Select the device for hardware pedicure cutters and nozzles

By Admin | Beauty
03 May 2016

Apparatus pedicure can be done not only in the cabin, it can be done at home.At the same time the quality is no worse than salon treatments.To perform pedicure at home, you will need a special machine.Buy a machine can be a pharmacy, hardware store, where you will find a great variety of them.

content of the article:

  • what brand preference for our readers (see. Reviews)
  • What are the tips and cutters?How to choose them?
  • What other tools you will need in the home pedicure?

most popular devices for home manicure and pedicure

  • device for nail care ROWENTA MR-7010 F0 - with him Comes six attachments to remove calluses and rough skin, grinding and filing nails,for gentle cuticle.Also, it is possible to regulate the rate manually, it depends on the treatment area.
  • Vitek SpA center VT-2209 - a device that will make your feet soft and velvety.With it goes complete twelve sapphire nozzles.Also this model is a function of SPA-care for and drying nail polish with flavoring.
  • Set for a pedicure and manicure Zepter Vital System - functional and stylish device, which is equipped with nine modern and practical tips. With this unit, you can: to file and shape your nails, nail plate polish, treating the cuticles, exfoliate dead skin cells.

devices for pedicure - Feedback forums:


girlfriend gave me the device for a pedicure firm Vitek.The beautiful thing is, I really like.


I buy my machine for nail care ROWENTA, but did not use them, I still more comfortable with the usual manicure sets.


I also had a pedicure device brand Vitek.So when strong pressure nozzle little brake.

most useful tips and friezes in the pedicure

There are several types of nozzles for pedicure sets:

  • Ceramic - made of a special blend of abrasive and adhesive, which at the end of the tail nozzle is baked in the oven.In its abrasiveness stones are, small, medium and large.With such nozzles can be almost all the procedures with the skin.But the nail accurately process them fail.
  • Diamond .They come in two varieties: the sintered (tip of the nozzle is made of diamond grit mixed with a special adhesive filler and baked in the oven) and precipitation (the metal disc glued specific shape diamond grit).
  • Metal - made with solid metal, have different notch (a cross, straight, oblique) and various forms.Ideal for removal of the stratum corneum of the skin from heels.Very fast, do not create dust and heat.
  • Silicone - are of different granularity and different shapes. Made of silicone mixed with fine particles of abrasive.During operation of the nozzle gradually decreases, but continues to operate until complete abrasion.Their main application is the grinding and polishing.
  • Natural polishers - wheels and brushes made from natural materials: felt, cotton fabrics suede.Generally they are applied to the natural nail polish.

Additional funding for home pedicure

For the hardware pedicure, apart from the device with nozzles you will need more and cosmetic products:

  1. means for softening and detachment of dead cells;
  2. means to reduce swelling, improve circulation and muscle relaxation;
  3. Cuticle Remover;
  4. Moisturizer Skin Care feet and nails;
  5. tool nail care, clamp, nail polish.