Needle elektrolipoliz - description, advantages and contraindications.

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04 May 2016

elektrolipoliz - special hardware cosmetic procedure aimed at combating cellulite and fat deposits.Thanks elektrolipoliz removed fat and activates metabolic processes in the body.Elektrolipoliz is the needle and electrode.
In conducting the needle elektrolipoza in subcutaneous fat layer administered thin needles that function as electrodes.

elektrolipoliz procedure takes place in three stages

1. The splitting of fat cells.This procedure is accompanied by a light pleasant tingling sensation that will eventually increase.

2. At this stage, the output of the decay products of crushed fat from the body.

3. In the third stage, a vigorous rhythmic effect on the muscles and tissues through which tightens and tones the skin.During this process, it can be felt alternating contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Benefits needle elektrolipoliz

With elektrolipoliz solved a number of problems, which allows a woman in a very short time:

  • make the figure more slender and toned,
  • get rid of unwanted c
  • lose weight,
  • excrete excess fluid,
  • return to normal water balance,
  • excrete toxins,
  • regain muscle tone,
  • improve skin elasticity,
  • normalize internal communication,
  • improve the exchange of tissuesand the blood circulation.

procedure elektrolipoliz one of the most friendly and efficient in the fight against cellulite, as well as in the fight against excess fat.

Everyone do elektrolipoliz held a preliminary examination of the doctor.If he did not reveal the results of contraindications, you can take a course consisting of 8-10 sessions.Pause between each session is 5-7 days.

Contraindications to the procedure lipolysis

elektrolipoliz procedures have a number of contraindications:

  • Pregnancy,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Pacemakers,
  • Inflammatory processes in the areas of the body, which is planned to subject elektrolipolezu.
  • Any cancer.

reviews elektrolipoliz forums


Needle elektrolipoliz worth doing if only for the fact that almost immediately see the effect of the procedure.My friend did not regret the money spent, but happy for a long time.In addition, it prompted her also to sit on a diet.


To be honest, I do not understand this desire hardware techniques.The same can be done with a normal massage.Do not waste time and money on all of these clinics.Sign up to the private master, but rather in a massage parlor.Anti-cellulite massage - a wonderful way, recommended!


needle you do not do this, it must make the doctor, the procedure is rather unpleasant, and, in my opinion, not worth the money.A plate in conjunction with diet and exercise well to disperse the lymph from the tissues and water output.


When I was um ... rather big weight, I also wanted to make the lipolysis, but in the hospital I was told that this only works on small excess fat.We proposed initially to lose weight and exercise lymphatic drainage in any form (LPG, wraps, etc.), and then lipolysis.

elektrolipoliz Have you tasted?Tell us - whether the effect?