skin does not breathe.But few people know that the armpits - it is important for immunity zone, because at this point are the lymph nodes, through which the process of cleaning and removing toxins and other harmful substances from the body.Therefore, when choosing antiperspirants do not forget about their health and that sweating is an important process for the human body.Do not block the pores without hurting yourself.


smell of sweat is not something that does not give me rest, but there were days when I would fall through the floor!On the recommendation of his doctor bought a vehicle and the effect satisfied me.I've already forgotten the last time I was sweating.Besides FluidesClassic very economical, I personally have been using for over a year and a bottle is not finished yet.And all because the smell is not there, even for a few days.I do not use means every day - there is no need for this, it really helps to combat sweating for 2-3 days in the summer!Deodorant cleansing properties are very high.

9. Drysol - a universal deodorant-antiperspirant.In its structure it contains only 20% of aluminum chloride, which ensures its effectiveness and protection of the skin from excessive drying.The versatility of it is that is also suitable for getting rid of sweating feet.


bought this means to her husband.He is very fit, smears and legs and underarms.When the city much hot, I did not save the usual deodorant and antiperspirant Drysol's approached me.But often you can not use it, otherwise the skin can dry up!I, for example, alternating it with the means of Nivea.

10. Antiperspirant Odaban comes in a convenient spray form.It is convenient in that the means of action of the night, and therefore you should not wait until the antiperspirant to dry to wear clothes and worry about stains on it.Suitable for use by people with really sweating.As one of the most popular tools in the world with sweat, they are used by thousands of people.


I go to the gym, have been doing for three months, but could not pick up a decent deodorant.Just start to engage, and immediately begins!At first, like anything, but an hour later the smell is already felt, and I have to go home, leaving the training.And I'm planning to engage in three hours!Odaban has become another means and bought me a miracle!I found it!Now I am engaged for three hours as wanted, of course, I'm all wet, but did not smell like armpits!

Which deodorant do not choose a woman?


bought deodorant Vichy in aerosol form.The packaging manufacturer indicates that the tool adjusts excessive sweating, affecting the work of the sweat glands.Firstly, e the most expensive deodorant that I had once.But, to my great regret, I left them very unhappy, even more than any other means.I did not like the smell: the smell is weak, and the flavor is similar to the smell of cologne.Secondly, Vichy so did not adjust, the Vedas manufacturer is guaranteed subject to regular use of the product.


I often choose a deodorant smell.I should note that I did not sweating profusely.At the brand Adidas I really liking smells, their choice is wide enough.However, with the first use and first disappointment came in the facility because it cost a little sweat, and all immediately know about it - the spray did not interrupting a nasty smell of sweat.Well this dezik that it clearly does not stain clothes or skin.In addition, it allows you to use a slight odor parallel with any spirits.


What I have not tried deodorants, still returning to the Dove.This tool is captivating softness in care, only when it is applied, I have no irritation, even spray it immediately after shaving.Enough large variety of flavors, as well as the absence of stains on clothes appreciate any girl.


first good impression I got use spray "Invisible protection" from Nivea.Use them to start after deodorant Rxona, which strongly deer clothes.But here's the thing - Nivea «Invisible protection" is invisible not only in spots, but in effect.A few hours after use, there was no spirit and pleasant odor dezik.Most likely, this spray is designed for women with weak sweating.

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