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03 May 2016

Problem skin delivers a lot of troubles.Owners skin prone to rashes and fat often lose hope of getting rid of acne and inflammation, while international and domestic cosmetics companies advertising their line of remedies for acne, promise to make us happy owners of a healthy and beautiful skin.

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funds from the company ProactivAcne

It is now widely advertised product, all resources and on TV as well.Manufacturers are the system of care for problem skin as very soft, but effective tool that can be used safely every day.It has a healing effect not only point, bu

t in all areas of the face, acne-prone. If you believe the advertising producers of the system, Proactiv is struggling with clogged pores, penetrates them and kills the bacteria that cause inflammation and acne.

composition : benzoyl peroxide (actually active drug that kills bacteria), sulfur, and herbal drugs - extracts of aloe and chamomile and allantoin and panthenol.

Reviews :


Tonic Proactiv Solution «2 Restoring" for problem skin: the only complex that came up at the clinics and other similar irritation climbs.The Proactive concentration of active substances, in particular bazirola below, I think that is the main reason that podoshlo.U my skin is very sensitive, so anyhow, I could not buy, but the price is slightly more expensive than other means, but the quality is beyondpraise!

The line of "Fly away!" From Green Mama.Reviews.

This product is available as a remedy for acne (acne) for all ages.Use this line if you need sealed pores (comedones), acne, both small and large, and oily skin.The developers claim that the establishment of the cosmetic series were taken into account the latest achievements and knowledge of cosmetology.The active substances contained in the media, "Fly away!" Effect on the sebaceous glands, reducing their activity, whereby pores are tightened and the skin gets a well-groomed appearance.Due to the lack of alcohol in the composition, after the application of these funds there is no sensation of dryness and tightness of skin.

As part has tea tree oil, extracts of various herbs and active ingredients of plant origin.

Reviews :


Gel Face GREEN MAMA for oily skin "Fly": I rarely use creams for the face, but I always stand on the shelf two creams - day and night gel gel-krem Green Mama.This gel is crystal clear!Do not dry the skin, it is clear that moisturizes and dries inflammation, absorbs quickly, matting SKIN ALL DAY!It smells good!It does not contain alcohol and fats, that I was very pleased.And in general, the composition is very natural: water, extracts of burdock root, violet, striped, tea tree oil, etc.I think this gel should be in any purse, even "on the safe side."And the price is pleased!:)

The line of «Turbo Active» Propeller acne.Reviews.

Use of this tool affects the production of sebum, regulating the sebaceous glands and prevent the development of bacteria.In addition to this line removes the inflammation and irritation of the skin, heals microscopic damage and prevents their reappearance.

composition : the main active ingredient - Tsintsidon, which consists of zinc and physiological LPC-a, added to the effectiveness of active natural substances.

Reviews :


acne cream Propeller: I urgently needed some means of acne, which could quickly get rid of pimples.Or, at least, reduce the size and redness.The store was advised this cream, especially for teenagers.I decided to try, as Clearskin has not helped to Stop Problem skin is accustomed to, and does not respond to "peels" and so on.In general, I will say this - a good drug, but it works just through time.Using it for a long time, I can recommend a few things: it is not for that day to smear a dry cloth and wash as described there.It is the night!It is necessary to put it on a site with acne, otherwise there will be red skin and pimples appear in a clean place.Therefore, only the dot!And do not wash.It runs again through time.However, the result is a noticeable, do not forget to clean the skin with something in the morning and before use of the drug and the person gets better!

system against acne from Mary Kay.Reviews.

system is presented as a complex problem skin care.It helps to get rid of the existing acne and prevents new ones.Active ingredients funds released from a blocked pores in them fat and dirt, reduces the redness and make the skin more healthy both externally and internally.This line means degreased, without adding all sorts of flavors and suitable for people with sensitive skin.For sale marked "nekomedogenno", which means no components in the composition, causing the appearance of acne.

composition : the main active ingredient - 2% salicylic acid, in addition to its plant compounds such as extracts of Canadian fireweed, heather sea and burdock root.



