Diet with the first negative blood group

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07 May 2016

first blood was originally all people.In the course of evolution, it branched off from the other three.Therefore, people with first blood sometimes imprecisely called "hunters".Holders of this blood group are usually people self-sufficient and strong.For the most part these people have a strong immune and digestive systems.However, there are weaknesses, such as a problem adapting to environmental changes.Plus, these people are very prone to allergic reactions.

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Recommended foods

If you are a person with first blood group and Rh-negative, then offer you some tips on drawing up your diet.

What can be consumed:

  • meat (except pork);
  • offal (kidneys, liver, heart);
  • seafood (fish, seaweed, shrimp, mussels);
  • Walnuts;
  • Fruits and vegetables (except acid, which at losing weight this category
    cause fermentation);
  • Green tea (especially note a very useful product for the diet);
  • Buckwheat;
  • Pumpkin porridge;
  • Figure;
  • Porridge turnips;
  • Regarding beverages, often try to drink green tea, herbal infusions of rose hips, chamomile, linden.Excellent fit in the diet of 1 negative blood group a refreshing drink based on ginger.Be sure to enter your menu pineapple juice.

restrictions in food

Very often people with negative blood group 1 have problems with metabolism, which are caused by slow metabolism.So that the power in this case should be mostly based on the high-protein diet.

What can be used strictly in limited quantities:

  • Oatmeal;
  • Butter;
  • wheat products;
  • goat cheese;
  • lean ham;
  • Potatoes (very little).

Prohibited foods

What not to eat:

  • Mayonnaise;
  • Ketchup;
  • Citrus (sometimes permissible grapefruits);
  • Cabbage;
  • Lentils;
  • Ice Cream;
  • Hot pepper;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Raisins;
  • Strawberries;
  • Melon;
  • Eggplant;
  • olives;
  • drinks, should be avoided entirely black tea and coffee, alcohol, herbal extracts of St. John's wort, senna, echinacea, too acidic beverages, including orange and tangerine juice.

Recommendations for weight loss for people with negative blood group 1

  1. In order to lose weight, be sure to enter in your diet seafood , especially algae (kelp or brown).Algae compensate for a deficiency of iodine in the body and is known to have a positive effect on metabolism.
  2. Among vegetables give preference broccoli, spinach and other life-affirming green products.Your menu will also be a lot of radish and radish, because they greatly increase the amount of thyroid hormones.
  3. should be extremely careful with vitamin complexes , beware of excessive amounts in your body of vitamins A and E in the diet and consume food supplements that contain potassium, calcium, iodine and manganese.Because in your diet a little present cereals, independently take care of B vitamins And the body's need for vitamin K for people with negative blood group 1 will fill the liver and eggs.
  4. Avoid dishes made with nutritional yeast.Include in your daily diet dairy products , such as kefir, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese.This will help you prevent a breach of the intestinal bacterial balance.However, to get involved in the use of such products is also not necessary, as there is a big chance that you can simply go too far.
  5. In the process of weight reduction to improve performance give preference intense sports , such as: running, swimming (a large load anaerobic), skiing, etc.Diet 1 negative blood group, in any case requires you to constantly active life.

The basic rules of diet:

you want to diet for you passed successfully and very effectively?Try to follow all the recommendations listed above, as well as special diet rules.It is important to strictly follow the plan to the target.In order to lose weight:

  • Try to eat meat three or four times a week.
  • Best of all meat consumed in the form-baked, or pickled in.If possible, should marinate in lemon juice, cherry juice, or a variety of spices.
  • fallen to its lowest consumption of cheese, because they can be very badly assimilated by the people who first blood with a negative Rh factor.An exception is the goat cheese, but with him it is not necessary to get involved too much.
  • If you have any problems with the thyroid gland, then eat as much fish or fish oil.These products will help bring your thyroid to normal and will also be useful in the process of losing weight.
  • If you pull a snack, then you have a great news - after the "main" meals can be consumed even dried fruit.

best dishes for people with negative blood group 1

«Rice porridge with pumpkin»

To prepare you will need:

Rice - 1 cup

Milk - 1 cup

Pumpkin - 400 grams

Butter - to taste

Pumpkin wash and rub on a medium grater.In a saucepan, pour 2 cups of water, and put the grated pumpkin.Cook it for 15 minutes on low heat.Pumpkin cooked quickly, but if you cook it first, then the broth will be more saturated and pumpkin turn into a puree.

loop through the rice and soak it in cold boiled water for 30 minutes.Meanwhile, pumpkin already cooked.Now put in a pot rice.You can boil the pumpkin separately, but then the taste of porridge would not be such intense.

