How to use a solarium?

By Admin | Beauty
08 May 2016

As in any business, it is important to measure tan know.Of course, a tan is now incredibly fashionable and almost all the girls want to look like chocolate, spending in the solarium is not enough time, but it often can harm their skin.And with bronze tan can get additional problems.

fanatical enthusiasm for tanned skin can cause serious skin pigmentation changes, and even the appearance of tumors.Let's talk about what needs to know every girl who visits or going to the solarium.


  • Solarium: benefit or harm?
  • skin type and tanning
  • basic rules tanning
  • cautions and contraindications for tanning
  • Tips for proper tanning forums

The benefits and dangers of tanning

very important before going to the solariumconsult your doctor maybe the solarium for you to be extremely undesirable, and perhaps, on the contrary, it promotes healing.

If you suffer from acne, rheumatism, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, solarium definitely will do you good.

Ultraviolet need skin to produce vitamin D3,

by which the body can absorb phosphorus and calcium, which strengthens bones and promote healing of wounds.

Ultraviolet activates breathing , activates the endocrine glands, increases metabolism, blood circulation.

stay in the solarium good effect on mood. It relieves stress, tension, relaxes.

Ultraviolet useful for colds , it activates defense mechanisms.Besides good tan hides skin imperfections: varicose veins, acne, cellulite.

Determine your skin type before tanning

To start, determine your skin type, it depends on how much time you need to spend in the tanning bed.

  • first type of skin.The most sensitive to UV light. This type of skin have mostly blonde girl with bright red and blue or green eyes and freckled face.
  • second type of skin.They have a fair-haired girl with gray eyes, their skin the color of melted milk. They tend to tan slowly, but with the right approach can get a bronze color.
  • third type of skin. To this type belong to the brown-haired girl, dark brown and dark red, their skin is somewhat dark slightly easy to tan.
  • fourth type.South. these girls have brown eyes and dark hair, dark skin.These girls can easily catch fire for a long time in the sun.

How to get the right tan in the solarium?

  • For the first two types of starting a solarium is best for 3-5 minutes so that the skin was used in future to take more intense rays.
  • third type and the fourth type can afford to spend much more time in the solarium and, as a rule, to obtain a bronze tan they require fewer sessions.
  • Coming to the solarium, be sure to inquire about the status lights, lamps if new, then you should not reduce the session, because you run the risk of scorch during long sessions.
  • at administrator solarium where the session stop button to stop it in case of discomfort.
  • Before a session be sure to remove contact lenses if you wear them.The session is best held in sunglasses or special solar.
  • nipples during a session must be covered, usually in solariums can take special stickers - Stikine.
  • to hair does not dry out during the session they can tie a scarf or wear a special hat for the sun.
  • Before a session lubricate lips sun protection lipstick.
  • Use the special cosmetics for tanning.Thanks to her tan smooth and beautiful falls on your skin and protects it from burning.
  • Do not take a shower before going to the solarium, or go to a tanning salon immediately after a bath or sauna.The skin is clean and devoid of protection in the form of dead cells.
  • Nor should before visiting the solarium use cosmetics that are included in its composition of essential oils, hormones, dyes and preservatives can contribute to the appearance of pigmented spots on the skin.
  • very solarium activates many functions of the body, so after the session should be to relax and for two hours not to engage in physical activity.

cautions and contraindications for tanning

It would seem, a solarium and a tan does not adversely affect your health, but perhaps you have a serious contraindications to visit, so consultation with a doctor is still important.

Remember that:

  • Children under 15 years of solarium is contraindicated.
  • Do not visit a solarium during the critical days.
  • Do not visit a solarium if you have a lot of dark moles.
  • During pregnancy and lactation visits to the solarium contraindicated.
  • Diabetes also is a contraindication to the solarium.
  • Do not visit a solarium if you have diseases of the female, or diseases of the circulatory system.
  • can not visit a solarium during the critical days.
  • If you have any chronic diseases that are in the acute stage.
  • can not visit a solarium at the active form of tuberculosis.
  • can not visit a solarium in organic diseases of the central nervous system.
  • When used drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin and provoking photoallergic reactions - is tranquilizers, iodine, quinine, rivanol, salicylates, sulfa drugs, antibiotics, tricyclic antidepressants.

Advice forums - how to use a solarium?

1. When it comes to skin problems solarium means №1!It is best to help me, and I have tried a lot of things.Another try not to use soap for the face and other skin tightening pieces.Walk just 2-3 times a week sunbathing on a short time until you see the improvement.

2. If there was redness after the session, so no need to prolong the tan.You burn up so all the time.This is not good!Sunbathing is possible without the extreme.If scratched, the soothing after-sun gel is anointed panthenol, sour cream, at worst.And moisturizers for the body.And then the skin will begin to peel off quickly and be very ugly and tan spots.Do not go sunbathing again until the redness from the last time did not pass.Illuminated with light skin cream, when the tan go to other creams.

3. When the skin is so sensitive - it is necessary to prepare to tan.If a little bit and bring to redness, the skin gradually get used to and then even the sun is doing great with a tan)) The main thing is not to hurry!Proven experience!Same problem with erosion was before.Now there is no.

4. Immediately prior to the tan is not advisable to take a shower as you wash off a thin protective layer of fat from the skin, it makes the skin more vulnerable, may cause redness and burns.Immediately after tanning is not recommended to run the shower, becausesoap, shower gel dries the skin, it can also be an additional stress for her.Exit - to wait after sunburn at least 2-3 hours, use a mild shower gels, after the shower use a moisturizing body lotion or a special makeup after sunburn.

What can you advise?