Toolkit Mary Kay for acne prone skin: As the series can not say.I tried on the advice of a friend Cream point of action.Guard so bad reviews.Maybe these tools give bad effect only when integrated use?Specifically :) spot cream - not a bad tool.Apply only at the inflamed area, therefore, it does not dry the skin.A few days of use - inflammation dies away, then completely disappearing.I think the main thing in this case - the regularity needed several times a day pat your finger to apply the cream to the inflamed area.I used as a therapeutic agent, if necessary in conjunction with the means that I use always.I was satisfied with the purchase.I put four points - the cream is not bad, copes with its task, though not immediately.

The line of "Pure Skin Active" from Garnier.Reviews.

Manufacturers of these funds promises to release not only acne, but even from the traces left by them on the skin.Exceptional anti-bacterial component that is part of, helps deep cleaning pores. natural antibacterial component resists traces of acne.According to research experts who developed the tool, after regular use of Garnier can be obtained from a significant decrease in the number of spots, the disappearance of traces of acne and reduce sebum.



Roller Gel for acne Garnier Cooling 'Pure Skin Active ":" I do not understand "- I thought after using this video.First I want to say the obvious advantages: it is enough quickly absorbed, does not roll on the skin.With regard to reducing acne - a moot point.While I enjoyed it (and still use!) I did not see much result.But then ... Pimples really begin to disappear, the face becomes clearer.But do not think that it is super-efficient.Yes, this is a very handy tool, because it can achieve good results in the fight against acne.But it ends fairly quickly if you have a lot of inflammation.And the result is not instant, they need to use regularly.

The line of "Mutt-Balance" by Oriflame.Reviews.

This tool is presented as a highly effective with directional effect, ideal for people with any type of skin, but with a tendency to inflammation.Created with a focus on the normalization of the hydro-lipid balance of the skin (fatty space matting and moistened dry).When using the active cleared pores, reduces redness, pimples and marks them become less noticeable.The skin is fresh and gets perfect appearance without greasy, it is deeply purified and renewed.

composition : the main active ingredients - salicylic acid and plant extract Centella and birch bark extract and special microspheres penetrate into the pores and adsorb excess sebum.All components nekomedogenny.

Reviews :


Face Cream Oriflame day cream-gel "Matt-balance": The whole of Oriflame Cosmetics for the face, I like most about this is the series for oily and combination skin.For a long use of the entire series in complete my beautician was surprised my good condition and well maintained without problem skin.Interested than good.Not bad absorbed and moisturizes, making the skin fresh and keeps it in good condition.I can not say that this cream is perfect to prevent shine.Matting for several hours.I did not like what he can, slipping when applying makeup, I think it is the most flagrant disadvantage.I use it exclusively in the cold season, the summer will be difficult for the person.Enough for 3-4 months.I can say that I am satisfied with the quality, perhaps even buy.

The line of «Clearskin Professional» by AVON.Reviews.

Series is designed to fight fat problem skin, prone to constant eruptions at any age.

composition : at the heart of this line means - salicylic acid and mikropoglotiteli fat.It does not contain allergens in the composition and components that cause acne.Differ content exclusive agent ZINC PEPTIDE, acting on the pimples at the very beginning of their development.



gel applicator for acne Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing: This tool helps me, I have no strong eruptions, and just before menstruation crawl individual pimples.It is in such situations, it helps.I immediately smear the pimple with this gel, it dries it, and even protects against the nasties on the street, t. To. Forms a protective film.Acne is much faster.In case of rashes, I think it does not help, then you need something on the more powerful.

Cosmetics brand Clearasil for problem skin

This cosmetic firm is widely known and popular in many countries.The bulk of the population using this brand - young people.This cosmetics company well established in the fight against skin problems.Recommended for comprehensive care.According to representatives of the company - all the tools developed by pharmacologists and cosmetologists.The main motto of "cleaning - Treatment - Care."

