Top cheese diet for weight loss.

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05 May 2016

Cottage cheese diet one of the most useful diet and can rightly be called the salvation of those who have long dreamed of a slim figure.Cottage cheese is very often one of the main components of many diets, and this is no accident, because cheese contains very impressive amount of nutrients needed by the body, so that during tvorogosoderzhaschey diet your body will have no shortage of useful elements.

Pros and contra-cheese diet

diet is well suited for cottage cheese 9% fat or less, this cheese is considered to be low-calorie and beneficial properties, it is not inferior to even the village curd.

The composition of calcium include cheese, which is considered to be the secret of feminine beauty.Regular consumption of cheese in a food has a positive effect on the health of the hair and on the strengthening of the bone tissue.And in cottage cheese contains protein curd so perfectly nourishes the body while dieting and satisfies hunger.The curd contains vitamin A and B2 that improves visual acuity, and

vitamin D has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body.

But we should remember that diet with the inclusion of a large number of cottage cheese is contraindicated in those , who suffer from diseases of the intestine.Allergy sufferers should also not get involved curd diet.For allergy sufferers the amount of alcohol a day cheese must not exceed 250g and its use should not be more than 3 times a week.

should also remember that the cheese must be stored properly.Spoiled and improperly stored cheese can cause food poisoning.

Curd diet refers to a short-term diet, so more than 5-7 days to prolong the diet is not necessary.

options curd diet


This diet is suitable for those who want to in the shortest time to lose weight.The term of this diet 5 days, every day is cleared 0.5-1 kg.

One day diet you need to use no more than 300 grams of cheese, with various additives as sugar, salt, honey, fruit excluded.Total cheese should be divided into 5-6 pieces that you eat during the day.

During the diet should also drink plenty of water.Up to 2 liters a day.Suitable plain water, mineral without gas and unsweetened green tea.

Such a diet is considered to be quite complicated, and it can withstand not everyone.But parting with unwanted pounds, you will strengthen your willpower and the sea, you will be uneasy.

But if you still doubt that can last five days, you can be limited to three, while the diet should be the same.

Cottage cheese and kefir diet

With this diet the diet of your day is 300g cottage cheese, as in mono-diet and 1.5 L of 1% or nonfat yogurt.The day should be no more than six meals, with yogurt and cottage cheese should alternate.

This diet can be followed by 5 to 7 days.During the diet you can lose 5-8 kg.This diet allows you to get enough protein, so you will not feel it at the time of dizziness or drowsiness.Such diets often like to stick to the athletes.

Cottage cheese and fruit diet

This diet is very good to use in the warmer months, when the sale of many different fruits.And a diet suitable for absolutely any berries and fruits: apples, grapes, blueberries, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, and others.

Three times a day to eat a serving of cottage cheese (serving no more than 150 g), and the curd can be flavored with fruit (not more than 100 g), and twice a day to eat individual portions of fruit no more than 300g, and if it's high calorie fruits such as bananaor grape, then 200g.

This diet is designed for 5-7 days, during which you can lose up to 10 kg.Fresh fruits contribute to the fact that the body cleans, so losing weight takes a lot more intense.

Cottage cheese and vegetable diet

Curd can be quite successfully combined with any vegetables, except potatoes, which in itself is not a dietary product.During the diet it is best to eat raw vegetables or stewed, but without the addition of salt and spices, the best option would be to flavor steamed vegetables with lemon juice and fresh herbs.

the day you need to eat 300g of cheese and 500g of fresh vegetables.The best thing would be to alternate meal.So for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can eat cheese, and lunch and brunch - vegetables.

This diet is very effective in reducing weight and saturate the body with vitamins.

reviews curd diet forums.Is it possible to lose weight?


excellent diet for those who want to throw a couple of extra kilogramchikov!During my height 175 weigh 59 kg.Principle, I look skinny ... but no limit to perfection))) So go ahead, and most importantly no alcohol at the time!Good luck !!


I just finished a diet: a grainy cheese dairy, 2 packs of 350 grams per day.Optionally, depending on like sweet or salty - I add it or tomatoes, greens any (cilantro, parsley, basil and so on) or honey.Natural coffee to wash down 1 teaspoon finely ground to 250 ml of water (circle).Stir after the flood boiling water and cover with a saucer.In addition, I drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.Engage in sports (interval training for 30 minutes), rocked the press daily.Upper, lower, obliques and hips.Result: minus 4.8 kg of jeans that barely buttoned and propped up the belly and sides - will fly.Translation: hence this diet it removes fat deposits.I forgot to add: I did every day rubbing the sides of the abdomen hips and buttocks natural scrub - natural sea salt for cuisine, plus olive oil.The skin smoothed very much!The initial weight was 62.2 kg with height 170 cm. Now 57.4 kg.Growth has not changed.Good luck, you may also be lucky with this diet.


Hello !!!Girls
this diet effective, and if you do not want to after this diet, weight gain again, then ... I did: eating cheese for lunch, if you want to have, then some fruit or vegetable in the evening again whether cheese or fruitvegetables.I took off that year in the last 7 days, 5 kg, this is still 3, but nourishes and cheese and the usual food, do not add weight !!!
Good luck!


a day to eat 200 grams of cottage cheese, fresh apricots let myself in for a taste of cheese would add cherries and strawberries frozen, drinking green tea and coffee without sugar and milk .. after 6pm allowed herself or 100 grams of cottage cheese orArt.kefir or steamed vegetables, for 4 days ... is much thinner in weight do not know how many have put off, because not weigh on clothes .. and I can say that after washing jeans began to hang me, so diet is effective.

And you helped cottage cheese diet?Let's share your opinions!