After 7-8 minutes figure will start to steam out and increase in size.Now pour boiled hot milk.Reduce heat to low and simmer 15 minutes porridge.Then muffle the pan with a towel and leave it so for some time to the present mess.

«Dietary meat stewed in milk with carrots»

To prepare you will need:

Veal - 300 grams

Butter - 4 tbsp

milk - 500 grams

Carrots - 1-2 pieces

Sour cream (low-fat!) - 2-3 tbsp

herbs to taste Salt

veal Wash, dry on a napkin and cut into cubes, fry in half the amount of oil, to shift into a saucepan, pour the milk,simmer over low heat, covered.Finely diced carrots obmoknite the rest of the oil, pour a little milk and simmer until almost tender, then add the meat and cook until meat and carrots are tender

«Fish soup»

To prepare youyou will need:

fish (carp, pike, perch and others.) - 500 grams

Red pepper - 20 grams

Salt - to taste

Onions - 1 pc.

clean the fish, cut off heads and fins.Remove the gills from the head and eyes.With larger fish, remove skin, if desired, remove the bones.From the head, fins, skin, bones, and less valuable fish cook for 40 minutes, the fish stock, which is the basis of the soup.

After cleaning the fish cut into pieces weighing about 200 grams.In the broth, place the onion, red pepper and cook until the onion is completely seethe.Then strain the broth, put in it the pieces of fish and cook again for about 10-15 minutes, but watch out for, so that the fish does not seethe.

«carrot puree»

To prepare you will need:

carrots - 200 grams

Milk - ¼ cup

Flour - 1 tbsp.Spoon

Butter - 2 tbsp.spoon

Salt, sugar - to taste

Carrots clean, wash and boil until tender steamed.Boiled carrots grind into a puree using a blender.Flour mash with butter and add the carrot puree.The mixture, add the milk and salt and sugar to taste, stir.The mixture was put on a low heat and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.Then remove from the heat, you can bring to the table.

«Veal honey»

dish is tender pieces of veal, baked in the oven.To prepare you will need:

Veal - 400 grams

mustard - ½ hours. L.

honey - ½ hours. L.

Olive oil - 100 grams

Onion - ½ units.

Dill (fresh)

Mix the honey, butter, mustard and rub these portions of veal.Meat saute 4-6 minutes on all sides, not forgetting to add salt and pepper.Stacking veal in a baking dish, add the onions and butter, sprinkle with herbs and put in a preheated oven 200 ° C for 40 minutes.For 10 minutes until cooked sprinkle the meat with water.After cooking, hold the dish with foil for 10 minutes.

reviews of people from 1 negative blood group who used a specialized diet


My daughter has always been a bit chubby, hence their complexes and problems.I am beginning to sit on such a diet "by blood".Frankly, it is much thinner as in kilograms, I can not say for sure.But personally, I, as a mother, opposed to my girl indulged in some products are also very important.Therefore, I am angry, and it itself and all these diets.And it's not persuaded that this is all too much for her now.


Earlier, before maternity leave, I weighed eighty-five kilos, now - a hundred and five.The friend advised me to diet on blood group, I have just one, Rh factor negative.Here I sit and losing weight!While that kind of not so difficult, all this just to get used to.Weight slowly began to evaporate, so that I am satisfied, but the results can not be called spectacular.


And I have my own diet.I even their blood group do not remember (Rh, of course, too).I do not eat anything after six in the evening, holding.Well, here's my whole diet.Well, plus the use of a hula-hoop, but I, unfortunately, often forget about it.


I first negative blood group.Three days lived on such a special diet.The result is very pleased: minus three kilograms!Good thing there are diets in which you can suddenly get rid of excess weight, but I do not plan to stop until.In the long term (long, long) diet personally I do not have any patience!And this is the most that neither is the best option for me.

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