SPA pedicures at home

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07 May 2016

spa pedicure - this is a procedure in which perfectly combine business with pleasure.Pleasant is a lovely relaxing effect, which is the procedure, which is achieved through acupuncture, relaxation and aromatherapy items.And useful, it is certainly the removal of dead cells of the skin and nails, which are the habitat of a variety of fungi, bacteria, sticks and other vermin.

step by step instructions of spa pedicure at home

  1. Tray.Maceration. pour into the tub with warm water, add the aromatic oils and sea salt.For such a procedure is perfect for tea tree oil, lavender, sandalwood.Let your feet luxuriate in the bath for 10-15 minutes.What would be better to relax, turn on soft music for relaxation.

  2. Scrubbing.
    Hot water skin on your feet become soft.With pumice to remove all the rough skin of the feet.Take enough time to this stage, but do not overdo it, make sure that that would not damage healthy skin.Pumice is necessary to move from the edges toward the middle of your foot or heel.You can also u
    se a circular motion.
  3. mask for the feet. What would make a mask scrub you need honey and brewing coffee, which must be mixed together.The resulting mass Apply on your feet in a circular massage movements.Honey has a healing effect, and coffee improves blood circulation.
  4. fingers. Once we removed all the rough skin with a foot, it's time to do your fingers.Using forceps to clip the nail polish.Then, give your nails nail file the necessary forms.Remember that on the feet nails cut too short and do not be a rounded shape, it increases the risk of ingrown nail and the emergence of fungal diseases.
  5. Moisturize. using a special cream or lotion moisturize your feet.What would the effect was better, you can make a mask: this mix in jojoba oil or olive oil with a little mint or chamomile.This mask nourishes, moisturizes your feet, and has a healing effect.Mask hold on his feet for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  6. polishing. What would make your nails healthy and beautiful appearance treat their polishing nail file.
  7. coating. To maintain a healthy nail color, first cover them with varnish, and then apply the varnish, the color you chose.

all your pedicure done.

Video instruction

Result SPA pedicures

spa pedicure - it's wellness pleasant procedure, during which you can relax and unwind.It is the result of well-groomed feet are healthy and good mood.

No matter what condition your legs, using this procedure, you will always achieve perfect results.Summer spa pedicure can be done once in 2-3 weeks.If you have a deep calluses, corns and cracked heels, that will require a more attentive care.

The main advantage of this procedure is that it does not injure the skin: soft grinding is performed, the intensity of which you can fully control themselves.

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