How to choose the right shape of the eyebrows and to adjust their own brows

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01 May 2016

unique charm of the female person gives a beautiful arched eyebrows.Unfortunately, natural and perfect eyebrows, not everyone can boast.But luckily their shape can easily adjust.And it does not necessarily go for help in beauty salons.

content of the article:

  • determines the type of person
  • We select the shape of the eyebrows to the type of person
  • Eyebrow duly
  • Tips and useful video

How to determine your type of person?

There is a very large number of variations in the shape of eyebrows, but only five major:

  1. Round - a form of visual expression softens, helps to "hide" pronounced traits;
  2. curved - quite spectacular form.It gives a person a sense of confidence;
  3. Direct - visually make the face look oval and short;
  4. eyebrows with a break - give their holders a greater determination.Also, a sharp break rejuvenates the face a little bit;
  5. eyebrows with a mild fracture - give the face more feminine.

To correctly identify what shape of eyebrows is best suited to you,

you need to establish exactly what shape your face.To do this, you need to spend a little test:

  • Measure your face with a ruler from the roots of the hair to the chin;
  • resulting number is divided by 3;
  • Measure the distance from the bottom of the chin to the base of the nose.


  • If the number that you received in the second paragraph is more than that which came in the third, the shape of your face, most likely, square and long;
  • If the number that you received in the second paragraph is less than that which came in the third, the shape of your face is round or diamond-shaped;
  • If these two numbers are about the same - your face is oval or heart-shaped form.

We select the type of shape of eyebrows face

you have determined the type of your face, then we will give you some recommendations on the choice of the form of eyebrows:

  1. For round type of person - best suited eyebrowswith a break in which the short ends and a high rise.This form of visually lengthen your face and make it leaner.But do not break very sharp, and the eyebrows are not profitable to emphasize the roundness of the face.No need to make a circular shape of the eyebrows, it will further emphasize the roundness of the face.
  2. For oblong type of face best suited horizontal and straight eyebrows.Because your face will appear more rounded.For this type of person will not do her eyebrows with a break, they will strongly emphasize its length.
  3. For square type face - best suited highly arched eyebrows or kinked.They would smooth visually massive jaws.For this type of person will not fit eyebrows thin round shape.
  4. to heart-shaped face type - an ideal option would be rounded eyebrows that distract attention from the sharp chin.This type of person will not fit straight horizontal eyebrows, that will break the overall balance of facial features.
  5. for rhombic type of person - best suited arched eyebrows with a peak or the eyebrows with a break.This form of visual SD
  6. elaet
    your cheekbones and temples already.It is not appropriate to the person straight eyebrows, visually they make it wider.
  7. for oval face type - fit any shape of the eyebrows.Just do not need to do at a very high brow lift, it will give you an angry or surprised look.

How to approach the process and what you need?

Once you have determined the type of your face and brow shape that will suit you the most, go directly to the correction.In modern cosmetology, there are several ways to perform this procedure:

  1. Asiatic mode - performed by a thread.The advantage of this method is its sensitivity, it almost does not cause skin irritation.But this method requires good dexterity and skills.Correction manner possible and to yourself, only better first pass a short course of a professional beautician.Or read books and watch instructional videos that would understand the essence of this method.Photo and video instructions can be easily found on the Internet.
  2. Correction wax - often used only in salons, at home this procedure is difficult to perform.Performing it yourself, you risk being left without any eyebrows.
  3. Plucking tweezers - a traditional way of correction of eyebrows.It is often used in salons and at home.After all, this method has two major pluses: availability and simplicity.Its main drawback is that the remote hairs grow back rather quickly.

Since most home for the correction of the eyebrows using a method «plucking tweezers» , we have a detailed look on it.

So, what you need for this procedure:

  • tweezers;
  • mirror increases slightly better;
  • Cotton pads;
  • disinfectant;
  • brushes swipe hair removal and eyebrow styling.

Step by step guide of the correction of eyebrows at home:

  1. Determine the length of the eyebrows - it is necessary to attach a line or pencil to the wing nose towards the inner corner of the eye.The point of intersection with the eyebrow pencil, and it will start.And having put a pencil on the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, you define the end of the eyebrows;
  2. highest point of the brow should be the place of its bending;
  3. Before a correction is well disinfect all tools.Then pull the skin brow with one hand to the side and the other take the tweezers.Preferred, tweezers keep a sharp angle to the eyebrows with three fingers - index, thumb and middle.Every hair is necessary to capture at the base and pull in the direction of its growth fast and abrupt movement.
  4. plucking hairs is only necessary on the underside of eyebrows, the upper part is not touching.Plucking eyebrows is necessary for one hair, even if they are quite rare.
  5. Following completion of the process the eyebrows and the skin around it with an alcohol solution.Then apply a soothing cream with chamomile and glycerin.

tips and practice

We give you some tips on how to better and less traumatic to hold Eyebrow:

  • not perform correction of eyebrows, if you have inflammation of the skin around the eyes, to avoid enteringinfection;
  • not tweeze eyebrows before the start of the menstrual cycle, during this period the skin is very sensitive;
  • plucking eyebrows must be good lighting, so this procedure spend the day at a window or turning on a powerful lamp;
  • If during plucking you are a little overdone, try to disguise a failed plot with the help of a stick, but it must be in the tone of your brow;
  • From the outside eyebrow hairs can be discolored by means of hydrogen peroxide.To do this, add a few drops of peroxide, ammonia, and then with a cotton swab gently apply the solution on the hair.Wait a few minutes until you feel a slight tingling, then rinse with water;
  • key to beautiful brows is regular maintenance.Therefore, the more you spend correction, the easier it is to pass this procedure.

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