Hardware pedicure - machinery, description, advantages and disadvantages

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06 May 2016

Apparatus pedicure - a new high-tech procedure for nail care and skin of the feet.For the first time it began to be applied in Germany.This procedure is based on a special cosmetic device with a variety of nozzles, through which is much safer and easier to remove dead skin cells, and you can get rid of the problems such as cracks, blisters stuffy and ingrown toenails.

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Technology hardware pedicure

very important moment in the pedicure is that when you use it do not spend soaking feet.Therefore, this type of pedicure is ideal for diabetics and people with poor circulation.To soften calluses and rough skin are special preparations, which have keratolytic properties.

Initially, the legs smeared with a special emollients and then treated with special nozzles calluses, rough skin, fingertips and the skin between the toes.Nozzles with different diameters and abrasion, as well as high speed revolutions of the machine allows the master to

take into account the individual characteristics of the structure of the client's skin, and as uniformly as possible to process the skin.

With hardware pedicure, you can get rid of such problems:

Cracks on the feet .If the crack is deep, first cut the protruding edges, and then using special nozzles grind them.After this special ointment smeared crack, which contributes to its rapid healing;

Ingrown nails .Pedicure equipment solves this problem is simple and painless.Initially, the ingrown nail plate is applied a special cream that softens it.Then, what would thin the invading edge, place of growing boron treated specially.After this procedure, ingrown nail can be safely removed carefully with forceps;

The thriving nail , which causes pain, pushing the soft tissue of a finger.To eliminate this problem the wizard removes the thickening of a special nozzle, and then the white stone polishing the nail plate.

Modern devices for pedicure somewhat similar to a dental drill.They are equipped with spray paint guns, sprays, vacuum cleaners, UV cabinets that store tools.And of course they have a wide variety of tips to help make the procedure master pedicure hygienic and safe, painless and comfortable.

Apparatus pedicure is also easy to perform at home, if you carefully read the instructions for its implementation and follow it.

Advantages and disadvantages of hardware pedicure


  • hygiene and efficiency, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of fungal diseases.After all, this procedure takes place without the use of water;
  • therapeutic effect, which allows you to deal with various skin diseases feet;
  • procedure is not traumatic, unlike the classic pedicure, so the risk of infection with any diseases is minimal.


  • main disadvantage of hardware pedicure is its high price, since this procedure requires a special, rather expensive apparatus;
  • If your legs are in a state of neglect, the result will be good only after several procedures;
  • For the hardware pedicure is insufficient availability of special equipment is needed even well-trained master.After all, if the master has its bad tool, instead of benefit it will bring nothing but harm;
  • This method is not suitable for people who have a thin nail plate.

What do you think about the hardware pedicure?