Reviews :


gel scrub with microbeads Clearasil Stayclear Daily: I have light skin and very sensitive.Recently I bought this gel scrub.Choosing your could not substantiate anything Smile pleasant smell of the gel, fresh, that pleases.Granules blue hue, not rigid and do not tear the skin and massage gently.Foams well means economical to use.I have severe inflammation was not just black spots and small pimples.The effect was 2 times after use.The skin became clearer, left a terrible brilliance.And it was a pleasant touch, so-called sebum not felt so clearly.

Cosmetics brand Clean-and-Clear

seems a series of products for cleansing the face and resolve problems every day.The advanced formula composition tools this brand monitor the condition of the skin effectively take care of her, help regulate levels of fat and fighting bacteria, guilty in causing inflammation and growth of acne.As a result, regular use of the skin is cleansed, moisturized and matting, reduces redness and reduced the number of acne.



cream acne Clean & amp; Clear Persa-Gel 10: I hasten to warn you that this cream does not cure pimples.If you have a regular skin rash, you can help remedy this link which I gave above.And if you occasionally get out pimples, then this cream is very even.The photo shows the consistency.It's just a thick white cream.I do not apply it more than 4 days in the same place, because the skin starts to peel off!

The line «Pure Control» by Eveline Cosmetics.Reviews.

series consists of a gel cleanser, tonic for cleansing, soothing tonic, a cream to moisturize the skin and a special cream, treating acne.Designed for everyday use.As a result, regular use of the manufacturer promises to reduce the number of acne until their complete disappearance.



gel applicator for acne Eveline Pure Control: It seemed to me that he was very good.And I do not remember what made me buy this gel.Probably the price and interest.But to my surprise it turned out to be quite effective!Of course, with subcutaneous acne and severe cases of acne it is not exactly right, and with the usual pimples - no problem.I especially like that of his skin does not peel.Sometimes sprinkle melenkimi forehead pimples, then I smear a thin layer on the night his forehead, and in the morning my skin chistaya.Da even smells nice!I also found a new use for it - they smear mosquito bites.Relieves itching and irritation, such a good thing for little money!

The line of «ARTISTRY essentials» from AMWAY.Reviews.

main directions of this series - the local fight against skin defects, prevention of acne and irritation and inflammation in the future.The manufacturer emphasizes that all products different modern, hi-tech and effective formulas.At the heart of the company's funds from securities purified plant extracts that give the skin a natural beauty that gives it deep hydration and filling the most essential elements.

As part: Complexes Nourish 3 and Tri-Balance, oat extract, aloe and perilla oil.

Reviews :


Gel against acne Acne Gel Amway Beautycycle: Almost every girl there are times when the most embarrassing moment where something will come out a pimple!And it seems, is willing to give everything, to find a remedy that will save him.To my regret, this remedy is not such a strong action.Yes, it dries quickly and removes acne.Once I got a pimple on the lip, and I set the whole day felt the smell and taste of alcohol!On the positive side I can highlight what it lacks for very long.One tube of use for more than a year.He notes that after using it on your skin is something like plenochku, I do not like!And so, in principle, it does its job properly.Once again: no good and normal.Moreover, the cost of a fairly average.

Acne - is not just a cosmetic defect, but a disease that requires serious treatment.It is important to understand that to achieve immediate results is physically impossible.Therefore, if you are preparing for an important event where you have to look at 100, thinking ahead - at least 2 weeks.Then you will achieve visible results.Just remember: in the struggle with acne need to use proven tools that have proven effective.More recently dermatologists are increasingly recommended for external application is based on the combined preparations of anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics, e.g., a trusted agent such as gel Klenzit C. Because of its consistency drug rapidly penetrates pimple destroys harmful microorganisms cleanse skin pouch - follicle andIt promotes the disappearance of black dots.For us it is very important to know your opinion!