Perfect make-up for the 2013 meeting, the Snake

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08 May 2016

Makeup - an integral part of a well-groomed woman's face.The correct way to supplement make up your image and make it complete, so the image of your New Year's make-up is impossible without this.It is believed that closest color for the black water snakes are black , blue and green .In addition to these colors in make-up may be used brown notes and yellow , and red , if clothing has any item of the same color.Welcomes the use of brilliant shades and pencil, and rhinestones for a century.

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  • Making Christmas makeover yourself
  • Makeup "Fascinating look»
  • Makeup "Green-fairy»
  • Makeup "Snake charms»
  • Makeup "Oriental Night»
  • Makeup "Black Gold»
  • Makeup "Heavenly depth»
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How to make up in the New Year's Eve?

to create the best makeup New Year's Eve you will not need any special equipment, just your ordinary skills and a standard set: shadows, mascara to add volume, black pencil or eyeliner.Each make-up can be its own cha

racteristics.Pre-examine its description.Where it may be necessary false eyelashes, where the special neon shadow or satin.Before the new year, you can try to grow eyelashes.It is also desirable to have a tonal basis under the shadow of several different types of brushes: soft feather brush, broad brush to swipe the shadows, a little brush with a beveled end to cause the shadow on the lower eyelid.And you can safely proceed to the creation of the image of the charming Queen's New Year Ball!

Christmas Makeover "Fascinating look" - the year of the Snake

This makeup is more suitable for brunettes.

you will need: black shadows, a black pencil or eyeliner.


  1. First we need to put on your skin tone foundation, and then to emphasize the line of eye liner and black pencil.
  2. Then move the outer corner of the lower eyelid with black shadows, blend well.
  3. Immediately thereafter apply the black shadow on the upper eyelid and blend up towards the brow that you visually enlarge your eyes do look more inviting and open.
  4. Lips desirable to choose a lipstick or a cherry-ruby color.

Christmas Makeover "Green-fairy» - Year of the Snake

What is needed: main tool in the creation of this make-up will play the bright shade of pale emerald green or yellow-green.


  1. You can create a color that you like, mixing different shades of loose shadows, but remember that to create the effect you need to open eyes to the inner corner of the eye to cause the lighter shade and the outerdarker.
  2. After that emphasize the eye liquid liner pearly shades, ink, with, better to take a malachite color.
  3. Very useful immediately be false eyelashes dark green or black to create the ideal image of fairies in the New Year's Eve 2013.
  4. Lipstick in this embodiment, makeup should be a neutral color.

Christmas Makeover "Snake charms» - Year of the Snake


  1. First, apply a tonal basis and can now shadows.
  2. White shadow should be applied to all upper eyelid to brow.
  3. You can do it with your finger, while shading the border.
  4. Then take the gray shadows and apply only to the mobile part of a century at the top.
  5. Once imposed both types of shadows can start to pencil technique.
  6. This will require a solid and sharp black pencil.Use it on the outer corner of the eye you need to draw a thick line shtrishkami - arrow.When applying the strokes carefully memorize the technique with which you do it, otherwise not be able to achieve the maximum of the same shape on the second eye.
  7. Then take the brush and blend the pencil strokes as if stretching out to the side.The edges of the eye top and bottom make ordinary black arrows pencil, then on top of all of this very carefully put a black shadows, without violating the borders.
  8. complete the image, carefully paint over the lashes, or use false eyelashes to your choice.

Christmas Makeover "Oriental Night» - Year of the Snake

You will need: blue and dark brown shade of pearl and black eyeliner or pencil.


  1. on the upper movable eyelids, apply a dark shade of brown, and white on the lower shadow.
  2. Then proceed to the length of the arrow.Apply a light brown shade so that the tip of the arrow reached the end of the eyebrow.Then draw an arrow in the inner corners of the eyes, they should be extended.For a successful application, use a sharp pencil or eyeliner with a thin brush.A
  3. external corners of the eyes Draw arrows shadow arrows, but without reaching their end.
  4. Complete Makeover richly colored, upper eyelids or patch, the lower the emphasis needs to be done.

This makeup is very good for the green-eyed and brown-eyed brunettes.

Christmas Makeover "Black Gold» - Year of the Snake


  1. Start by applying the basic foundations of a colorless shade.
  2. Draw the desired shape of a dark pencil or liquid eyeliner.
  3. Fill your form in the blackest shadows and blend.
  4. Then apply the golden shade from mid-century to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Next you will need gold foil for a century, it can be designed to polish.
  6. Tear small pieces and stick with special glue to the eyelid from the outer corner of the eye.
  7. In the end, apply mascara to the eyelashes, or use the patch, at your discretion.
  8. Emphasize eye liner on the top and bottom.

Christmas Makeover "Heavenly depth» - Year of the Snake


  1. Apply a white base under the shadow of all the upper eyelid to the eyebrow.
  2. then green shade from the outer corner to the middle of rolling century.
  3. Then apply black shadows at the outer corner and crease of the upper eyelid rolling.
  4. Climb to just above the eyebrows and apply it dark blue shade is even higher with a lighter shade of blue pearlescent blue hue, or even from the outside to the inside corner and.
  5. place of transition in the shadow of some other try to carefully shade, achieving a smooth, seamless transition.
  6. The same shade under the lower lashes, apply with a brush or applicator, you can use the pen with the same color.Lower eyelid move the black pencil, which then blend.
  7. Top eyes also move, but without feathering.Nakraste eyelashes with black ink.Glue the false eyelashes.
  8. In the description described about the small makeup lip and eyebrow.For example, in general, that eyebrows should be "fully operational."This means carefully plucked and highlights the color that suits your tsvetotipu or lightly shaded in the color shades, can be by the same shadows.
  9. Well, the lips are not worth much to allocate, give this year's preference lipstick pastel.Bright colors are possible only in the case of pure black eye make-up.

are going to do the best and most beautiful Christmas make-up, remember that for all a make-up is necessary to use the tonal foundation or powdered, or are called - base.This guarantees you a long life, it allows to look your best, not only for New Year's Eve, but even during the day, if necessary.Because of this your happy holiday does not marred and high spirits will be your faithful companion!

Video instructions -delaem Christmas makeover for yourself!

New makeup in the Arab style

Christmas makeover arrow

Christmas makeover (in shades of green)

Christmas Makeover: goldshine

Christmas Makeover "Golden Night»

look at how to prepare yourself for the New Year, to be the most beautiful.

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