How does a woman get rid of the mustache?

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06 May 2016

Today, many girls have to struggle with the problem of the growth of facial hair.The issue of hair removal is very vital and burning.And everyone wants to encounter with him to change his image and make it more aesthetic and feminine.I would like to remove this excessive masculinity.The best folk remedy for hair growth.


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Why grow a mustache on his faceWomen?

Genetic causes

growth of hair on a woman's face is associated with different causes.Often it's just a genetic predisposition.To the south and the Caucasian peoples is characterized by a more active vegetation of hair on the body, for both men and women.But for the people of the north is more characteristic light, barely noticeable, as the vegetation down.


Often, hair growth is enhanced by hormonal disruptions in the fem

ale body.And such hair growth may be associated with dysfunction of the adrenal glands and ovaries.


Reception various hormonal drugs that are prescribed to treat alopecia, dermatitis, hypertension.Long-term use of these drugs can cause excessive "vegetation", and on the face as well.Also, the activation of "vegetation" on the face can result from high blood pressure.

How to get rid of the mustache?Best Ways

There are various ways to get rid of this trouble, and you might behoove the most suitable for yourself:

  1. Plucking. This option is suitable if the number of visible hairs small, but the fact that their presence does not please you.But their small number does not obligate you to a difficult and time-consuming procedures.Of course, the hair will grow back again and again, but their number will not increase, and the time the procedure will not take a lot of plucking.
  2. depilatory creams. depilatory creams quickly get rid of the hair for a period of about three days.But not every skin reacts well to such creams and can cause irritation.Therefore, before using it would be best to test for susceptibility to skin creams and the possibility of allergies.
  3. wax, sugar. On sale is a special wax to remove hair from the face, but can also prepare their own mix shugaring, by which is also easy to remove hair.Wax or saharguyu mixture is applied to the problem area, is applied on top of a piece of fabric, you can use simple cotton and abruptly pulls the wax against the hair growth.After removing the wax or sugar from the face is best to lubricate the skin cream to avoid irritation.
  4. Electrolysis and laser hair removal. Get rid of the mustache can be also using the services offered by beauty salons.Electrolysis and laser hair removal is by far one of the most effective methods of hair removal, and after several sessions of hair can be removed permanently.Important in this regard to choose a good beauty salon with a good staff.After a poorly executed hair removal can be painful and subsequently cause pigmentation.

Folk remedies to get rid of the mustache in women

There are folk remedies Hair Removal:

  1. infusion of seeds of Datura. To prepare needed seeds of Datura, which can be bought in a pharmacy.Seeds need to dope grind finely in a blender or coffee grinder.Grind the seeds need to add water to obtain a homogeneous mass about as sour cream.The resulting mixture should insist for three weeks.Then lubricate them problematic hairy places.When using dope note that this poisonous grass, so it needs to be sufficiently cautious.
  2. Nettles.For the preparation of the second folk remedy to help get rid of hair needed nettle seeds.At the pharmacy, they are not sold, so they will need to collect your own, in late July, early August.You must collect 50 grams of nettle seeds, which then have to pour 100 g of sunflower oil and leave to infuse in a dark place for 8 weeks.After that it will be possible to use the infusion.Full use of the infusion rate is two months, but the hair after it lost forever.
  3. effective and inexpensive remedy.For third folk depilatories need half grams of iodine, 40 g rubbing alcohol, a few grams of ammonia, 5 g of castor oil.Mix all the ingredients must wait a few hours until the mixture became colorless after the mixture has become clear, it is ready for use.The solution should be lubricated problem areas for 2 weeks every day.

Comments from the forums on how to remove mustache


I pull out, I can not get enough!By nature I had a lot of blond hair, well, not much, usually.I started to pull them, and is now growing, but very little.And it is not true that "climb bristles.":) now above my lip almost nothing, only at first may appear pryshchichki and irritation, but then hair and skin gets used, and there will be no problem!


do I ... laser hair removal is all nonsense, if you have problems with hormones.Yes, and my hormones are not treated.Social pills - the hair is a little lighter, and then darken again.I'm tired already!:(


There is one home remedy that needs to be done for the night and as a result of which the hairs on the face disappear:
Pour 1 cup boiling water 1 tsp (heaped) of baking soda, stir and afterthe composition has cooled slightly, soak it in a small piece of cotton or gauze, gently squeeze and attach to the place where there are unwanted hair.On top of the gauze or cotton wool must be something to fix (can be ordinary plaster).All this leave for the night.After 3 such procedures hairs on the face is easy to fall off, but keep in mind that soda can cause peeling and dryness of the skin.


IPL - not an option that removes all - lies, the money will go a lot, and there is no effect.Besides obvious redness on her upper lip just more attracted attention.I think to get rid of unnecessary vegetation impossible.


You know, I'm really out of this was going through ... but now everything is gone!I decided to try to smear with hydrogen peroxide and they gidroperita I began to lighten, then somehow I got tired and I stopped, anything after that is not enjoyed and now almost invisible, is pleased the result, but still wanted better!

And how you get rid of the mustache?Found your technique?