Make a pedicure at home

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04 May 2016

For any modern girl mandatory procedure is foot care.After all, well-groomed feet make their possessor seductive, a real lady.Previously considered a luxury pedicure, and afford such a procedure could only aristocracy.But in the modern world is accessible procedure which can afford every girl.And it does not have to visit a beauty salon, because now commercially available devices can be found beautiful for a pedicure without the help of a cosmetologist.

Stages of hardware pedicure at home

What would make a home pedicure, you need not very powerful device.

  1. Soften skin of the feet .During the hardware pedicure feet are not steamed water.What would be on your toes and feet became softer, apply a special lotion or cream.It is advisable to use products proven manufacturer.Such means are well soften the skin and have a disinfectant action.
  2. skin around the nails and on the feet are treated with special attachments for the machine. device for hardware pedicure necessarily equipped with special grindin
    g cup.Some of them are designed to stop the processing, and some processing periungual roller and the skin around the nail.Cuticle processed small nozzle, horny cells around the nail removed circular nozzle, which is slightly larger nozzle for cuticles.If you need to adjust the length of the nail, use the special pieces.Then the nail plate model and grind with the nozzle with a white stone.Since it is necessary to work carefully because they can be injured.
  3. Then remove the remains of softening agent with a foot cloth .A softened cells are removed using a special nozzle.
  4. At the end of the hardware pedicure make a mask for legs or peeling. professional beauticians recommend the use of a mask for the feet, which include paraffin.Apply a thick layer of paraffin foot mask, and put special thick socks.You will be pleasantly surprised by the result of this procedure.

home pedicure can be done 2-3 times a week.After all, the more often you do this procedure, the quicker you will see results.Your nails will be beautiful and healthy, and the skin of your feet - gentle and soft as a child's.Read Technical hardware pedicure.

video lesson hardware pedicure

Making pedicure combo

Photo instructions pedicure -uchimsya do yourself

to start treat nail plate

then process the cuticle

Treat the area around the nail

Treat corns on toes

Stage polishing nails

Handle foot

Remove corns

Get rid of corns rod

Treat the cracks in the feet

And you do home pedicure?Share your experiences!