The top 10 colors for manicure

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05 May 2016

What does it mean for a woman manicure?First of all, it's her business card - as you know, "meet on clothes," and in modern society requirements for the appearance of women is very high.Manicured hands - a characteristic touch of confidence and femininity.

One of the easiest ways to emphasize the elegance of the woman and her sense of style - the choice of nail polish in shades suitable for clothing and footwear.

content of the article:

  • How to make a stylish manicure - the main rules applying
  • What color combinations are best for manicure
  • Terms of combinations of colors and shades in manicure

Tips stylish manicure

  • discreetstylish classic manicure , soft shades of natural colors are ideal for business meetings and create a good impression on the future employee, metallic tones and the riot of colors in manicure are more suitable for parties.
  • nails do not have enough sophistication? You can use basic varnish covering it evenly nails and dilute monochrome diagonal lines, dipping a too
    thpick (brush) in paints of different colors.
  • Until the moment when the ownership of art manicure will be perfect, and imagination will be included to the fullest, it is necessary to adhere to the universality and formalities in this cosmetic ceremony.
  • Constant updating of female manicure takes a lot of time.For its economy and avoid premature peel off varnish, every day should cover the base or nails with varnish.
  • Fashion fad today is pastiche nail colorings institutions (organizations), where she was studying or working women.For example, an excellent solution for students can be a combination of blue and white flowers by interleaving them from the thumb to the little finger, or a way of playing with these colors.

best colors for manicure

  • zebra strips or cold metal shades .Bright and shocking manicure.Indispensable option, provided that the front - hot rendezvous, or an evening at the club, which fades into the night.
  • Classic french .He was always popular.Especially relevant today is a combination of white and pink tones with bright colors.This can be a burgundy and gold, red and white, or white with black.It will look quite spectacular blue color with a blue and silver shades.As recommended stylists, bright colors, preferably applied only to the free edge of the nail.
  • Moon manicure .Ideal looks almond-shaped nails.The advantage of the moon manicure - ease of performance at home.Crescent contrasting stripes applied at the base of the nail.Preference is given to such color combinations such as white with purple, deep blue with gold or peach with a touch of black.
  • Clear skies .Manicure with cool blue hues - it's spring and the bottomless depth of the clear sky.It is considered today one of the most fashionable solutions for manicure.It goes well with most of the innovations in the wardrobe, in particular with self-colored and colorful dresses and suitable for any situation, even though it looks a bit conservative and strict.
  • French cream .The original version of the inimitable French manicure.The main background of the nail plate is done in bright colors of peach, caramel and cream shades.The edge of the nail is made of gold or silver rim.Perfect solution for the image of everyday life, and for parties and celebrations.French cream - color scheme with a share of creativity within reasonable limits and refinement.
  • Magic Rainbow .Making nail color rainbow spectrum.Such manicures always lift your spirits and adds optimism of his mistress.Minus this manicure - the age limit.It is designed, of course, most of all on the young girls, and business style is hardly suitable.Technique "gradient" in which using a sponge or sponge happens nail varnish, provides special rainbow manicure glamor.This technique can be executed and manicures, for example, the blue shades.
  • stylish metallic .Futuristic theme is very relevant for today's manicure.Varied use of metallic effect nail design allows you to create stylish and original cover.Options for decorating nails "metallic" a lot - from matt varnish to the presence of tiny metallic sequins and zigzags to the brilliant lines on matte background.
  • Light dotted .Dotted lines as decoration nails - an affordable, ingenious and at the same time simple and stylish manicure.It is not necessary to be a master in the nail-art to inflict a similar pattern - you can make it yourself at home.For this stylistic solutions better to choose a contrasting color variations - caramel and orange (brown, red) or black and white shades.
  • Black matte .For many seasons matt lacquer deep blue-black color is popular among women who prefer stylish trendy manicure.Of course, this more dramatic color scheme looks at the background of rampant greens and pastels, but there is always an option - to revitalize a manicure.In this case, you can spice it up with the help of a bright harmonious print labels or glossy drops in the main tone matte finish.
  • Lace .Lacy openwork weaving in manicure - today very trendy motif.The key rule for the stylistic solutions - do not overdo it.For "lace" manicure permissible only conventional light frame lace nail plates.Thanks to lace even the usual jacket and a French manicure in many of its manifestations acquire a playful look.Completing to the lace can be colored polka dots, or "lacing".

Terms combining shades in manicure

As is known, the basic color is considered four clean bright colors - red, yellow, blue and green .

With mixing, and adding "off-color" achromatic colors (white and black), and all other colors are formed.In addition to the primary colors of the spectrum, to the color rainbow also includes magenta.It is located between the red and purple.

Warm color is formed under the condition of entering into the primary colors red or yellow, in the compositions of cool colors dominated by blue and green.

combinations of colors from basic to additional

  • Brown base.Shades - olive, olive green, beige, golden and golden-gray.
  • White and black base.Shades - absolutely any combination.
  • Blue base.Colors - red, turquoise and white.
  • bright and pure red base.Colors - blue, green, gray, greenish-blue, gold, yellow-gold.
  • Beige base.Shades - sand, brown, gold, cream.
  • Pink base.Shades - brick, gray, burgundy, gold, brown.
  • Orange Base.Shades - purple, white, purple, blue, brown, bottle glass.
  • Yellow base.Shades - brown, gold, green, sand.
  • Blue base.Shades - light purple, blue, red, orange, brown.
  • Lilac base.Colors - green, gray, light purple, brown.
  • Bordeaux base.Colors - blue, greenish-blue, gray, green, tea rose, pink.
  • Purple base.Shades - aqua, light green, herbal, orange, gold, yellow.
  • Grey base.Colors - blue, black, pink, yellow, red.

And what color combinations in manicure love you?